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Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag Review – Best Everyday Carry?

By John

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The Bomber Barrel Duffel bag was a very successful Kickstarter product that is now on sale through sites like Amazon thanks to its popularity and flat out amazing look and overall functionality.

But is it really worth the price or is there a better alternative?

Well, that is exactly why I have put together this Bomber Barrel Duffel bag review.

Being out of the military, I try to be “not so Army”, but at the same time still have the functionality that I had when being easily accessible was a big part of my lovely military life.

Now that I am a civilian and being a dad is my new hobby, I still need to get my fix when it comes to cool man gear, especially if it serves more than just a pretty look.

The Bomber Duffel just so happens to be one of them and I want to show you what makes this simple bag really unique through this awesome review.

So before you purchase this bad boy, let’s dig in and see if this in fact is worth its not so low price tag.

The Bomber Duffel Bag

Obviously, this is one super simple, I only come in one color, bag.

But, with a couple of little additions and a bomb ass marketing video (no pun intended), we have something that can be more than just a bag.

How about making a statement?

Standing out from the crowd?

That’s what I feel when I see this bag and that is what you will feel too if you owned one.

When I carry this thing around, not only do I feel powerful, but I feel like I am being extra productive thanks to the capabilities of this bag.

It’s like I find myself opening the bag without even needing anything just because I like how easily accessible and functional the bag really is.

Weird, I know but you will understand if you had one yourself.

Bomber Duffle Out of the Box (or Bag)

So instead of a box, you will get your duffle in a bag.

So yes, you will have a bag in a bag.

It is not going to come out like you see in the videos as there will be nothing in the bag and it will be less of a bomb and more of a flat tire.

Put some stuff in it and it will have that look that you were expecting.

As far as packaging, there is nothing fancy about it, but I guess that’s ok.

Not like when you get an apple product that has you mesmerized from the packaging alone.

Pros & Cons of the Bomber Duffle Bag


  • Sleek look
  • unique
  • Weatherproof (I guess it’s tornado proof?)
  • Military grade material


  • Kind of pricey

Key Features of the Bomber Duffle

For the most part, you are going to be getting this thing for the way it looks and it is not going to make you fly like Superman and it very well won’t carry your whole house.

However, there are some things that will make this purchase that much more worth it, in case you feel you’re not getting much value besides it being a pretty bag.

  • Inner and outer pockets
  • It’s weatherproof (sure)
  • Water resistant ripstop lining
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Military grade clips
  • Emergency paracord zipper pulls
  • Leather padded shoulder strap with quick release
  • Did I mention that it just looks sweet?

I think this bag is great, but with every great thing comes things that most people don’t find too appealing.

Bomber Duffle Bag Complaints

There aren’t many complaints about this product besides some people saying that “it’s a lot smaller than they expected”.

Before you buy, know that this is a great “weekender” type of carry and it is not going to store many things, as the front pocket can’t even fit an iPhone 6S+.

Not cool.

Other than that, there isn’t much to complain about as it looks great and the price is very affordable, especially with the price going down after the launch.

Check Current Price Here

But, There’s More

With the Bomber Barrel, you also get the Bomber Mini, which is actually a really good bag.

I had to use my personal hygiene kit daily when I was in the Army and if this thing was out when I was still in, I would’ve definitely been sporting this one.

Very much a great addition to your travel gear and will last you a lifetime.

There’s nothing fancy about it besides the fact that it says Bomber Barrel on it.

Simple and functional, just the way I like it.

Final Opinion of the Bomber Duffle Bag

From its initial launch, the price has gone down, so you can actually get this for a very reasonable price.

At the time of this post, you can actually get it for less than $60.

I absolutely love the way this bag looks and it fits almost everything I do.

Whether I’m going to the gym (which I rarely do) or just heading to the beach, this bag serves its purpose.

To get another duffel bag, it is going to cost you about the same.

Carry this bad boy around and you will definitely have people wondering.

Should You Buy the Bomber Duffle Bag?

I think so.

If you are on the market for a new travel anywhere type bag, this is a great buy.

The price is right and I’m sure you’ll like what you get.

Depending on your budget (of course), this is definitely one to consider as you won’t find many with an affordable price, with such great quality.

It’s almost as if this thing is a little companion or something, so instead of getting a dog…grab a barrel duffel bag!


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