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Lorex Video Baby Monitor Review – Is it Worth it?

By John


So you’re looking to buy a baby monitor but you’re not sure what to look for. Perhaps it’s your first child or maybe up until now all you’ve had is an old hand-me-down that you are at least 75% certain was used during the 1920’s. Either way, if you are looking for a new monitor, take a look at Lorex!

Lorex is a fantastic company with years of experience and various models, but let’s take a look at one of the more recent additions to their family, the “Care N Share model BB4325x”.

Now, don’t let the random letters and numbers scare you, this is a simple and straight forward device that is going to knock your little babies socks off (then immediately put them back on, babies do get cold, after all).


  • Portable handheld monitor
  • Supports pan tilt and zoom camera with motion tracking
  • Snap N Share technology
  • Sleep and soothe sounds
  • Crystal clear night vision
  • Video on/off
  • Two-way talk
  • Built-in nightlight
  • Digital zoom
  • Room temperature alerts
  • Four room viewing
  • Up to 450 ft of wireless range
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras
  • Up to 8 hrs of battery life

The First Thing Most Parents Look Out For is the View

With a 4.3 inch monitor, this device almost towers over the competition. And yes, it is LCD, full color, AND portable.

And talk about portable!

This baby has a free app that you can download to any smartphone or tablet allowing you to monitor your child from anywhere in the world! You even have up to a 450 feet range in your own home! How’s THAT for portable!

And how about that PTZ capability! You can pan, tilt, zoom, and track your baby with a hands free motion tracker.

And it’s a good thing too because this device also houses a snap and share technology allowing you to take a photo of your sleeping angel and share it on as much social media as you like!

And for those times when you just can’t find your voice, you can just turn on it’s soothing sounds and have your baby monitor lull your baby right to sleep.

And don’t worry about a machine being the only thing singing baby to sleep because with a two-way radio you can sing your own lullaby from 3 rooms over.

Afraid of the Dark? Fear Not!

The “Care N’ Share” has a crystal clear night vision that’ll will allow you to monitor baby in the dimmest of light with infrared LED technology. And if it’s too dim, you can always turn on the built in nightlight for baby’s comfort.

Iff you’re worried even a little about battery power; don’t! You’ll have an eight hour batter life as well as video monitoring on and off to save power.

This is all while giving a constant temperature monitor of the entire room as well, just to make sure your little bundle is nice and comfy and not too warm under all those blankets.

Pros & Cons

Personally, I think this monitor comes with some unnecessary stuff. Two way talking? I mean, why would you need to have the monitor on if there was someone else in the room with baby? Isn’t our objective to “monitor” the baby?

Unless of course you’re expecting to communicate with baby, then by all means, talk away.

The price might be out of most parent’s budget and I am all about saving money. But, for what it can do, I think that is worth the price tag.


Although I do like this product, it would take a very good day for me to spend over $50 on a baby monitor especially if I started with the old school, static, not clear baby monitors.

I’m a very thrifty shopper and you can call me el cheapo, but I left it up to my other half to get this. I mean, we still have a baby monitor that works perfectly fine, so I don’t see the point in getting this.

These Raving Reviews are Anything but Rare

People all over are singing the praises of Lorex Baby monitors and the “Care N’ Share” system itself. At around $100, it pays to purchase a product that will give you a peace of mind for years to come.

But don’t take our word, just do some research and you’ll find that this monitor is definitely one to keep an eye on.




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