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Does The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller Really Work?

By John

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With the many different ab contraptions out there that claim to give you amazing abs, what makes this one any better?

Well, that is exactly why I have done an Ab Carver Pro review and one that I’m sure will help you decide if this is in fact worth that hard earned money of yours.

So before you pull out that credit card, let me tell you every reason why you should and should not get this As Seen on TV product.

Will this be the best Ab roller out there?

Let’s get right into things as I’m sure you have that six pack of yours that could use more attention.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller Overview

Getting that perfect 6-pack is always the summer time dream, and no I’m not talking about beer.

People have been chasing perfect abs and arms forever, for good reasons.

Being in great shape has always been the symbol of physical attraction, success, and health.

You don’t see people who have all of those without looking amazing, especially health.

With the hundreds of different workout routines, gym memberships, and online products being slammed down your throat, how do you know which ones are garbage and which ones are worth the investment?

Lucky for you, I’m the type of guy to take those leaps and buy the products, as I’ve had several pieces of workout equipment, from dumbbells to ab rollers to Bowflex workout stations and of course the Insanity and P90X type of workouts. .

One of the best workout inventions that I’ve ever come across was the Perfect Ab Carver Pro and I love this thing for so many reasons.

For starters, I’m a traveler as some of you know, which means I’m always on the move.

I don’t have a lot of room for extra stuff in my RV, which means I have to be efficient with my exercise equipment.

The Perfect Ab Carver Pro is tiny enough to store in any cabinet, under the bed, in the closet, etc. It’s great for those of us who don’t want to clutter up the space we have, and for that reason I decided to take on the challenge that’s included in the package.

The ab carver challenge includes 3 exercises that targets your obliques and abs, and it absolutely destroys them.

The whole workout takes about 5 to 10 minutes, which is great for those of us who work all day and don’t have hours to spend at the gym.

Another great point there is that a gym membership costs around $30.00 to $50.00 a month, which is insane in my opinion.

I don’t have enough time to drive there, workout, and drive back.

Instead, I just use the ab carver pro and stay in the same location without wasting gas or time.

The Best Features of the Perfect Ab Carver Pro

So what makes this ab carver so great, anyways?

Aside from timeliness and convenience, this ab carver does more than it has in the title.

It doesn’t just work on your abs and obliques.

It also hits your back, your biceps, your chest, and your triceps and for an exercise that takes no more than 10 minutes, that’s not too bad.

But you might be wondering why this ab carver is worth a little bit more than other ab rollers?

There’s a few features hidden in this roller that made it worth the investment to me, and I’ll share them below.

Here’s a list of things that come with this ab carver that aren’t in most of its competitors:

  • A resistance spring that makes it harder to push down for a better workout, with an easy bounce back up to get started on the next repetition
  • Large L & R labeled ergonomic grips so your hands can fit comfortable without slipping
  • Wider roller that allows you to keep your arms at shoulder width instead of hurting your joints by pushing your arms inward
  • Included knee pads for working out wherever, whenever
  • A Perfect Ab Carver Pro challenge guide that tells you how to get better abs in just 4-8 weeks (and yes, it actually works)

Final Thoughts

Just like you probably are, I was very skeptical about this product and wasn’t sure if it even worked.

You see all these guys and girls that are shredded who obviously didn’t get there from just an ab carver, so is it all a spoof or does it do what it says?

Well, I wanted to take out the guess work for you and let you know that yes, it works great!

I would say that it takes about a month to really start seeing concrete results, which is the same for any true workout.

You can’t expect overnight results, but this ab carver has helped my arms, back, chest, and abs look more defined and it also helps me lift more on other workouts.

If you’re constantly busy with work, school, or some other activity, stop making excuses and check out the Perfect Ab Carver Pro.

I was honestly pretty excited to share this review because I’ve been using this and sharing the results for a long time now.

Remember, when you’re coming up with reasons to not workout, you’re cheating nobody but yourself.

I’ll leave you with this thought: For just $34.99 one time and 10 minutes a day, isn’t that worth looking and feeling better?


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