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The Ninja Coffee Bar Review: System Worth Buying or Waste of Money?

By John

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I’m sure Sofia has done a great job at selling the Ninja Coffee bar and with all the positive reviews out there, how could this not be a great investment?

Well, I think with the fact that there are many different choices out there, so it can make things harder when you don’t know which way to go.

Finding a coffee maker that brews your specialty drinks is an important task and you can’t afford to go wrong because coffee is now part of our everyday life.

The Ninja coffee bar entails everything you would want in a coffee maker as it is very versatile and can do a number of things.

There are several models of the Ninja coffee bar but the one we are reviewing today is the CF091.

So let’s start by talking about what makes a perfect cup of coffee; well there are four brewing essentials water, temperature, pre-infusion and water saturation, precise water delivery and flavor richness level.

So if you can control all four of those you can have a perfect cup of coffee not bitter, not sour.

You can choose a classic brew (the classic brew is just like a traditional smooth balanced blend so just a regular brew), a rich brew (the rich brew gives you a richer, bolder, fuller coffee but it is still really smooth and has got good flavors) and over ice brew (the over ice is exactly what it is you just put ice in your cup choose whatever size you are doing and brews out, it’s not watered-down at all which is really nice) or even their signature brew; the specialty and cafe forte brew ( these two are what you use for say like cappuccinos, caramel, or macchiatos; they are like a concentrated brew).

So now you can have an incredible variety of coffee house style beverages right in your own home using your own favorite coffee and add its full flavor potential.

Features of the Ninja Coffee Bar

Ninjas Auto-IQ One-Touch intelligence allows you to choose a size and choose a brew so that you can have any size you want.

Be it a cup, a travel mug, a half carafe or a full carafe you can have just that with just a turn of a dial along with any richness level you want as well.

The ninja coffee bar auto IQ pulls the exact amount of water that it needs for a classic brew and heats it to a calibrated temperature of 195 to 205 degrees which is the ideal brewing temperature for coffee.

Auto-IQ knows how to brew a classic brew and it helps to pre-infuse the coffee grounds.

Where the magic is with this awesome feature is when the coffee grounds are being allowed to bloom and they are saturating all of the water and releasing its full flavor.

The other incredible thing about Auto-IQ feature is the smart plate; so there is a warming plate at the bottom of the ninja coffee bar so once the coffee is done brewing it will help keep it warm.

Not bad, aye?

Well, here is more to this.

The smart plate knows how much coffee you have in your carafe so when it is full the smart plate will heat to a higher temperature so that all of the coffee can stay warm.

The smart plate also regulates that temperature so that you are not going to overheat or burn your coffee as I’m sure we all have some sort of coffee maker phobia.

Another unique feature of the Ninja coffee bar is the brew basket.

Unlike traditional coffee makers that open from the top, this one slides right out for easy access.

The brew basket just pulls right out you could just add your coffee and your filter without having to pull it out from underneath the cabinets.

The entire brew basket comes out easily and is absolutely easy to clean.

Again, I really like the drip stop method or feature because when you are making your drink it will beep when it is done but does drip a little bit after that.

So if you just can’t wait for it to get done or you can’t wait for it to beep because you are running out the door, you can just stop it manually from dripping because I’m sure none of us like the idea of having a huge mess that could’ve been prevented.

The Ninja coffee bar has 6 different custom brew sizes you can choose from; the cup, XL cup, travel mug, XL Multi-Serve, Half Carafe, and Full Carafe.

Apart from the Auto-iQ function of this coffee system, there is also an advanced thermal flavor extraction technology which allows you to enjoy a great tasting coffee.

It has a built-in frother perfect for specialty brews which can help to transform your milk to a silky micro-foam.

What I Didn’t Like

The Ninja coffee bar takes up a lot of counter space and it may be quite difficult to fit underneath your cabinet but if you have got enough space in your kitchen that would not be much of a problem.

However, I live in a condo that doesn’t offer much counter space, so I kind of had some problems figuring out where to place this bad boy.

Other than that, I think the price is fair, it does what it’s supposed to do, and it is backed with a nice little warranty.

Pricing and Buying Options

This unit retails for about $169.99 on Amazon but do keep in mind that there is a regular old carafe and then there’s the thermal carafe that costs a little more.

Now if you don’t know what a carafe is, it is the container that the coffee is being dripped in.

The following comes with the ninja coffee unit; the coffee brewer, a recipe book for hot cold and specialty drinks, a built-in frother, which fits nicely on the side and when not in use it levels away to the back.

It also comes with a double-sided scoop, a filter, a tumbler, a glass carafe which fits nicely on the bottom and a removable water reservoir.

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The Ninja coffee bar is super easy to use and I like how it is a One-Touch system and the five different brewing cycles on there.

So, if you are looking for variety and selection in a home coffee brewing system, then the Ninja coffee bar offers you an array of different types of coffee all in one package.

This brewing system might not be perfect but it is better than your traditional coffee maker and that I can guarantee.

So if you’re in the market for a new coffee maker or if you’re still running an older style system, I think it’s time you upgrade to something like the Ninja Coffee Bar.

Other than that, thanks for reading my review and hopefully you can make a better buying decision.

Oh and don’t worry if you didn’t know what a carafe was, as I too am just a drinker and not some coffee expert.


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