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Best Office Chairs Under $200 – Affordable and Ready For 2018

By John

Today we are going to be checking out the best office chairs under $200 as I’m sure a lot of you are not looking to blow your whole paycheck on one.

I used to think that a chair is a chair until I started working from home and actually having to sit in one for long periods of time.

Some with wheels were moving around and caused a few problems here and there while one that didn’t move anywhere gave me that feeling of why am I not rolling.

Whatever the case may be, it left me no choice but to find the best office chairs that would be great for my home office and that is exactly what I did.

Just like how I picked the best gas bbq grills and even the best travel backpacks, I pretty much used the same criteria when picking the best home office chairs.

Here are some of the other factors that played a part on picking the chairs on this list.

How We Picked the Best Home Office Chairs

The first would of course be the price as I didn’t want to pass the $200 mark.

With a budget of that much, you can also find some of the best office chairs in that range, so you can expect a lot of solid ones here unlike the ones you would find on The Wire Cutter or Smart Furniture. that go as high as a thousand dollars.


Even as a person that works from home it’s very unlikely that I will spend $1k on a chair or even over $200, so you can bet that I will be looking out for your wallets within this list of best home office chairs.

The next thing I looked at has to be its functionality.

If the chair didn’t do what it’s supposed to do then of course it didn’t make the list.

And I don’t mean just being an office chair either.

If it can give you proper posture and do some adjusting to fit your size then that was a plus on our end.

The last factor would be the chair’s durability.

I usually throw in the design but I’m going to leave that out on this post as I would rather prefer a functional and durable home office chair rather than one that served nothing but a pretty face.

These chairs all look really nice anyways, so you can definitely expect them to at least look fair.

I made this list based on my personal opinion so please do share yours if you have any.

Amazon Basics High Back Executive Chair

$109.99 From Amazon.com


The Amazon Basics high back executive chair is an amazingly comfortable chair for the money as it sells for just $109.99 on Amazon.

It is extremely comfortable, now when I say comfortable that means it is well padded and well built as it has good lumbar support and it has a good back on it too.

One thing I really like about this chair is that the padding on it doesn’t crush down after an extended period.

I had a chair I got from Castro and after sitting on it for about two weeks the padding was crushed down to nothing and it was basically like sitting on a hardwood chair.

This one will not do that on you which is really nice, the arms are nice they are comfortable and even though it is a fake leather, it is pretty good and it is pretty thick so it won’t rip and it seems to be pretty durable as well.

It is pretty easy to assemble also not too many steps involved. There are not really a million things you can say about a chair you sit on.

Is it comfortable, is it durable and is it a good value for the money?

This chair absolutely checks all these boxes.

Langria High-Back Executive Office Chair

$79.99 From Amazon.com


So included with this chair you’ve got SWAT 5 swivel casters and they have got an adjustment knob on the right side and this allows you to either lock in the lean back on the chair or you can free it up.

In addition to that you can raise and lower the height and the height from the floor to the seat goes from approximately 17 inches to 20.5 inches, so 20.5 inches at the highest setting and then 17 inches at the lowest setting.

It’s for a wide variety of users both tall and short. So the actual seat itself is quite comfortable, there’s almost like a pocket in the back you know similar to like those sofa chairs.

It has got some support in the lumbar area and it kind of forces you to sit back and have a fairly good posture but it’s quite comfortable.

I like that this has the full arms and this is made of leather it’s more of a PU leather and I kind of looked up to see what that was.

A PU leather is basically the split layer or the interior of the leather, it’s not the full-grain leather it’s a little bit cheaper to manufacture and it may not last quite as long as full grain leather but again it’s not the price of full grain leather but it looks nice it smells like leather.

This is kind of in the mid-range or maybe a little bit lower end of the price range for home office chairs and it costs $139.99 on Amazon.

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

$125.99 From Amazon.com


The Modway articulate ergonomic mesh office chair is a good choice for people that want an affordable home office chair.

It is very comfortable and looks very good, it has a breathable mesh back and a sponge seat you can adjust the back on this chair to fit your needs.

The chair also comes in many color options so you can choose whichever suits your home office design.

So this is one of the best chairs for people that don’t want to spend too much money on a home office chair and the it gets the job done at just $125.99 on Amazon.

Intimate WM Heart High-Back Executive Office Chair

$83.99 From Amazon.com


So what we have with this home office chair is kind of like it almost looks like the Aeron chairs you know big mesh back which looks like a lumbar support.

I think it looks just a lot better than most types of cheap home office chair to be honest.

The material seems pretty strong and it is very airy, so you don’t have to worry about sweaty back syndrome or anything like that.

There is also a lumbar support, it’s kind of a plastic strap that goes across the bottom.

The cool thing about this chair is that it’s adjustable up and down so you actually have the ability to kind of put it where you want which is another nice feature especially on kind of a springy back like this you usually want a little bit of extra support right on your lumbar and this is really nice so that you can raise it and lower it.

It kicks out at the bum so if you have a big bum you don’t have to worry about that. The arms have two armrests and they have little buttons here on the side and so they are adjustable up and down and they have at least six spots that you can lock them in.

Again this chair has this height adjustability function and they are marked R and L for right. The top part is slightly padded and has a flexible plastic top so you can kind of use your finger to press into it.

The fabric on the bottom is a pretty tight weave and it is also kind of a meshy stretchy fabric and then you do have a pretty nice foam padding in there.

The seat bottom is pretty flat there’s no big side bolsters so it should be pretty comfortable no matter how wide you are in the hip area kind of a nice flat wide surface.

I am way more impressed with this chair than I thought and it costs just $83.99 on Amazon.

Alera Elusion Series Mesh Back Multifunction Chair

$181.22 From Amazon.com


The Alera Elusion chair is a very good economic office chair and looks very professional.

The chair is a fully adjustable, so I can easily say that this chair can be a great choice for almost everyone as it comes with an affordable price tag of $181.22.

So that’s a big blast it also has a cool rather breathable man bag which makes everything much better so you can sit on it for longer hours without sweating or having any other discomfort.

If you want cushion for that tush of yours, this is what you want to go with.


I know we all want to save money and although I think some of these home office chairs are ridiculously insane, you still have to look at it as an investment.

Then again, I started my online business on my mom’s dining table and the chair I used wasn’t even an office chair and that worked completely fine.

The way I see it is that if you are going to spend on an office chair, just make it worth it.

Don’t get some cheap one that won’t last longer than a year forcing you to buy another one later on down the road.

Get one that will last for a really long time and focus on being more productive rather than having to replace something just because it wasn’t durable enough.

With what we have on this list of best home officer chairs under $200 I’m sure you will find these to be ones that will last.

You do not need to spend an arm and a leg on an office chair so don’t go crazy on something so simple.

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