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Dosh App Review: Scam or Legitimate Cashback App?

By John

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So I have been using this app called Dosh and just like most of you, I was beyond skeptical and didn’t trust it.

For those of you wondering if it is a scam or if you can really make money, you might want to read this review as I’m sure it will help you understand a lot more on how, and if it even works.

With the many schemes out there it’s really hard to trust anything these days, especially when it comes to the online world and even apps that promise to give you actual cash.

This might be different and I would be more than happy to share my experience with the latest and greatest cash back app on the app store.

Let me just say that I was never a fan of these apps as they usually don’t pay anything worth my time, especially when there are other programs that allow you to make a living completely online.

However, you might like what I have to say about this one.

Let’s get right into things to see what this app really has to offer.

So What Exactly is Dosh?

Dosh is nothing more than an app that allows you to earn cash back from shopping, eating out, and even booking hotels that you normally would in the first place.

Partnered with many stores and restaurants, Dosh offers a different percentage with every partner, so how much you will get back depends on the merchant.

Not everyone participates with this and the app will tell you what stores and restaurants around you are partnered with Dosh.

You can always shop online as there are hundreds of retailers that work hand in hand with the app.


How it Works

The way you need to look at things is the same way you would if you were to get a discount.

Instead of taking it off your total cost for whatever you are buying, you will pay the regular price and get these discounts in the form of cash, which is definitely better.

In a sense, it is still your own money but instead of feeling a smaller price come time to pay, you will see it in your Dosh account as cash, from which you can withdraw at any time, as long as you have a minimum balance of $15.

  1. Link your credit card
  2. Shop and eat out normally
  3. Earn cash back

And yes, it is really that simple.

Will Dosh Pay?

This of course is the big question and probably the most important part of this review.

Well, the answer is yes.

Not only do they pay, but this is the fastest way I have ever made money with any app or online program for that matter.

Once you have accumulated over $15 in your account, you are then able to transfer it to a Paypal account or even directly to your bank.

They say it takes a while to get paid, but once I transferred it to my Paypal account, the money showed up almost instantly.

Then I have my Paypal linked to one of my credit cards and by paying $.25 I was able to get my money within minutes.

So yes, Dosh does pay and they pay on time, if not faster.

Checkout the screenshots below and you will see that I not only made money but it actually got transferred to my Paypal account.

dosh-app-proof dosh-app-earnings

Is Dosh Safe?

It actually is but of course it’s impossible to trust anything that deals with money.

I do recommend you use a PayPal account though, as that is probably your safest bet although you do have the option to link your bank account directly to Dosh.

This way there is no reason why anyone should have access to your bank account, even if you want the money transferred instantly.

PayPal works just fine and you can have the money in your bank account within a day, so I’m sure there is no problem with that option.

How to Earn Money With Dosh

Earning cash back is the main way to make money with Dosh but they also have a very awesome referral program that has different promotions going on at different times.

By simply sharing the app, you can earn anywhere from $5-$15 for each referral that joins Dosh (using your link) and then linking their credit card.

Once that is done, you will see $15 added to your account, which can be cashed out with all your other earnings.

$15 for simply sharing something free that offers you a chance to make money?

As a full-time blogger that makes money through affiliate marketing, I have yet to see anyone pay such a high amount without having anyone pay any money.

Dosh is FREE to Join

It is super easy to signup and start earning cash back as well as promoting Dosh to make money.

First off, it is completely free to signup to Dosh and you can start earning cash back immediately.

Whether you are going out to eat at Burger King or doing some shopping at Target, you can use Dosh to get cash back for doing something you already do in the first place.

Signing up is just as easy as it would be to signup to any other membership type site as all they require is your name and a valid phone number.

Click Here to Join Dosh For Free

Pros & Cons


  • Does pay
  • Partnered with many large companies
  • No receipts needed
  • Offers cash (not gift cards)
  • Hight payouts
  • Pays almost instantly
  • Completely free to join


  • Not all locations participate

At a Glance

Name: Dosh

Website: Click here for the official Dosh Site

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

Final Verdict: Legit

I’m sure a lot of you were skeptical about this as it really does seem a bit too good to be true but I can promise you that this app is legit.

With all the apps I use, this one app can eliminate a lot of them, especially the ones that require me to upload receipts like a lot of them require.

This is my new favorite app and you can bet that I use this app a lot and I have made quite a number of withdrawals from all the money I’ve made back.

Dosh is good to go.


I usually rank these cash back apps on a lower scale but I like everything about the Dosh App.

From shopping online, to dining out, I have gotten a decent amount back.

Put that together with a nice little affiliate program and the income potential for shopping and sharing this app is pretty amazing.

Although I make most of my income through affiliate marketing, this has now joined my list of awesome ways to make money online.

Well that’s all from me for now and I hope this Dosh App review has given you a little peace of mind if you thought this was a scam.

This is probably the hottest app on the market, so definitely download it and link that card so you can start making money.

Don’t forget that you automatically get $5 just for linking your card, so you might want to do that just to get a head start in making some money.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

Click Here to Download the Dosh App For FREE


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17 thoughts on “Dosh App Review: Scam or Legitimate Cashback App?”

  1. Thank you so much for this review! I have heard of Dosh a few times recently but I wasn’t really sure what it was about. You have provided a very thorough description and I really appreciated the information- especially the payment information and how that all works. Congrats on finding success with this app, I will definitely be using it!

  2. This article really impressed me.

    I never think i could get cash back while i am spending my money on food, household items, clothes and even when i am going for holidays. It is good to know that I am getting some money back for something I have spent on, something that have never occurred my mind before this.

    Your content is very informative and thank you for the review of this app. With that, I believe more people will feel confident to install the app and use it from today onward, especially since it is free, right? I for one, am sold! 🙂

  3. Hi John,
    Thanks for that great review of Dosh. I don’t use cash back apps. I’m still in that generation getting used to texting! ha ha. But the review made me want to give it a try. I checked the rest of your blog site and it is very easy to read. informative but with a little humor which keeps your reader’s interest. I am sure you are successful as a marketer and the “askdads” com and “dadvice” is cool. All the best.

    • Thanks Delois and don’t worry about what generation you are in because I know a lot of people that never even knew how to text that are making full-time incomes online. This app is definitely just one of the many ways to not only save but also to make money by simply sharing the app. 

  4. Who doesn’t like to get money back from shopping or eating out, especially when big brand names are associated with the app that makes these offers? I use a similar app and I can say it sometimes feels great to get these seemingly “little” discounts.

    Regarding Dosh, is it available only in the US (and maybe Canada and the UK)?

  5. Thank you for this in in depth yet short and simple review! I have been downloading cashback apps but some merchants only pays a very small percentage and to me it wasn’t worth it so I did not really fully try it out. However, after you have shown a screenshot proof of your cashback payment I think I might just try out Dosh app. $145 is a lot of money!

  6. Hi John,
    Love the site, love the visual. I did see site earlier but lost my posts…:(

    I thought your profile information should come sooner so as to feel more trust with you…It was at bottom.

    I also am wondering about the card request part of the program. Are you referring to credit cards? I need more expanded information as I think most of us do not want to give that personal info on sites.

    Great job,

    • Yes, I mean credit cards. By doing so it automatically gives you “cash back” when you use that card to make different purchases. I think it’s a great thing since everything is automated. No other app does this yet, so kudos to Dosh For being the first!

  7. Thanks for sharing this new app with me. I use my credit card a lot. I do get yearly cash back from my bank when I use my credit card. So getting cash back from 2 sources puts a smile on my face 🙂 , I am really happy I found your article.
    I do have a question though, what system do they use to decide how much cash you get back? Do they use a percentage system?

  8. Not having good results in getting funds transferred to me. I put in bank account information trying to add the account via search where it asks me to login, I get a message that payment is required. Then I try with routing and account number, then get a message that no positive or negative information has been provided. Why can’t I get my money. I tried another bank and nothing comes up on the search. When I put in the routing and account I get the same error message that no positive or negative information is provided. Why force to use PayPal when they charge to give your you money. I am not having great results with DOSH.

    • I never thought about that Crystal as I use Paypal and they don’t charge me any fees after I transfer it to my bank account. Have you tried contacting them?

  9. We have a concern that we have to link our bank account with user name and password for credit card link. Dosh would then have access to all my bank accounts. How do we guarantee they won’t be getting into our account and taking our money? or take cash advance out on any credit cards?


    • It is simply just setup as if you would do with an automatic payment. Your card is on file but they can not bill, buy, or use your card without consent like you would get with Paypal or any other company that uses your credit card information. With Dosh, your card is linked so that you can get credit for shopping without having to manually put in any info. I do get your concern though Gale but I hope this helps.


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