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6 Simple Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That She Can Actually Wear

By John

Mother’s Day is definitely a special day but can also be a very complicated one.

Some of you might only be dealing with one while others have all types of moms that they have to think about.

With the many issues comes the whole idea of having to buy them something that you don’t even know where to get started with.

Unlike our huge guide of Mother’s Day gifts, I decided to keep this one short and to the point as I’m sure you don’t have much time.

There is no particular order with this list and I didn’t do much into putting any serious criteria into the mix.

I wanted to say that these presents are at very different price ranges so I do have things that are in the lower range in terms of prices but still are amazing finds, and look really expensive things in the middle and also some luxury pieces as well.

Shoulder Tote Zipper Purse PU Leather

$45.99 From Amazon.com


This tote bag is under $50 and it is made from high-quality PU leather so it is durable and it is going to last.

It has a middle pocket, a small compartment where keys can be kept, and a pocket on both sides of the bag.

They are easy and comfortable to wear as they feature a removable and adjustable shoulder strap.

It is very roomy and can fit your laptop.

Also, it does have a little bag inside the zipper bag that you can throw your makeup and it comes in four different colors.

I definitely recommend it to everyone as it falls under the lower priced items on our list.

Tory Burch Mini TB Logo Leather Crossbody

$228 From Amazon.com


This bag falls in the middle price range and I feel it is the perfect way to spoil your mom.

It does come in a ton of different colors like black, French gray, light oak, navy and I believe a Wallis blue color.

I think it is one of the most stunning bags I have ever seen especially in this color.

I feel like it’s the perfect size because it fits your wallet easily you don’t have to take your credit cards and your ID out every time you switch bags so I love it for that and it’s big enough to put your wallet in, your sunglasses and a ton of other things, makeup etc. so that’s another great factor.

It has this big pocket in the back and it reminds me of the Chanel boy bag because of that and it’s just so pretty.

You can strap this bag over your shoulder and I love the chain, it’s not a super dark gold but it still looks like an antique gold so it gives it that really nice luxury look.

Tory Burch Fleming Convertible Small Leather Shoulder Bag

$649 From Amazon.com


This next bag is from the Tory Burch Fleming collection which is one of my favorite collections ever I have this bag in so many different colors and styles I just absolutely love it.

It comes with this huge tassel and this stunning chain I don’t know which chain I like more I just love this as well.

Tory Burch bags are very kind of similar in style to the Chanel bags, this one looks like the classic Chanel bag but it has the Tory Burch logo on top too which is so well done and also the pocket at the front has a magnet so it closes automatically.

So I really love this as well, and I believe your mom or that special woman in your life would like this.

Womenís Plush Soft Warm Fleece Bathrobe

$26.99 From Amazon.com


This looks like the coziest and comfortable bathrobe ever, it is a longer bathrobe just like the hotels have and it is a hundred percent polyester fleece bathrobe and that’s what I was looking for I did not want anything that doesn’t feel good especially if you want to use this for years and years to come.

It is very soft, plush and comfortable providing you with that luxury feeling when you are wearing it.

It has 2 oversized pockets at the front and a shawl collar which feels luxurious and cozy.

It is available in 16 different colors giving you the ability to choose the one that best suits you.

This makes the perfect gift for any woman if you want a nice bathrobe or you want to give your mom a nice bathrobe.

Caftan Nightshirt For Women by Nordstrom

$42 From Amazon.com


I also think that an amazingly comfortable pair of PJ’s is also a great present for your mom these PJ’s are my favorite in the whole world.

They are by Nordstrom brand which means they are cheaper for the quality.

The reason I love these PJs and my favorite of all time is because of the fabric, this feels like the touch of a mix of caftan and silk.

It is very cooling to the touch but it definitely keeps you warm and the fabric is stretchy.

It does have 5% spandex so when you wear it around the house and when you are sleeping and moving around it does move with you.

It is not constraining like a lot of pajama pants and also tops so that’s another reason why I like it.

It is just so cute and reminds me of the classic J.Crew PJ’s that I believe are way more expensive.

Prada Candy Florale 3 Piece Gift Set for Women

$79.99 From Amazon.com


I think this perfume is the cutest thing ever and the packaging is so cute.

It comes with three different sets, it has a spray, a roll on and a shower gel and all three of them smell really good.

They are very adorable and if your mom really loves perfumes or maybe she doesn’t even have that many perfumes I feel like this is a really great present.

I feel like the packaging of this perfume would impress any mom out there and I feel like this would just be fun to have in your bag and just take out and just feel all fancy.

So those are all my Mother’s Day gift ideas for you guys, I hope you guys like them and also it’s a great idea if you know how to package these.

I love to be very creative when I’m doing gifts I go by little baskets and I put the products inside of them and then I get shrink wrap and some ribbon so I tie it with the ribbon and then I just blow dry it because it will shrink to fit the basket.

It looks so cute and you could totally personalize it to your mom, your grandma or any special woman in your life that you want to celebrate Mother’s Day with.

Whatever you decide to get that wonderful mom of yours, I’m sure she’ll at the very least appreciate your effort.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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