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Lillian Rose Diaper Bag Review – The Tool Bag Looking One

By John

Looking for that diaper bag that looks like a tool bag? This Lillian Rose Diaper bag is most likely it and I’d like to cover more on it within this review.

So if dad wants to feel like he’s being productive around the house while helping with baby, this might just be for him.

Diaper bags are a great idea for any parent, however there are many moms who walk around with a pink bag and it usually has a flower or butterfly on it.

That doesn’t work good for the dads does it?

So what are we suppose to use? I found this diaper bag on Amazon.com and decided to write my honest opinion on it since it is definitely one of a kind

In this Lillian Rose Diaper Bag review, I’m going to find the real quality of this product and then write down my findings below so that you can see if it is really something you want or need.


Product Name: Lillian Rose Diaper Bag

Shipping Weight: 15.2 ounces

Material: Faux suede

Gender: Unisex

Brand: Lilian Rose

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 17.50 x 12.50 x 6.00 Inches

Guarantee: 30 day return policy

Product Overview

The Lillian Rose Diaper Bag was mostly created for dads that want to walk around with something to look manlier with, rather than a pink one.

I can see that it does that perfectly, especially because of the “tool bag” design, making it look like a work bag that a dad might use.

The material IS made of fake suede to get that awesome leather looking finish and you can also find silver rivets located on the bag to (almost) convince people that it’s a real tool bag.

I’m sure anyone would think that if they didn’t know it was an actual diaper bag

The measurements are 17.5″ x 6″ x 12.5″ (L x H x W).

The main features include:

  • Velcro closure
  • 7 outside pockets
  • Zipper pocket on the inside
  • Adjustable shoulder strap (optional)

What Ultimate Benefits Does This Product Provide?

One of the main ones, and tend to be my favorite, is how much looks the bag will get and how many smiles will pass your way.

You don’t see many people using these sorts of bags, and you’re more than likely to get some compliments for it.

You can walk around with this bag and have your dignity intact! If that isn’t beneficial enough then I don’t know what is 😛

Personally, I have yet to see someone walk around the mall with this, so you can bet that this is definitely going to stand out.

Pricing & Purchase Details

This diaper bag is on Amazon and can be purchased for roughly $40 to $60, which is actually not a bad deal.

However, the pricing changes all the time.

This diaper bag comes with a 30 day return policy, meaning you can get a full refund if it wasn’t up to your expectations or if you find any defects on the product, you can have it sent back for repair.

If you shop with Amazon, all purchases made over $49 and ordered to the US will get free shipping.

See The Current Price On Amazon.com!


Who This Diaper Bag Is For

It makes a perfect gift for a new dad. If you have a family member that’s expecting a baby, I can’t think of a better diaper bag than this one.

It will be even better if he’s a plumber, builder, or in any other type of construction work.

Or you can totally get one for yourself if you’re too embarrassed to tote around a bag that has a butterfly on it, then this one would work wonders for you.

You may also like the Combat Daddy Diaper Bag, which is great for anyone who is or was in the military.

Pros and Cons


  • It makes a great alternative from the usual pink diaper bags that moms use. It is much more ‘manly’ and every dad loves it
  • Unlike other diaper bags, the shoulder strap on this one doesn’t contain slippery material. So you can carry it on your shoulder while you carry the babies car seat, etc, and not have to worry about it sliding off
  • A lot of people saying the pictures don’t give the diaper bag much justice. It is actually much better looking in real life


  • It doesn’t have a huge amount of space as other diaper bags
  • The quality of this diaper bag is questionable

There have been complaints of the stitching coming off easily but that’s about it.

Do I Recommend This Product?

After reading the many reviews that it has been given, it seems EVERYONE that sees this bag gets a kick out of it.

All fathers love this thing and I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

It is exactly what it’s suppose to be, a diaper bag designed as a tool bag and the manufacturers have done an amazing job at it.

At this price range, I don’t see why the cons should matter.

Personally, I prefer a backpack style diaper bag but if I was to get this it would just be for that “cool factor”.

However, a much larger audience was praising about how high quality it is. I would say that the ones giving it negative reviews are the ones that are receiving ‘bad’ ones. This means there’s a slight chance of getting a bad diaper bag that isn’t constructed as good as the others.

Other than that, the cons are very minor, and the pros heavily outweigh them.

Yes, this bag is highly recommended!

My Final Opinion

Although it doesn’t have as much room as other diaper bags, I can clearly see that is has enough room for the essentials that a newborn needs.

Most of the time, us dads are stuck with the usual feminine diaper bags.

Mothers ALWAYS get gifts, and the fathers are always left out but I’m sorry to say but things have definitely changed and dads are just as good as moms if not better than some.

Dads need love too, and I can see that this diaper bag has become a huge hit.

Every one of them love it and that’s no exaggeration either.

Even though there’s a small chance of getting one of these diaper bags that isn’t built as well as the others, there’s only a small chance for that to happen – and if it does – there’s a 30 day return policy anyway.

If you want a diaper bag for an inexpensive price, and one that YOU will love and not be embarrassed about, this one is my favorite and I highly recommended it!

It’s a great concept and works as intended, there aren’t much cons and there are so many benefits you will gain from this bag.

Worth a shot in my opinion.


– John



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