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Crank Chop Review – To Buy or Not to Buy?

By John

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crank-chop-reviewWondering if this is a worthwhile investment or another As Seen on TV flop?

Well that is exactly why I have put together this Crank Chop review.

Just like most of you, I’m a complete sucker when it comes to anything I see on TV and this is just one of many that got me wondering.

Not the best cook in the house and definitely not out there chopping things like a chef, so I was definitely into getting the Crank Chop.

Now after using and abusing this product, I can finally tell you all about it.

Read further and you will see if I think this is worth that hard earned money of yours.

Crank Chop Review



Product: Crank Chop

Company: Bulbhead

Price: $15.99 plus shipping and handling

What’s in the box: Crank Chop

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars

What in the World is Crank Chop?

Yet another As Seen on TV product, the people from Bulbhead have figured out a way to chop things down a lot faster.

With the exaggerated infomercials and curiosity, you can’t help but wonder if this thing actually works like a charm.

But hey, I think we might actually have a winner, so let me show you more on what this bad boy is really about.

Who Crank Chop is For

By virtue of this product’s nature alone, the broad appeal of the Crank Chop will be to anyone that has an interest in cooking.

But, of course, everyone does have their own unique interests and preferences when it comes to food prep equipment and accessories.

In a narrower sense, this tool is going to appeal to people that are looking for something that will deliver consistent results quickly.

That’s really the appeal here.

As chefs (amateur and professional alike) all know, chopping can be one of the more tedious and time consuming tasks when it comes to meal prep.

The ability to accomplish the task quickly, and with one easy to clean tool is certainly going to be a big appeal to people with an on the go sort of lifestyle.

And we also can’t forget the general kitchen gadget enthusiasts out there.

We all know that one person that buys just about everything out there that makes the promise of simplifying life in the kitchen.

If you, or someone that you know falls into that category, chances are the Crank Chop is going to be a very appealing addition to the kitchen.

Do keep in mind that this tool is not necessarily geared towards the extremely serious chefs out there, who most likely prefer to perform their own cuts when prepping food.

How it Works

The Crank Chop operates pretty simply (that’s actually more or less the point of the tool).

To use this tool, simply place your ingredients in the bowl.

Recommended ingredients to use here include onions, garlic, tomatoes, herbs, and more.

Once the ingredients are in the bowl ,you can reseal the top by fastening the lid back on, then commence the chopping by pulling the cord.

The way the device works is that the more your grind, the finer the cut of your ingredients.

Once you are done, you should also find that cleaning the tool off is about as easy as using it in the first place was.

The utility of this tool makes it very easy to quickly make fun dishes like guacamole, salsa, or even the toppings for a good chopped salad.

And of course, as the chef you can also always feel free to get creative!

Just give the lid and the bowl a quick rinse off, then stick it in the dishwasher!

It sounds pretty good, right? But does this tool actually work the way that it is advertised?

For the most part, it does, but there are some things to consider before go off and buy it.

For one thing, the Crank Chop doesn’t necessarily completely eliminate the need for manual cutting.

For denser vegetables, like onions or even garlic cloves, you are probably going to find that you will need to do a little bit of the cutting yourself before throwing the ingredients into the bowl.

The extent of this effort will likely be to cut the vegetables into thick quarters, but if you are trying to remove the need for manual chopping altogether, this may be a little bit disappointing for you.

This aside, the tool more or less does what it is supposed to, performing well at the tasks it claims to be able to do.

The Price

The price here is really pretty reasonable.

At $15.99 (plus shipping and handling) we aren’t talking about something that will break most people’s budgets.

Now, that said, to put the price in perspective, you can probably get a pretty decent traditional kitchen knife for that money, which will have a wider range of applications in your home.

Does that mean that you will be better served taking that route?

Of course not!

If the functions of the Crank Chop interest you, $15.99 seems like a pretty reasonable price to pay.

Shoppers will also want to note that with a prime membership at Amazon they can even forgo the price of shipping and handling which will provide them with even more savings.

Check Current Price Here

Before You Buy

Just remember to manage your expectations here.

This is a novelty product, not necessarily something that will elevate you to the level of a gourmet chef.

This is not at all said to diminish the value of the Crank Chop as it is a cool product that makes it really simple to enjoy delicious and nutritious dishes that most families really enjoy.

If you are looking for a nice, quick way to get a good bowl of guacamole, or salsa, this product is definitely going to be for you.

If you want to learn how to chop vegetables the way that Gordan Ramsay does, you are probably going to want to enroll in a cooking class.

Pros and Cons

Now that you have some knowledge of the Crank Chop, here are a few pros and cons that will hopefully help to better inform your buying decision.


  • Easy to clean/ dishwasher safe construction
  • Simple to use, user friendly interface
  • Quick and efficient method of chopping a variety of ingredients
  • Reasonably Priced


  • Blades struggle to cut larger vegetables/ require pre chopping before use
  • Limited range of use


And there we have it!

You have read your review of the Crank Chop, and now you have a decision on your hands.

Is this product going to make a good addition to your kitchen, or is it a dud?

Well, as you probably realized throughout the course of this review, we actually feel that it is a pretty good product.

It works the way that it is advertised, which unfortunately is not always a given in the world of “As Seen on TV” products.

Not to mention it also has a very affordable price tag that you really can’t complain about.

The Crank Chop certainly is not going to be for everyone, but if it appeals to you, we think that the $15.99 price tag makes it worth trying out!


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