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Skip Hop Dash Signature Diaper Bag Review

By John

Should you purchase this diaper bag? In this article I will be writing my Skip Hop Dash Signature Diaper Bag review.

This is where I will debunk all online feedback regarding this product and finding out if it’s worth the price you pay, and high quality like the manufacturers are claiming it to be.

If that’s also what you would like to find out, then I suggest you keep reading.


Product Name: Skip Hop Dash Signature Diaper Bag

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon.com

Weight: 1.7 pounds

Target gender: Unisex

Dishwasher safe: No

Handlebar height range: 3 inches

Guarantee: 30 day return policy

Product Overview

This is claimed to be a hip, city-styled diaper bag that has great functionality.

It contains 11 pockets to help you NOT run out of room when travelling with your baby. There is also a zippered compartment for the parents items.

This bag contains patented Shuttle Clips, making it simple to convert it from a shoulder bag to a stroller bag – so it’s 10x easier to cart it around 😛

And when it has been attached to the stroller, you can either keep the shoulder strap on or remove it for a clean finish.

There is magnetic enclosures located throughout the bag too.

The features of this bag include:

  • 2 side pockets for bottles
  • Removable shoulder strap, this includes a comfy shoulder pad
  • Magnets throughout the bag to allow it to close in many different ways
  • Easy-to-grab handle
  • Shuttle clips to allow the bag to hang on a stroller
  • Large front pocket that includes a D-ring for toys
  • The contrasting lining makes it 10x simpler to find all your items inside

skip hop dash signature diaper bag


What Ultimate Benefits Does This Product Provide?

It isn’t as girly as other diaper bags, so I would say that it would be beneficial in many ways, including for fathers who don’t want to go outside with a diaper bag that has a butterfly on it.

But what really stood out to me, was the sleek look that it provides.

Not to mention that it has many pockets and features, the last thing you want is to run out of room when you’re traveling to the other side of the country to visit family and friends.

Pricing & Purchase Details

This product includes a 30 day return policy when you purchase from Amazon.com. This means you can send it back for a full refund in case you don’t want it anymore.

Or you can get a repair if you find any defects on the product. The price does change often though, and it is usually $50 to $80.

This will include free shipping for orders made to the US.

Not a bad deal if you ask me.

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Who This Diaper Bag Is For

Because it isn’t specifically designed for just one gender, it would work very well for both male and female.

It is definitely in a good price range too, so it could be something to consider for someone on a budget.

If you want something with many pockets and features then this is for you.

If you’re like me that likes funtional equipment, then this is for you.


Pros and Cons


  • Has a lot of pockets and features, making this diaper bag stand out from its competitors. One of my favorite is the Shuttle Clips so it can be attached to a stroller
  • It is so gender neutral with its color (which happens to be a cool-looking grey material all over), in addition to the red POP of color that is located inside the bag
  • Any man can walk around with this bag and not worry about his dignity going downhill! This happens more than you think (men getting embarrassed as they walk around with a pink diaper bag)
  • This bag also features a nice, back padded shoulder strap, even when the bag is full you won’t feel any strain on your shoulders or feel weighed down
  • It is made with durable 100% polyester material. And has been claimed to be high quality by many people


  • Not enough room to hold cloth diapers. You could probably fit about 2-3 in here, maybe a little more if you really pack them in
  • The main compartment doesn’t have zippers and is only being covered by a flap that uses magnetic snaps to hold it in place

Do I Recommend This Product?

This diaper bag is made of high quality, the manufacturers have not rushed the design, as I can see – everything on the bag has been well thought out.

The red lining pops out at you when you open this bag and gives it that overall unique feel.

Even though there are some cons to this bag, they are very minor and nothing to worry about

Unless your baby uses cloth diapers then I would suggest you check out this alternative.

Other than that, this bag works just as advertised and will be a great choice for someone on a budget but still wants one that will work effectively.

If you’re into bags, I also recommend you checkout the Bomber Duffle bag, as I think it is just one simple awesome looking bag that is great for any of you that are always on the go.

Alternative Diaper Bag

If you want a backpack that can be closed up by zippers so you don’t run the risk of your items falling out, it is much more pricier, however it is much more masculine too, the Combat Daddy Diaper Bag is definitely something you should check out.

It has a lot more space, and a better alternative if you are a parent that uses cloth diapers.

My Final Opinion

I can’t believe it was this low in price, for something that has this much features and not going to rip or break in the first year you get it, I would have thought it would be much more expensive than this.

But it turns out, it smashed my expectations by a long shot. And because it works good for both genders – for the baby too – I have no hesitations in recommending this product.

It is affordable, sturdy, made with durable material AND easily gets the job done.

If you want to use this bag for cloth diapers, then it isn’t for you.

However, if you want an inexpensive diaper bag that will last a long time, has many features, and makes a great choice for males as well, then this one is a great choice.

The Skip Hop Dash Signature Diaper Bag is highly recommended!


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