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Stratos Spheres Is A Great New Way To Pass Time

By John

Have you ever played a little game called tic-tac-toe?

Well, of course you have. We all have. Practically from the moment we could draw straight lines and circles we were on our way to hours of entertainment while trying to outwit our family and friends in heated battles of the fearsome “X” versus the elusive “O”. And let’s face it, the game never got old, did it.

To this day you can still find people playing against each other with nothing more than a pen and paper.

But the game has now evolved.

What if you could take a simple game like tic-tac-toe or even the old classic “connect 4”, make it 3D, and play it anywhere on the go?

Meet Stratos Spheres!

stratos-spheres-reviewThe good people over at Thinkfun have created this amazing strategy game for kids ages 7 and up that is easy to learn and absolutely exhilarating to master.

The Concept is Simple.

Just like the old games of connect four, you have to piece together four of your chosen color in any possible way you can while your opponent tries the same, each of you while trying to stop the other.

The main difference here is instead of going just left to right or up and down, the Stratos Spheres are designed to go in any and all directions, taking this game literally to a whole new level.

Each game will come with a set of yellow spheres, a set of blue spheres, a solid, neutral white sphere, and a handy carrying case to take them on the go.

No batteries or special equipment or apps to download, just good old fashion fun. And the gameplay is just as easy as the old tic-tac-toes and connect fours of old.

How to Play

Tradition says youngest starts first, then you place your chosen color on the neutral white sphere.

Then it’s the opponents go.

They too take their turn placing their chosen color either on the original white sphere or blocking the first player’s move.

At first, the moves may seem random and somewhat uninteresting, but as play progresses and the spheres are places in any and all directions, the fun begins.

Within a minute you will have a strange almost hypnotic shape in your hands as you pass your creation back and forth, each attempting to achieve your goal of gaining four colors in a row.

The key to an excellent strategy game is one that is easy to learn, but a challenge to master, and this game definitely pulls out all the stops.

The Price

At under $10 retail, you can’t afford NOT to add this to family game night.

Again, and I want you to really think about it…no batteries to continuously charge or buy, no apps to purchase, just pull it from the bag and you are literally ready to play.

It really is that easy.

Whether it’s a rainy day stuck inside with the kids or a long car trip to Grandma’s, this will certainly bring hours of joy to your and your family for years to come.


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