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10 Cool Golf Gift Ideas For Dad That He Will Actually Like

By John


It’s no secret that father’s have been bonding with their children over the game of golf for about as long as the sport has existed.

That’s exactly why this holiday season there is no better gift you can give your father than the present of nostalgia.

If your dad golfs, he’s going to want to pick up some sweet golf gear this holiday season.

That said, there’s plenty of stuff out there, which can make it a little bit difficult to select the perfect gift.

That is precisely why today we will be highlighting a few great gifts that you can get for your golfer father.

A Cool Headcover

The headcover is a necessary golf accessary, because it protects the integrity of some of your clubs that are more sensitive to dents and scratches. Usually though, headcovers are pretty boring. They will typically bear the logo of a club manufacturer, or worse yet, bare no design whatsoever.

While this is standard, it isn’t necessary. There are plenty of really cool headcovers out there that sport plush figures of famous characters of film and television, as well as other fun designs that you father will be sure to get a kick out of.

Here are a few fun examples to help get you started as there are just way too many to mention them in one post.

Darth Vader: It’s true that Darth Vader is sort of the quintessential bad father (he did cut he son’s hand off, after all) but he will still make a great gift for your dad.

Popeye: There is something super dad like about Popeye, right? My dad doesn’t even watch Popeye, but this still strikes me as a viable gift idea for him this holiday season. It’s a classic that your father is sure to appreciate (particularly if he actually watched the movies).

Let the Big Dog Eat: Hey, it’s a little bit goofy, but it is also a great way to help the big dog in your life keep the big dog in his bag safe and sound. For the non-golfers out there, “big dog,” is a colloquial term for the driver. It’s a silly term but it can be fun, especially with a headcover like this one.

Keep in mind these are just a few examples. There are literally endless options out there. Is your dad a sports fan? You’ll almost definitely be able to get him a headcover of his favorite sports team. If you search around a bit, you will almost definitely be able to find something that suits his interests perfectly.

Divot Repair Tool

When you think “divot repair tool” you don’t often think “exciting gift opportunity.” However, with a little bit of thoughtfulness you can turn one of the game’s more boring accessories into a really great gift. Here are few examples of some divot tools that your father will be proud to receive this holiday season.

Personalized: An engraved divot tool is a great way to give your dad a nice personalized message every time he reaches the green. This particular tool even comes with a ball marker which is always convenient.

For the Veterans: If your father was ever in the armed forces, he is sure to appreciate this line of truly beautiful divot tools that bear the insignia of each of our nations military institutes. This particular set is to commemorate the efforts of the Marine Corps. However, you will be able to find a similar option that corresponds with whatever branch of the military your father was in.

For the Sports Fans: The sports fan in your life is going to love the opportunity to rep their favorite team on the course. While this particular divot tool bears the logo for the Chicago Cubs, you will probably be able to find a comparable product for just about any team, in just about any sport.

These are just a few ideas. There are plenty of other unique divot tools out there that your dad might like. You can get divot tools with prayers on them, divot tools with pictures of friends or families imprinted on them, and much, much more.

The Golf Towel

Call this one a stocking stuffer. The golf towel is another product that gets a bad rap for being boring, but like the divot tool, it doesn’t need to be. If your dad golfs a lot (and if you are reading this it is a safe bet that he does) he needs a towel, so he might as well have a good one right?

The Quality Option: A lot of people swear by the Amphibian towel. Why? It’s actually a pretty innovative option that uses multiple layers of fabric to serve your needs when its dry or rainy. No matter what the course conditions are like, the amphibian towel is going to help you make sure that your clubs are getting the clean that they deserve.

Humorous Option: If your dad doesn’t necessarily need a towel that will do its job rain sleet or shine, he may appreciate a sillier option. There are plenty of towels out there that bear funny prints on them. Search around a little bit and find one that suits your father’s sense of humor.

The Innovative: Finally, you have the towels that will do more than just clean your club. The mesh on this particular product is designed to keep players cool on long days on the course. This is definitely something that your father will appreciate come August.

Like all the other potential gift categories that we looked at, there are plenty of towels out there so don’t give up if none of these captured your interest.


As you can see, there are plenty of unique golf gifts that you can get for your dad this holiday season.

There’s no reason to buy him a boring box of golf balls when you can get him a super awesome Darth Vader headcover, or even a special divot tool that will be the envy of all of his friends.

Just be creative and have fun with it.

Chances are your dad will appreciate the special effort more than he appreciates the gift anyway.

If all else fails, a nice polo shirt will do the trick.

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