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The ONTEL Chill Chest Cooler Review: Does it Really Work?

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I can not even count the amount of coolers I’ve purchased in my life but I can say that not one has really stood out from the rest.

As an As Seen on TV junkie myself, I had to give this one a try thanks to all the crazy marketing that come with ASOTV products.

Will the Chill Chest really live up to the hype or is this just another failed ASOTV product?

This Chill Chest review will give you all that you need to know before buying something that might not even be worth your hard earned money.

So before swiping that credit card of yours, let’s take a look at what this cooler has to offer and if in fact it can do what it claims to do.

ONTEL Chill Chest Cooler Overview

Most coolers these days are hard to figure out, because they’re either too cheap and fragile or they cost hundreds of dollars.

Many modern coolers are also incredibly bulky and take up a lot of space, which can be very inconvenient if you’re loading up all kinds of stuff or a bunch of people.

Luckily, we found a decent solution in the ONTEL Chill Chest Cooler, which is one of the best picnic coolers around.

Although it won’t do much for you on long vacations, this collapsible cooler is perfect for a day trip to the park or the lake.

Just load it up with anything you need, cold or hot, and you’re all good to go.

We’re all a little bit skeptical of “as seen on TV” products, which is why I knew that I had to look into this one more than most other items.

However, after doing tons of research on this super lightweight cooler, I found that hundreds of customers are raving about how useful it really is.

You can’t expect to bring this portable cooler on a long, 5-day vacation or anything since it only keeps food cold for about 10 hours.

That being said, many happy customers say that there’s no better solution to an afternoon picnic than this unique, lightweight cooler.

As I stated earlier, most coolers are bulky, where this one is collapsible and very lightweight which makes it better and far more space efficient.

Stop crowding up tons of space in the back of your car when going on picnics and day trips, it makes no sense and it’s a waste of stress packing everything around and smashing it together.

Although it’s not the end all be all for coolers as a whole, it should be the go to for anyone looking for convenience as an incredibly affordable price of just below $20.00.

Top Specs of this Picnic Chill Chest Cooler

When you think of what a cooler does, most people usually think about keeping foods/drinks cold for a camping trip.

However, the Chill Chest brings a whole new outlook to coolers, and really drives a new standard for competition.

Usually when you buy a day trip/picnic cooler, you might settle for a cheap one from Walmart or Target with flimsy durability and a dented exterior.

You don’t have to settle for garbage that costs you more than it should anymore, because the Chill Chest is cheaper than most of those and it has much more functionality.

So you’re probably wondering what this cooler can store right? Check out the list below for the capacity.

  • 100 times its weight, which equates to 200 pounds! That’s much more than most coolers.
  • 60 cans, which is far more than you’ll need on a day trip (hopefully).
  • Top seals to keep an airtight fit for maximum cooling
  • 41 quart holding area

As you can see, you won’t be needing more than one of these coolers to have a good day at the lake while knowing that your food and drinks are cold.

The Truth Behind the ONTEL Chill Chest

The ONTEL Chill Chest is far from a miracle solution to all coolers, and it doesn’t even get close to competing with the high-end models.

Where this cooler can keep a colder temperature for up to 10 hours, most coolers over $75.00 will keep your items cold for 3 to 5 days.

However, you don’t need a $75.00+ cooler for a picnic, which is why I think that the Chill Chest is the perfect solution for those situations.

Although you won’t be tossing your old Coleman cooler with this one, you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you invest in a Chill Chest from convenience of use alone.

If you’re someone who goes day trips, picnics, grocery shopping (which we all do) or family barbecue, then the ONTEL Chill Chest is a great choice that you should definitely check out.

The Price?

Just like every product of its kind, the price is never consistent.

You can find the Chill Chest for under $50 on sites like Amazon but I have seen the price go over that as well if you were to include shipping.

On average though, you should be able to get it for less than 50 bucks.


I actually really like this cooler but I do know that it will not replace that Coleman or any other basic coolers that you can find at Wally World or Home Depot.

However, for its price, you really can’t complain as that is the same price you would spend on a regular cooler in the first place.

Now if you want unique and affordable, the Chill Chest is one to consider.

I hope this review has given you enough information to make a better decision on purchasing this product.

If you have any experience with this cooler please do share by leaving a comment below.

We all have different opinions and I’m sure we can all benefit from yours as well.

Thanks for reading!


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