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Beginner’s Guide to Buying As Seen on TV Products

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As Seen on TV Products are a hit or miss type of thing with most of them falling under the “do not buy” category but that doesn’t mean all of them can be counted out.

With the many products I’ve tried and tested I have come to the conclusion that you have to try something for yourself as most of them are opinion based products anyways.

So before you buy anything from TV land, read this short guide on As Seen on TV products before you buy something that might not even work.

The Infomercials Make Everything Worth it

I can watch As Seen on TV infomercials all night long.

From the crazy acting to their poor representations of products, I just can’t help but watch them over and over again.

Maybe it’s the super excited actors along with the overly excited salesman but they do the job regardless.

So sometimes even if a product does nothing close to what you see on tv, I think these commercials alone make it worth the buy.

Unless of course it’s something that costs more than your typical $50 and below products.

As much as you want to pull that credit card out and give into the awesome marketing, you might want to really think about things before hitting “buy now”.

Make a Quick Assessment of the Product

There is no working around the infomercials because as cheesy as most of them are, you just have to love them no matter what.

When it comes to most cleaning based products, you can always look for reviews online as there are a lot of helpful ones from actual users of these products.

Of course Goodbuydad.com is the absolute best, but you can always checkout Amazon.com as they have a ton of reviews that can help you make your buying decisions.

The actors used in these infomercials will always use exaggerated material to showcase their product but if you try to pay attention to the actual product, you can tell if it is actually something worth buying.

If it’s an appliance, they are usually at least decent and for the most part will pull through.

Cleaners are “iffy” and sometimes needs you to try for yourself.

That’s not always the case but just use your gut and not your retail therapy instinct.

Be Aware of Fake As Seen on TV Products

There are many sites out there selling fake products but still using the As Seen on TV logo and that’s because it isn’t trademarked.

People are allowed to use the phrase as well as the logo, so you can bet that they are taking advantage of innocent people just looking for a solid product.

Read more here to learn more about the legal side of “As Seen on TV”.

So the next time you purchase an As Seen on TV product, make sure you’re either buying it directly from the store or Amazon.com.

This is also a reason for the many mixed reviews for products that do things that involve some type of liquid solution.

There are other knockoffs so be sure to do your research before making your purchase.


Don’t let anything deter you from trying As Seen 0n TV products.

There are things like the NUWave oven and the popular Beach Body brand (Insanity, P90X, etc.) that actually work, so know that there are solid products that come out of TV land.

Don’t forget those entertaining infomercials that we can’t get enough of as I’m sure TV wont’ be the same without them.

Remember to always do your research and come back to this site if you are still on the fence about purchasing any product from the As Seen on TV World.


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