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10 Things You DON’T Need as a New Parent

By John

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There comes a point in just about every new parents life when they take a look around, pick up that last non-GMO all organic pacifier from the ground, realize how crowded their newly made nursery is, and they think to themselves “Okay, this is WAY too much stuff.”

Your baby has needs and as a parent, it’s up to you to fill said needs. This is what being a parent is all about. The trouble comes, however, when that emotional need becomes a material need and you finally ask yourself “What can baby do without?”

Let’s take a look at 10 things not necessary for babies new room, shall we?

Let’s start with what is probably the most controversial optional baby item; a crib. Now, granted, there are plenty of reasons why your child should have their own bed and their own space, but as an infant, is having their very own designated sleeping area really that important? A lot (and I do mean a LOT) of parents I know are more than comfortable with either sleeping with their child in their own bed or at the very least, purchasing a co-sleeper (a baby bed that attaches to your own bed) instead of a space wasting crib.

Most parents spend far too much money on the perfect crib for junior only to find junior in their bed with them until their big enough for their own room anyway, so, really, why bother?

Second, let’s talk about baby wipe warmers. Really?

I understand it may make baby a little more comfortable but I rarely if ever see a baby who’s not at least a BIT upset by a diaper change anyway and I highly doubt it’s the temperature of the wipes used on their tiny little bottoms. If you are worried about the cold, just give baby a nice warm towel before the changing, or, better yet, just warm your existing wipes with your own hand before use. Easy AND cost effective.

And speaking of keeping baby warm, let’s talk about all those blankets for a moment. Chances are your little precious is going to need one good warm blanket or perhaps two tops. You do not need a pile on a baby to keep the temperature just right and, may in fact, be doing more harm than good.

Along the same lines as a pile of blankets, how about a pile of toys? Sure, baby needs stimuli and there is nothing wrong with have a few infant safe dolls or stuffed animals around, but you do not, I repeat, do NOT need an entire zoo. Baby is fine with Mr. Cuddle-Bear and Ms. Dainty-Dress, any much more not only spoils baby on a mental level, but could be hazardous as well.

The best toy for baby at the end of the day is your own face and voice so even if you’re not exactly idol material, don’t be afraid to at least hum a tune now and then.

The best toy for baby at the end of the day is your own face and voice so even if you’re not exactly idol material, don’t be afraid to at least hum a tune now and then.

For the 5th thing baby doesn’t need? A changing table.

Yes. You did  read that right. You do not, in point of fact, need a changing table. So many parents want to do right by their child so much that they spend thousands of dollars on a device that could just as easily (and in some cases, more safely) be substituted by simply using your own bed or dresser. A much cheaper and space saving option is just to buy a changing pad and be done with it.

Sixth item on the list continuing THAT theme is a diaper pail.

It’s a trash can, parents. It’s a trash can. Sure, you may argue it’s the smell of a dirty diaper that worries you, but, let’s be real, your trash is going to have smells and purchases and separate container that’s still going to smell isn’t doing you any favors.

And speaking of smells, next on the list is baby laundry detergent. Granted, your infant may have certain allergies that you may not have, but trust me, you are far better off just buying regular “grown-up” laundry soap rather than wasting your time and money doing babies clothes separate. Your water and electric bill will thank you.

And as far as clothing goes, no, your baby doesn’t need designer clothes to make itself feel better or to impress other babies at the park. Hand me downs and cheap onsies are really all baby needs to stay clothed and happy so save a trip to “Abo-Mommy & Twitch” and just use that extra money on diapers instead.

And keeping with the clothing theme, the ninth item is shoes! All too often Mom and Dad want to put a pair of sneakers on junior without really thinking about how expensive those tiny shoes are vs. how little baby is really going to need them. Socks to keep the footsies warm is just fine for an infant. When they learn to walk is a better time to consider footwear, but for now, just let babies feet go free.

Last but most certainly not least…a bigger home. The biggest mistake a new parent can make is to live out of their means just to give baby some space. The truth is, if you’ve even so much as have a single extra room, your baby has enough space. Use the first couple of years to save up for a bigger home later, maybe, but when baby is still baby, they need your love more than they need more shelving to put more toys.

So there are your 10 things baby does not need. I hope you found it informative. Remember, at the end of the day, you and your loved ones showing love to your child is the most important part of learning and growing…and absolutely no amount of toys, clothes or fancy homes will ever take the place of family. Period.

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