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10 Gift Ideas For Father’s Day 2016

By John

With Mother’s day out of the way, it is now time to give right back and get dad something. Most dads would rather have that money put to something useful, but it is always a good idea to show some appreciation to the man of the house.

From a dad’s point of view, here are some of ideas for this Father’s day to help you from choosing something that he might not like.

Although I would rather have you save your money, if someone was to get me something, here are some of the stuff I would actually like and I’m pretty sure other dads would too.

1.) An Apple Watch or Smart Watch


If dad has an iPhone, this will definitely make him say wow. It may seem like it’s for the “techi” dad, but trust me, he will love this if he is already an iPhone user.

Although pricey, this is something that someone like me wouldn’t get for myself, but I know I would absolutely love it if my wife got it for me.

If he doesn’t own an iPhone, there are always other smart watches that you can get him. Then again, you really can’t beat an Apple watch.

If I was to get something this Father’s day, this would definitely make me say wow. So if you know a dad that is into this type of stuff and doesn’t have one yet, this might be the perfect gift.



2.) Barbecue Accessories



I just grilled out yesterday and I couldn’t find half the things I needed to even get started. From cleaning the grill, to finding a utensil to turn the meat, I couldn’t find a single thing.

Felt like I was barbecuing for the first time, but it was really because I was missing some of the stuff I normally use, which I either lost or someone “acquired” it.

Get this kit along with a meat thermometer or other cool accessories and call it a day. I’m sure any dad would love something like this.



3.) Hydroflask


My kids all had one of these bad boys and I really never knew how convenient and useful these little (or big) jugs could be.

Instead of your “Best Dad in the World” coffee mug, get him something that he can be in style with. All the kids are using one these days, so get dad up to par.

I ended up getting one (as a gift of course) and I find myself not only using it a lot, but now I actually drink more water than I used to.

They aren’t only for keeping things cool as they will also store that nice cup of Joe, which he can take to work or wherever he plans on going.

It is very affordable and they will be a great this Father’s day.



4.) Shaving Kit of Some Sort


I have literally been using the same razor, with the same blade, for the past year. After seeing a commercial for one of these shaving club memberships, I couldn’t help but laugh.

I had no idea that other guys were actually going through the same thing, until after that commercial. I thought I was just being cheap, but I guess it’s not just me.

For $3, you can get dad a membership for Dollar Shave Club, and that will cost him $36 for the whole year. Very affordable and if he is very much like me, he will take forever before he gives into buying another pack of expensive blades.

Refills for next Father’s Day?


5.) Cool Dad T-Shirt


You know dad won’t be at the store looking for a shirt that says “I Love Dad” on it. You might not actually see him wear anything along those lines either, but he would probably wear one that was cool.

We have compiled a list of some of the coolest t-shirts that I’m sure he would enjoy. They all make for some good entertainment too, so everyone can enjoy them.

There are so many to choose from and I’m sure you’ll love one on our list of cool dad t-shirts.

6.) Massage and/or Spa


Gone are the days of dad wanting to be superman. He aches and maybe needs some grease in those joints, so why not get him a nice little massage.

For about $50, you can get him treated to a nice body massage and maybe even a spa treatment if you look around.

Search Spas in your area or pull out that phonebook and get dad an appointment to sooth that hard working dad bod of his.

7.) Sporting Event Ticket


Who doesn’t want to go to their favorite team’s game or any team for that matter. Whether it be a regular season or a playoff game, I’m sure he would enjoy it.

Give him some time with the boys or go along with him. Either way, he would enjoy it.

8.) Tools


Great for the DIY dad, but always great for any father. If you know your dad is always looking for a tool or he’s missing something, just know that he can always use a new set.

He may not seem like he needs one, but he might actually NEED it. If he’s like me, he’ll improvise before he give into buying another socket set.

Remember now, there are all kinds of tools so you can get a socket set, a drill set, or something very specific that you know he could use.



9.) Shoes


You have to be careful with this one. On top of worrying about the size, you don’t want to get something that will end up collecting dust in the closet.

If he is simple and works outside a lot, a simple pair of boots will do the trick. For the more athletic and casual dad, you can always give him a gift card to Footlocker or Amazon.com and let him decide for himself.

Whatever decision you make, I think he would appreciate it either way. My advice, get them yourself. Just make it something you know he will use.

Shop Amazon.com or Footlocker and grab dad a nice pair!

10.) A Nice Watch


And I don’t mean an Apple Watch either. That is another watch on its own and he will always find a regular watch useful. For time or style, a watch will always be useful.

You can never have too many watches. For most men, they wear one watch until it breaks or the batter runs down.

Some people won’t even waste their “time” getting a replacement battery because the watch is already so beat up that it’s not even worth it.

Get a casual watch is my suggestion. Get him something that he can use when you guys go out to a fancy dinner or something.

There are so many amazing watches to choose from that it is almost impossible to mess this one up. Keep it simple and he will enjoy whatever it is you get him.

Well There You Have it!

I hope these gift ideas will help you decide on what to get dad this Father’s Day. Choosing a gift for mom is already a challenge and I know how much harder it is when it comes to dad.

In most cases, he is usually super simple and seems like he doesn’t need or want anything. Deep down inside, he would appreciate anything you get him, even if it cost $0.

Whatever you decide to get him, just know that he will appreciate it no matter what. Just don’t go forgetting about the man who raised you and show him that you care.

Happy Father’s Day!


– John

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