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Best Baby Pacifiers That Are Worth Trying

By John


Not all baby pacifiers are created equal and I’m sure you first time parents can even attest to this.

So what really makes “the best baby pacifier”?

Let me just say that not only is there really not just one that works best but it really depends on your child.

What might work for little Johnny might not work for princess Sofia.

What might cost a million dollars might not work at all for your baby but the cheapest, most basic pacifier will work like magic.

There are so many things that you need to consider when picking what is best as you might have to try a few before finding the one that YOUR baby actually likes.

With 4 kids, I can tell you that none of them liked the same pacifiers and it may sound weird but that’s just how it is.

However, we have figured out our “go to’s” and that is what is on this list.

If none of these work for you, then I really don’t know what to tell you.

Here’s our list of the best baby pacifiers so I hope you can find one that suits your child best.

Nuk Juicy Puller

No list of baby pacifiers could possibly be complete without featuring a Nuk brand offering. Nuk is my own child’s personal favorite pacifier to the point that in my house all pacifiers are referred to as “Nuk’s”.

Of course, I couldn’t tell you the specifics of what makes Nuk so special (and unfortunately my daughter is a little bit too young to put it to words herself) but let me just say this…

When she’s up screaming in the middle of the night, my wife and I know that the Nuk is what is going to pacify her.

If you want a simple baby pacifier that has enjoyed years of great results than the Nuk is about as good of an option as there is on the market, and they also happen to be one of the cheaper options out there as well.

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Wubbanub Infant Pacifier – Baby Penquin

The Wubbanub Infant Pacifier represents something of a departure from the other options that are to be featured on this list.

The Wubbanub is admittedly something of a novelty item. In other words this probably is not going to be the pacifier that your baby takes to bed every night.

By design it is pretty bulky which means that it probably isn’t the most convenient option when your baby is in desperate need of a pacifier.

That said, it is also a very fun pacifier, which may very well lead to it being your child’s go to choice in their low stakes situations like casual play time, or even car rides.

The stuffed animal attachments are a fun feature that make this pacifier a unique and entertaining option for just about any baby.

Best of all, there are multiple options out there so your baby will be able to enjoy a pacifier with their favorite animal on it.

Parents should note that this isn’t recommended for babies with any teeth. While the pacifier head is of professional quality it probably will not be able to withstand biting which can make it a choking hazard to babies with teeth.

Checkout the Wabbanub Pacifier Here!

MAM Glow in the Dark Night Orthodontic Pacifier, Unisex, 0-6 Months, 2-Count

The Mam glow in the dark night orthodontic pacifier is a relatively simple option that nevertheless features some pretty cool technology that might very well make it your child’s go to option.

One of the first things that your child is sure to notice about this pacifier is that the design of the nipple is made to be similar to the feel of a woman’s anatomy.

This is important for several reasons. For one thing, your child is going to find that shape and feel very soothing and it is sure to help make the pacifier as effective as possible.

It is also going to do a great job of preventing what experts refer to as “nipple confusion”—something that some breastfeeding babies encounter when they use a pacifier.

When nipple confusion sets in it can make it difficult for the child to latch on, which is problematic for many reasons.

This pacifier also features a glow I the dark component that, while not exceptionally necessary is certainly cool and it may even prove soothing to your child as they go to sleep.

It will also help them to find their pacifier in the middle of the night which might help them fall back to sleep without waking the whole house up.

Finally, the design of the pacifier head is made to fit the contours of your child’s mouth in a way that promotes healthy gum and teeth development.

While these features may not be quite as exciting as a stuffed animal attachment, they are very practical and they should ensure that your baby deeply appreciates the pacifier.

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Philips Avent Ultra Soft Pacifier, 6-18 months, Pink/Peach, 2 pack, SCF213/22

The Philllips Avent is designed with comfort in mind, which is a pretty critical feature when it comes to pacifiers.

The rim of the pacifier is designed to be as comfortable around the mouth as possible, which is good because as you probably know pacifiers can sometimes lead to skin irritation around the mouth especially after long hours of use.

The comfortable design of this pacifier seems to have worked the way that it was supposed to. The Phillips Avent Ultra Soft Pacifier boasts a pacifier acceptance rate of 98%, meaning of course that 98% of babies that were offered the Phillips Ultra Soft pacifier accepted it eagerly.

Since there are plenty of babies that aren’t quite as open to pacifiers as their parents hope they would be this is a feature that can make a big difference.

The unit that we are looking at today is pink, but there are of course more color options available so you can feel free to use it with babies of either gender.

Checkout the Philips Avent Pacifier Here!

FCTRY – The Gentleman Mustache Pacifier – Black Mustachifier

The Mustache Pacifier is more than just a gag gift. While the final pacifier that we will be looking at today is somewhat silly, it also benefits from a comfortable design that is sure to leave your baby satisfied.

The head of nipple itself is designed for babies of all ages. It is contoured to accommodate a developing mouth which means that it should be comfortable for the teeth and gums of babies at all stages of their early months.

Of course, if you don’t think that the little mustache attachment is cute, this probably isn’t going to be the pacifier for you. While the nipple component of this unit Is designed well, the real reason to get this pacifier is because you like the idea of taking cute pictures of your baby looking like they have a mustache.

It’s definitely a pretty silly product, but babies are silly creatures. Personally I think the Mustache Pacifier is a great way to have a little bit of fun with a product that parents and babies need anyway.

Checkout the Mustachifier Here!


There is only one way for you to really see what the best pacifier is and that is to get it yourself.

Let baby test out a few and he/she will let you know if you’ve found the one or if you need to keep looking.

Thanks for reading this post and with the many baby pacifiers out there, what is your pick?

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