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Which Fast Food Burger Joint Has The Best Value Menu?

By John

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Value menus are the best marketing strategy that any fast food restaurant can have, and it absolutely works like magic.

But which fast food chain really does have the best value?

Well, we have done our research (eating), and we can finally see who the real winner is, thanks to some math and our love for taking advantage of some wallet-friendly food.

Whether it be a dollar sandwich or some type of 4 for four deal, I’m sure we can all appreciate saving some money all while being able to feed the troops.

The restaurants on this list are definitely our go-to when it comes to grabbing a quick bite to eat and not going broke in the process.

So, after all the changes that these fast food restaurants continue to make, we have come to the conclusion that the same fast food giant that rakes in the most money is also the same joint taking up the best bang for your buck spot.

I’m sure it wasn’t a surprise, but I think they will never be beaten unless someone steps up and offers something better at a much more affordable price.

1.) McDonald’s


Bang for your buck and has been for decades.

I guess that’s what you’re able to do when you’re the #1 fast food restaurant in the world, right?

Then again, that value menu might be the reason why they have held that top spot for ages.

But what makes McDonald’s value menu the best of the best?

For one, they have some sort of deal going on every single minute of every single day, and that isn’t something the other burger joints can say.

Unlike Burger King, which has a deal every now and then, McD’s has one going on all the time.

And not just a value menu but one that will actually save you money.

From their Mcdoubles and McChickens all the way to their $6 20-piece chicken McNuggets, you really can’t go wrong with what these guys have to offer.

Not to mention that simple yet tasty McRib that they have us drooling over every year.

2.) Wendy’s


Next on our list is Wendy’s.

I actually ate there today and ordered a bunch of stuff that were not value menu related and with a family of 6, we were able to keep things under $20.

However, Wendy’s does have a value menu going on every single second that can have you saving some dough if done right.

For years now, the Junior Bacon Cheeseburger and their Crispy Chicken sandwich have been on their value menu, but the price has seen an increase every year.

They do make up for it with their 4 for fours and whatnot, but they still don’t beat McD’s.

3.) Jack in the Box

Jack comes in at #3, and it is definitely not because of their mediocre food but because they do have a better value menu than the last two.

With 15 menu items ranging from $1-$2, it’s really hard to top.

However, the quality of the food is what held them from taking over the king of fast food, but they at least have some really affordable food for anyone on a budget.

Unless you’re going for one of their buttery Jacks, I’m not the biggest Jack in The Box Fan unless I am craving those sandwiches, or I only have $2 to my name.

4.) Burger King


This burger joint is one that I hoped had a lot more on their value menu as they have the most expensive food on this list.

When you have a value meal going over $10, you can only wonder what you are really getting.

Then you get your food, and you see the monstrous burger with some great-tasting fries and a nice soda.

But then it dawns on you that you could’ve eaten at a nice restaurant, dined in, and paid the same price for what you just got at the king of burgers.

On top of all this spending, you have a value menu that isn’t the best out there.

At the very least, they have some stuff for $1 and an every-now-and-then promotion that will have you walking through their doors or pulling up to their drive-through.

The same “value menu” tactic that has fast food chains constantly bringing in customers is exactly why people visit Burger King.

Do you really think people go in because they’re craving an expensive Whopper?

I know I don’t.

5.) Carl’s Jr.


These guys have some good food but when it comes to value, they are just like Burger King.

With only a few burgers costing under $3 and none of them sitting at a buck, Hardees and the gang come in last place.

This is not the place you want to go if you are on a budget but of course they have their loyal following that keep things going.

But wait!

Just like the good old “limited time” offers that these businesses use, Carl’s Jr. throws out the occasional deal to reel customers in, but that is something that you will have to catch.

At the end of the day, I’m at least happy that their food is tasty, although pricey.

Understanding and  Mastering the Value Menu

The value menu is designed for one thing and one thing only.

To save you money.


Well, they do save you money, but there is quite a hidden agenda behind them that can get you if you’re not careful.

Allow me to explain.

If you are a college student or anyone on a budget, you, of course, will get the deal you went there for in the first place.

Now if you don’t have a limit on what you can spend, and most especially if you have kids, these value menus were really designed for you.

“Come in and get a bunch of burgers for $1”

That’s what you think is going to happen until you get in, and little Johnny wants a happy meal, and baby Sara wants a toy.

Then you have mom and dad that drool over a Quarter Pounder all while skipping that McChicken and McDouble.

This is a great way to bring customers through the door, and you wonder why McDonald’s continues to dominate in the fast food industry.

Value Menu – 1  “The Saver” – 0

So if you want to save money and take advantage of the many value menus out there, remember what lured you into that restaurant and stick to it, or you’ll be the ultimate loser at the end of the day.

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