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Copper Chef Copper Eggs Review: Worth the Investment?

By John


If you watch as seen on TV ads then you are probably already well aware of Copper Chef. Copper Chef has a wide variety of products out there that make cooking quick and easy with minimal clean up.

While they focus mostly on traditional pots and pans the product that we will be taking a look at today is a little bit more specialized.

The Copper Chef Egg pan is designed to make and store hardboiled eggs, so today we will be taking a close look at this product to see if it is right for your home!

Product Overview

Copper Chef Egg Review


Product: Copper Chef Copper Eggs

Company: Copper Chef

Price: $19.99 + S&H

Where to Buy: Amazon.com

Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars

What You Get: Copper Chef Copper Egg pods

Who This is For

The Copper Chef Egg Pod is naturally for anyone that loves eggs. It’s particularly a great option for anyone that loves making and storing hard boiled eggs without dealing with the mess of peeling them.

It’s a specialty product with a relatively limited amount of use but that doesn’t mean that you arne’t going to enjoy the chance to make the most out of it. Anyone that likes eggs, or even chef salads is going to find a way to make the most out of this truly unique concept.

How it Works

The way that the Copper Chef Egg Pod works is pretty straightforward. To get started all you need to do is boil some water, crack an egg into the non stick surface of the egg pod, and then drop it in.

After that you will simply allow the pod to cook for the same amount of time you would to boil a normal egg (around fifteen minutes).

When the cook time is complete, you may remove the pod and pour out the contents to enjoy a perfect boiled egg.

Despite the lack of shell, you may be surprised to find that the egg even comes out looking more or less the way that standard hardboiled eggs do (besides the fact that one of the ends is flat instead of rounded).

The pod eliminates the tedious task of peeling hardboiled eggs so that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the finished product.

Incidentally, you can also then use the pods to store the eggs in your fridge afterword’s if you don’t plan on eating them immediately after they come out of the pan.

Is the Copper Chef Egg Pan Durable?

That’s a good question, especially given that durability is something of a concern when it comes to as seen on TV products in general.

With Regular use the Copper Chef Egg pan should hold up fine without any significant issues. The problem? You will have to be very careful if you want to avoid scratching the non stick coating.

The same surface that makes this product particularly useful also makes it pretty vulnerable to regular wear and tear.

The great thing about the Copper Chef products is that they are extremely resistant to residue sticking to the surface of the pan.

Unfortunately, this coating doesn’t stand up very well to plenty of factors, including anything but the very softest cooking utensils.

If you want to make the Copper Chef Egg pan last for a long time you are definitely going to need to be careful.

Before you Buy

Before you buy, I hope you realize that you are buying a product that performs a relatively small range of tasks.

In general, making eggs isn’t very difficult. The principle function of this pan is to simplify the process of eating hard boiled eggs by eliminating the need for peeling, which is admittedly somewhat unique and nice.

Like most people I don’t enjoy peeling hard boiled eggs so I can appreciate the ability to forgo that part of the process.

However, I’m not so sure that I would pay money for a product with such a limited range of use.

Eggs aren’t extremely difficult to make, so a product that makes the process a little bit easier isn’t necessarily going to be that big of a deal to most people.

That said if you love eggs, and don’t mind spending a little bit more money for a product that expands the way that you can enjoy them this is a great product to consider.


The price of this product is a little bit steep considering how limited the function is. For $19.99 per unit (plus shipping and handling) you could probably buy a regular pan that is capable of cooking more than just eggs.

That said, it’s not a terrible deal and you should be able to save a little bit of money on shipping if you decide to shop from Amazon. Amazon prime members enjoy free two day shipping and handling which can equate to about five dollars in savings.

Pros and Cons

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what the Copper Chef Copper Eggs cook pods are about, here is a quick run down of the pros and cons.


  • Non Stick Surface
  • Easy, Sanitary Means of Storing Hardboiled Eggs
  • Consistently Perfect Cook


  • The non-stick surface requires great care to maintain.
  • The product is not very versatile meaning if you don’t like to boil or poach eggs you might not get your money’s worth.


Is the Copper Chef egg pan right for your home? Well, it is definitely a highly specialized product. I certainly like what it can do but it is also hard to get past the fact there are plenty of other standard pots and pans in your kitchen that are already capable of making all variety of eggs.

That said, if you are super into your eggs and make them regularly the purchase might still be worthwhile.

While this might not be the best buying option for everyone the Copper Chef Egg pan nevertheless serves as a great choice for the egg fanatic.

You might also like Eggies, which is what might have started all the hard boiled, no shell cooking.

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