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GOTHAM STEEL Smokeless Electric Grill Review – As Seen on TV

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There are so many Gotham Steel Smokeless Electric Grill reviews on the net but most are from people who don’t even grill.

So whether you’ve seen negative or positive reviews, I want to give you a better understanding of what you will be getting if you do decide to purchase this grill.

As a huge fan of As Seen on TV products and most especially some good old barbecue, it is really hard to put the two together as there are already some great bbq grills on the market but you at the very least have to give ASOTV products a chance.

Although it’s really a hit or miss with anything coming from your television, I’m sure we can all enjoy the wonderful and overly exaggerated infomercials that come with these products.

Everything is funny up until you have to make a decision on whether or not you should invest that hard earned money of yours in something that might not even be worth it.

So before you get your buying fix on, let me show you a little of what you can expect so that you can make a better decision on your own.

Let’s get started shall we?

GOTHAM STEEL Smokeless Electric Grill Overview

Grilling is without a doubt one of the most exciting parts of summer. Personally, I love relaxing outside by the pool (or the lake) and eating grilled burgers, hot dogs, and most especially steaks.

It’s one of the most classic ways to kick off the season, and it shouldn’t be problematic.

Relaxing by the grille is something that you should enjoy, not dread.

However, all the smoke and fire can be annoying the deal with and sometimes when the fire sparks up, crowds start to stare at you (especially when grilling in public) and you draw unwanted attention.

I know, it sucks unless you’re at home by yourself.

Smoke sometimes adds to the flavor of the grilled food, but mostly it’s just a pest as it gets into your eyes and burns, and it’s also obviously unhealthy to breath in.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a smokeless grill?

Well, there is.

The GOTHAM STEEL Smokeless Electric Grill is Completely Smokeless

No flame whatsoever.

It also grills the food much more efficiently, since you don’t have to worry about coal placement or moving food to where the flames are.

This electric grill evenly heats the food, which quickly and efficiently cooks it through.

It’s a 3-tiered ceramic grill, which means that your food can’t stick to it like it does with almost every single grill you’ve ever owned.

Ceramic is naturally non-stick, and this grill also comes with a thin non-stick coating to further prevent any build up.

I don’t know about you but that is one thing I can appreciate, especially when it comes time to clean your grill.

Ditch the grill brush and stick with a traditional sponge as this grill is without a doubt one of the most user-friendly and efficient stoves on the market.

The Top Features of the Gotham Steel Electric Grill

There’s all kinds of unique specs and features that make this electric grill one of a kind.

The ceramic surface is fairly rare with grills, which is an incredibly influential part of why it’s so efficient.

It’s a 3-layered grill, which is also unique and beneficial in several ways.

The first layer of this electric grill is the burn-proof base.

You literally can’t burn the base of this grill, which means it’ll be very difficult to corrode over a long period of time.

I don’t care how awesome your grill looks when you first get it, but a over time, it will slowly break down under all the heat pressure, and you’ll have to go out and get another one.

Not cool.

The second layer of the Gotham Steel grill is the ceramic-coated drip pan.

The drip pan allows you to easily remove any crumbs, burnt food, and any other dirty material that falls through, which can build up even with just a few outings using a regular old grill.

Instead of reaching through narrow gaps in the grill, you just pick up the 1st layer and clean off the drip pan.

The final layer, aka the top layer, is the ceramic grill itself.

Why Ceramic?

Because ceramic is incredibly light-weight and non-stick and It is the ultimate surface for grilling.

Same reason why those other pans on TV are very popular these days.

Another great feature included with this ceramic grill is the temperature stick.

You can set how high you want the heat, from warm to high heat (pretty self-explanatory).

Instead of walking away and worrying about burning your food, you can set it to whatever temperature you need, and you’re all set.

The 3-layered system with this grill is probably the most efficient grill setup in its price range. You can get one of these beasts for just under $65.00 on Amazon.

The price is always up and down so you might want to see what the current price is as you can possibly save some dough.

Check Current Price Here

Final Thoughts

Gotham Steel has truly made a name for themselves with this all-inclusive grill.

It has everything you need at an incredibly affordable price range.

Most other grills with this level of efficiency cost well into the $100.00 to $200.00 range, which makes this one an easy choice.

Summer is all about grilling and sitting back with a beer or soda and relaxing.

Don’t add all the extra stress of cleaning and scraping off a traditional grill.

Not to say I don’t own one or dislike them, but it is nice to have something like the Gotham around for those quick meals that don’t require much space to cook.

I say add this to your collection but definitely does not mean you should count old faithful out.

If you’re ready to kick off grilling season the right way, check out the Gotham Steel Smokeless Electric Grill.

This is a really hot product so you might want to grab one before they start messing with the price in a way that our wallets won’t appreciate.


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