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Incase Icon Backpack Review: Definitely a Great Buy

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With the many backpacks on the market these days, what makes this specific one “the best” or even one to consider?

Today we will be taking a look at the Incase Icon laptop backpack with a simple review on a product that I actually really like.

So if you’re looking for that next everyday carry backpack that can hold everything you need on a daily basis, this might just be the bag for you.

The Incase Icon is a laptop backpack geared towards versatility, comfort and ergonomic support devoted to the traveling opportunist.

Whether you’re in the heart of the Andes Mountains, flying city to city or heading to the coffee shop, this light weight pack offers a simple and compact design built for durability.

Choose your style from a Sophisticated Black, Smokey Grey or Crimson Red giving your pack a character of its own.

Incase Icon Backpack Review

Incase offers two versions: Icon (19″ x 13″ x 9″) with a volume capacity of 1037 cubic inches or 17L and Icon Lite (20″ x 12″ x 6″) with a volume capacity of 732 cubic inches or 12L.

The Icon Lite is half the price and about half as deep as the regular listed Icon.

Both versions are rated under 1.74 lbs or .79 kgs constructed from a durable 840D Nylon.

This pack is engineered for comfortability and effectiveness. Here’s what you get:

Storage – Laptop space allows for devices up to 15.6in and has a secret compartment on the side that allows for iPads, kindles and tablets.

The main compartment is designed for larger items like cameras, microphones, notebooks, workbooks, flat documents and even a change of clothes.

The secondary compartment provides a run of different organizer pockets giving you room for chargers, glasses cases, pens and pencils, mini speakers, headphones, keys and much more. The front pocket is great for small notebooks or flash drives.

Dedicated side-access pockets gives room for wallets, phones and phone charges and literally has the best invention yet: The hip-side integrated power port. This gives you the power to store your charger and feed the cable through the power port for cell phone access on the go.

Ergonomics – The aesthetics are clean and professional made from 840D Nylon and plush liner satisfying a breathable back while providing convenient storage.

The bag holds its shape well and stands on its own while empty.

All the while it can still be formed as needed – unlike those stiff framed hiking packs.

The Icon comes with adjustable shoulder straps featuring multiple adjustment points for a custom fit.

Included is a mesh padding for secured comfort and stable support while on the move or while standing in a very long line at the airport.

The pack is light, durable and can easily fit under the seat of the plane.

An added feature of the Icon in comparison to the Icon Lite is the sternum strap for added security and comfort.

The adjustable buckle clip promotes added range so you can breathe easy when climbing that mountain, hiking through the trails or getting through those dense crowds.

The Incase Icon is rigid yet flexible, tough yet fun to wear and most importantly sleek yet true to its core.

If you want a pack that will last forever and allow you to go just about anywhere, look no further.

The price point for this bag is relatively cheap in comparison to others alike and gets the job done, ten-fold.

You will be looking at about $199 with shipping and handling and will absolutely get more out of this pack than you can ever imagine.

If what you want is something that allows you to just get up, get going, see the world and make an impact, then you need this pack. It’s a great buy giving you the best bang for your buck.

With all the ease and accessibility, the Icon gives the true traveler, entrepreneur, tech pro and student all that they will ever need.

It effortlessly marries functionality and form, serving its purpose as a travel pack and then some.

Offering so much more than your conventional travel bag, the seamless integrations of the Icon’s compartments and pockets make it possible to bring more of the things you need, when you need them.

The Incase Icon makes it possible for you never to miss another moment again because you couldn’t fit your camera, microphone, charger, headphones or gear.

It is light, compact and ready to roll with you on any journey your willing to take.

Think of the possibilities and make sure you are geared up for the modern world.

The only question that you might be asking yourself, is how much is all of this going to cost?

Well, it’s actually on the higher end of things and might be a bit out of reach for some of you.

Now if you have a bigger budget, you can get the Incase Icon backpack for around $200.

Not the cheapest of bags but it will definitely last.

You won’t find yourself buying another backpack for a really long time unless you just get bored of this one or Incase decides to create something better.

To buy or not to buy?

Like I said, if you have the dough, this is definitely a great buy.


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