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Hurricane Spin Scrubber Review – Not a Bad Buy in My Opinion

By John

hurricane-spin-scrubber-reviewWelcome to my Hurricane Spin Scrubber review!

Cleaning for most people is never very much fun.

Cleaning with inferior equipment, on the other hand, can be downright miserable.

Fortunately, we live in an age of expansive options when it comes to our home cleaning needs and there’s always some type of product to help us along the way.

In fact, that is what brings us to our topic of the day: The Hurricane Spin Scrubber.

The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is a product that makes scrubbing easy so you can get the cleanest surfaces possible without needing to apply lots of the proverbial “elbow grease.”

If you want a product that will make cleaning your home a little bit easier (and I am sure that you do) then read on in this Hurricane Spin Scrubber review to see if this is the right product for you!


It’s powerful, versatile, and innovative (or so their advertisements say at least). Let’s now examine the features to determine if this product is able to live up to its claims.

  • Powerful: The power might very well be the chief selling point of this product, as it is what ultimately is going to make the job of scrubbing worlds easier for you. The head of the Hurricane Spin Scrubber rotates at a rate of 300 RPM (rotations per minute) so that you don’t have to work nearly as hard to remove grease or grime from any surface in your house.
  • Cordless: You don’t want to be limited by a chord. This product is powered by a rechargeable battery (which of course comes with the set) so that you don’t need to worry about finding appropriate outlets as you go about cleaning your house.

A common concern in the world of rechargeable products is losing power midway through a job but the good news about this product is that that doesn’t really seem to be an issue for most users (we will talk later about those who might have problems with it).

The battery is advertised to be powerful so you truly can go about your work without ever needing to worry about the battery,

  • Hard to Reach Places: Another thing that I think will come in handy for a lot of people is how long this product is. The brush head is attached to a pole that can extend up to forty-four inches, giving you significant reach.

This is particularly handy for getting under or around surfaces, or even for keeping a healthy distance between yourself and some of the grodier parts of your house (like the toilet).

  • Multiple Heads: We are all well aware of the fact that not all cleaning jobs are the same, so why approach them as though they were? This set comes with several distinct brush heads that are designed to accommodate unique jobs. Included is a multipurpose brush, an extra wide, extra flat brush, and a brush that is designed to take care of corners.

The multiple brush options does well to further empower you to give your home the extensive clean that it deserves.

Pros and Cons

Now that you are aware of what this product can do, let’s further examine these features within the context of pros and cons.


  • Efficient: The power featured on this model is what gives it its efficiency. I mentioned earlier that it was in fact probably the most valuable feature on the list and I stand by that. If you are looking at this product it is most likely because you are tired of all the energy that scrubbing mandates.

With the 300 RPM featured on this product you will find without question that scrubbing is easier than ever before.

  • Versatile: The versatility of the multiple heads is also a really nice pro. Conventional scrubbing methods are not particularly versatile, a fault that can often enough lead to relatively simple jobs taking much longer than they should.

That isn’t so much a problem when you use this product. If you have difficult to access corners, or areas that are difficult to reach around, the Hurricane Spin Scrubber will make it much easier for you to get in there and clean.

  • No More Scrubbing on Your Knees: I don’t know about you, but that is always what I hated about the job of scrubbing. The pole component of this product allows you to approach scrubbing almost the same way you approach vacuuming.

Getting down on your knees in grime and germs is probably the worst aspect of scrubbing and a product that eliminates that need is very valuable.


  • 60 Minute Battery Life: My guess is that this actually won’t necessarily be a con for a lot of people. I mentioned earlier that this product is cordless and features a rechargeable battery. Most users do not have a problem with the battery but if you have a notably large home with a lot of surfaces to scrub then you may encounter a little bit of difficulty.

The sixty-minute battery life could potentially result in you running out of power before you are finished with your job.

My guess is that the last thing you want to do is stop half way through your scrubbing to recharge this product, so if you have a really large home with a lot of surfaces in need of a scrubbing, that may be something to consider.

  • Mixed Customer Reviews: I will preface this by saying that most people seem to be happy with their purchase of the Hurricane Spin Scrubber. That said, there are a notable number of people who have had problems with the quality of the device in terms of its make.

These problems have manifested themselves both in the proficiency of the battery, as well as the longevity of the heads.

Given the amount of people pleased with their purchase, I would say that the quality of the device is generally high, but it is worth noting that some people have received duds.


If you want a product that makes scrubbing easier, this is definitely the one for you. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is great for people with an average amount of scrub-able surfaces in their house that no longer want to spend lots of time on their knees in grime.

Simplify things and grab yourself a Hurricane Spin Scrubber!

Where to Buy the Hurricane Spin Scrubber

With the product being out for quite some time now, your best bet is to get it on Amazon.com as they are the cheapest as well as offer some perks for you Prime members.

You can find the Hurricane Spin Scrubber for around $50 and I think it’s sort of worth the price.

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