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Shopping Doesn’t Always Have to Suck

I have managed to make my living on the interweb for the past decade, and I would gladly share the wealth. If you’re willing to put in the work, you can too!

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Planned Shopping Works

A little thinking before you shop can take you a long way. Plan your trip, understand the costs, and you’ll save a lot more money.





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About GBD

Understanding How You Shop Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

I personally don’t like shopping to begin with, but I love saving money. I’m also not a fan of buying mediocre products, which is why and how Good Buy Dad came to be.

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Start a Blog

We love the idea of blogging and the income potential it provides. If you want to get started, now is the time.

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You can get confused with everything on the web or you can let us show you the way.

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Building a website to look the way you want it to is not easy. Let us help you do it the right way.

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Hear from our happy readers

” It’s not easy to find solid, trustworthy reviews on the web. GBD is one of the few sites I trust. “


Mom of Four

” I never knew how much money I was throwing away buying the “necessities”. Thanks to GBD, I have saved thousands of dollars. “


Cat Dad

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