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The Bellroy Case For iPhone 6S Looks Great, But Might Be Too Sensitive

By John

Welcome to my Bellroy iPhone 6S 1 card review! Just like most of you, I was intrigued by its unique and simple design. The one thing that held me back was the price and I’m sure it did for you too.

So I actually spent a couple of weeks thinking about the Bellroy case for my iPhone 6S. I literally would get onto their sales page every single day for about 3 weeks straight before finally making a decision.

Then came more decision making when I finally decided that I was going to get it.

One card or 3 card?

Black or Tamarillo?

Get it on Amazon or Directly from the site?

Being a very indecisive person, I had to make sure I was making somewhat of a wise decision. Not much of a survivalist type case, but for those of you that like nice things, this might be the case for you.

So I got the One Card Case for My iPhone 6S

After seeing a couple of reviews on the 3 card case, I figured that I would be better off with the one card.

Some complaints of the 3 card case were…

“It’s too bulky”

“The card gets stuck”

The thing is, I’ve also heard the same thing about the one card case, but that is not what I got with my experience. I actually think the opposite.

My Experience

This case is absolutely perfect!

Best design out there and is super simple.

I’m not one that is into all the fancy stuff and this case fits my personality.

I do business and I’m simple.

Simple as that.

The card DOES NOT GET STUCK and it actually comes out a little too easy, but not enough for it to fall out.


  • Vegetable tanned leather
  • SIM card slot
  • Soft microfiber lining and chamfered edges
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty

What I Like

Almost everything.

This case lived up to the hype and all the fancy marketing.

From the minute I got the package, I knew it was going to be a great product.

Okay, I mean after I took it out of the UPS packaging is when I knew it was perfect.

Bellroy builds its reputation around its simple and clean designs and they do the same with their packaging.

The only time I’ve ever felt something like this was when I got my first apple product.

There’s just something about unboxing these products that make you feel kinda funny.

I know it isn’t the same when I open other things because, well, I’ve tried.

Now this Bellroy Case gave me that same feeling.

It’s like they work with apple or something.

Okay, I think I’ve gone on enough about the packaging that I’m starting to sound obsessed.

I actually think it’s this photo that got me to make my final decision! Damn you!

But, There are Some Cons

There was one thing that I didn’t like with this and that is when I put my phone in the case. It doesn’t slide in as easy as they make it seem in the video, so it made me feel like I was going to ruin one of the buttons on the side.

I mean, if it weren’t so snug, it wouldn’t function properly right?

The problem here is that they advertise storing money.

I put a $20 bill in there and I don’t plan on ever taking that out because of the fact that it might break a button just taking the case off.

If someone has the best way to put on a Bellroy iPhone 6S case, please do share it in the comments section below, because I can’t seem to figure that part out, lol.

Another thing is that after some wear and tear, the case is not as durable as I thought. The leather is also bleeding and looks black in some spots, so that slick clean look is not quite there anymore.

Then again, my kids treat my phone like it’s a toy, so that might be the problem. If you’re looking for a drop anywhere, my phone won’t break case, then this is not for you.

The Price

For the one card case, it cost me $54.95. The three card case is going to cost you $10 more ($64.95).

Not a bad price point or is it too pricey?

iPhone 6S – $54.95 (one card) $64.95 (3 card)

iPhone 6S Plus – $59.95 (one card, $69.95 (3 card)

This product comes with a 3 year warranty, so you can expect to get a new phone before you even get a new case.

Pros & Cons


  • Very stylish
  • Fits easily into your pocket
  • Affordable
  • Comes in many colors
  • Durable
  • Card comes out easily
  • Comes with a warranty


  • Not ideal for storing money
  • Can only be bought online

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Definitely a must buy. If you are looking to be “that guy”, this would be the case for you. I can almost promise you that your friends won’t have this case, because it would have to be purchased online.

Don’t listen to other reviews of this product that talk negatively about this, because they have probably never used it for themselves.

No more going back to Bellroy’s sales page because I finally got mine. There are different colors to choose from, so choose one that you really, really like.

I never really put my iPhone in a case, but no, I love them!

I chose Tamarillo, which suits the line of work I’m in, but you can choose whatever you want.

Thanks for reading my review of the Bellroy iPhone 6S case and hopefully I have helped you make a better decision with this one.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I will get back to you asap. Cheers!

Check it out on Amazon.com!


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