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Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor Review

By John

Baby monitors are highly important, especially because we can’t be around our babies 24/7. It is only necessary to have one of these handy items to make our busy lives so much easier.

That doesn’t mean all baby monitors are truly up to par though, because there are some bad ones, and there are some good ones.

Choosing the right baby monitor is a must as I used to think the old school types did the job until I encountered some unnecessary problems that could’ve been prevented with some research.

In this article you will find my personal Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor review, where I will find the true quality of this product.

Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor Review – Specs

angelcare movement and sound monitor reviewProduct Name: Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor

Weight: 3.5 pounds

Batteries: 4 AAA batteries required

Target Gender: Male

Power Source: Rechargeable Batteries

Video Display: No

Product Overview

This monitor has been described to monitor sound AND movement (yes, this includes breathing!) – all in one device.

The range can go up to 820 feet, and 8 different channels to minimize interruptions or interferences, which is a great quality for any baby monitor.

Since this product offers continuous movement monitoring, if no movement is detected for 20 seconds, the monitor will instantly sound an alarm.

In addition to all of this, the Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor also offers more convenience, such as a room temperature display, along with a sound and movement indicator.

Baby Monitor Award…What?!

This specific product has won an award for being the best baby monitor of its kind, which has been described as being pretty and practical.

You can slide the sensor pad under the mattress and monitor all the babies movements, even if the baby is asleep or wide awake.

Unlike other baby monitors, on this one, you’ll hear every single sound that’s coming from your babies room with your handy little Parent Unit device, which is has been jam packed with a bunch of extra features.

All of this is to give you a peace of mind, so you can really relax and get a good nights sleep too.

The sensor pad can be used with thin AND thick *standard* mattresses. However, it will not work for memory foam, dual sided, or mattresses with a hollow frame, and it also won’t work for Purflo mattresses.

What Ultimate Benefits Does The Angelcare Monitor Provide?

Something that really caught my eye was actually how much sound and movement that this product can pick up.

The manufacturers are claiming that it is capable of picking up even the slightest movements and sounds.

This award-winning baby monitor will also sound an alarm when it doesn’t detect any movements for at least 20 seconds, which again, is awesome!

This is extremely important, especially in the event that your baby stops breathing during the night.

Pricing & Purchase Details

The price of this product varies between $50 and $120, and can be purchased at its cheapest price from Amazon.com

This will include free shipping and a 30 day return policy.


The return policy is good for anyone who finds a defect in the product, so they can return it for a repair, or a full refund if they want to.


See What The Current Price Is On Amazon.com


Who The Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor is For

This product will make a PERFECT choice for new parents who want that extra security, knowing their baby will be safe in their own room.

Actually, anyone that gets paranoid will find this to be very useful.

In my honest opinion though, I would also say this is a good choice for all parents.

We can’t be by them all the time, but we can make our lives easier – simply by having a handy tool to aid us in our day-to-day lives.

Pros and Cons


  • Includes a sensor pad that goes under all standard mattresses, which will sense every movement that your baby makes, while an alarm will sound if no movement is detected for 20 seconds
  • This product also has a full color digital display, with easy-to-read instructions. This includes features such as: room temperature, sound lights, other various settings
  • Fully portable and rechargeable unit. So you can carry it with you anywhere around the house, giving you that peace of mind to enjoy your day without the added stress of wondering if your baby is sound asleep or not
  • Contains a small night light, which is to guide you to your babies crib when you walk into the bedroom during the night
  • This is featured with an out-of-range indicator too. In an open field, the range can go up to 820 feet, while indoors you can reach a maximum of 262 – 328 feet
  • Not to mention that it can potentially save your babies life!


  • A few complaints about the sensor pad alarm going off, even with nothing wrong. It is recommended to keep the sensitivity level set to high, which will stop this from happening
  • Have to place a piece of plywood underneath the mattress (UNLESS you have a platform-styled crib) for the sensor pad to work correctly
  • Some complaints about finding the monitor hard to figure out

Do I Recommend This Monitor?

I would hands down use this product.

The cons are only minor things, but the benefits that you will get from this product are HUGE and can potentially save your babies life.

If you don’t want to place a piece of plywood under the mattress to get the sensor pad to work properly, and skip it altogether, be sure that you don’t accidentally get it to show up on the monitor unit or it will scream loudly at you.

If your baby is also a mover, there might be a time that he/she will roll off the sensor, causing it to go off. You can avoid this by keeping the sensitivity turned to high.

With this many purchases and this small amount of complaints, there is really nothing to worry about. The Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor is highly recommended!

My Final Opinion

The complaints about this product are so minor, that the pros heavily outweigh the cons.

Yes, there’s a slight chance of getting a faulty one, but that is only a small percentage.

While your chances of getting one that will work correctly and as advertised is much higher, which is why I have no hesitations in recommending this product.

It works as its suppose to, and it’s very affordable too.

There are a few cons, but the pros are so much more.

For the many reasons I have outlined in this article, and because this product has been claimed to work as advertised by hundreds of people, I would say it is highly recommended!


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