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Pocket Hose Review: Not So Durable But Might Still Be Worth It

By John

If you are a home owner, you understand the need for a hose. Even if gardening isn’t your thing, there are still plenty of situations where a good, reliable hose is of use. From watering the lawn to washing your car, there is always something to do with a backyard hose.

Unfortunately, they can also be pretty bulky. Despite the fact that garden hoses tend to coil up, they nevertheless take up more space than some users care for. It also doesn’t help that they can be heavy and difficult to move.

The product that we are going to look at today aims to fix some of those problems. The pocket hose is lightweight, compact, and designed to be immune to some of the typical snags and hiccups that plague gardeners and home owners everywhere. Let’s check it out.

Pocket Hose Review

pocket-hose-reviewProduct: Pocket Hose

Company: Telebrands

Price: $34.95

Where to Buy: Amazon.com

What’s in the box: Pocket Hose

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Who The Pocket Hose Is For

The beauty of this product is that it is really going to be a good buying option for anyone with a house and a hose bib. Like I mentioned in the introduction it really doesn’t matter who you are: everyone uses a hose at some point, and that being the case, you might as well use a good one, right?

Realistically gardeners are probably going to get the most out of this product simply by virtue of the fact that they spend an inordinate amount of time using a hose compared to other people. If you have a lot of plants to water you are sure to appreciate the ability to take care of them using a piece of equipment that is lightweight, flexible and easy to move around with.

All that said it really is going to be a good buy for almost anyone. The best part might even be the price. While the cost of hoses are of course subject to vary the price of this unit does fall below that of what we typically consider to be the market value.

That being the case, even if you arne’t extremely interested in the unique design components of this unit, you may still find it worthwhile to take a second look at simply by virtue of the fact that it is relatively inexpensive.

How The Pocket Hose Works

This hose works pretty much the same way that any other hose would work but with one critical difference: When you arne’t running water through it the mesh material that accounts for the hose tube remains bunched up in an extremely compact shape.

Once you turn on the hose, the material fills up with water, and looks just like any other hose that you have ever used. The only difference is that since the material is not made out of a hard rubber it is a whole lot easier to bend and maneuver with than traditional hoses.

Once you turn the hose bib off, the Pocket Hose returns to the compact form it was in when you took it out of the packaging. After that point you can leave it attached to the hose bib, or unscrew it and store it in a space as small as your pocket if that is what you would like.

Is the Pocket Hose Durable?

Well….Unfortunately durability is a department that the Pocket Hose seems to be lacking in, and it is largely because of the nature of the flexible and compact material.

Many users have reported that the material is prone to leaks and tears, which essentially renders the hose useless. Users have also reported that it does not hold up well against high water pressure.

It is a big bummer, but it is also something to take with a grain of salt. It’s not every hose that experiences leaks and tears. There is a very good chance that the unit you bring home will work just fine. Considering the price on this unit is pretty reasonable many shoppers might find it well worth the risk to give it a try.

How Much Does the Pocket Hose Cost?

At $34.95 the pocket hose represents something of a steal for anyone in the market for a new garden hose. Now, that said, we did talk earlier about he durability issues associated with this unit.

When a product isn’t built to last for a long time it certainly does have a negative impact on its overall value. In other words, if you have to buy two or three of these in the same time frame that you might have bought only one traditional hose, then it really isn’t all that good of a deal.

Now, that said, no one can really know how long any product is going to last, right?

If you want to give the Pocket Hose a chance, you can save a little bit of additional money by purchasing one through an Amazon Prime membership which will entitle you to some free shipping.

Check Exact Price Here

Pros and Cons


  • Compact
  • Flexible
  • Below Average Market Price


  • Prone to rips and tears

Before You Buy

Before you buy, remember that this product isn’t necessarily reinventing the wheel here.

Is it the sort of product that you buy if you didn’t even need a new hose in the first place?

I would say it probably isn’t.

But, if you are in the market for some new gardening equipment, the Pocket Hose is at least an option worth considering.


So what’s the final verdict?

Should you give the Pocket Hose a try?

Frankly, I think it is a pretty good option to consider if you are in the market for a new hose.

Sure, the durability issues are certainly cause for some concern but given how right the price is with this unit, you might just find it worthwhile to roll the dice.

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Not the best product but if you’re anything like me, you would have to try it for yourself or you won’t let it go. Definitely worth a shot but don’t think it will replace the good old rubber hose that has lasted all these years. I give this product 3/5 stars and on my list of successful As Seen on TV products.

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