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DSPTCH Daypack Review – Pricey But Worth It

By John

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So I was in the market for a new everyday carry and this specific pack and the crazy marketing that the company had immediately caught my attention.

This DSPTCH Daypack review will give you all the reasons why I think you should get this if you are looking for something new and just flat out styling.

Being that Father’s Day is right around the corner, I figured that this would be an early gift for myself as I don’t usually don’t do any spending if it involves me.

With all the backpacks out there, which one should you get?

I think this is one of the best to have as it has everything I need a backpack to do and if you’re like me or even have the same taste in things, you will see that looks alone, this one has the competition beat.

And if you haven’t seen their marketing vid, you can check that out below to see what it can really do or you can visit the official site here.

Looks & Style

This usually second to functionality in my reviews but I had to go with looks first.

Not just looks but the moss green color that I saw on another site.

The bag does come in 7 different colors but I wouldn’t get it unless it was in moss ballistic or navy ballistic as they, for some reason look really great with the material.

I am a huge fan of Bellroy products but their backpack selection didn’t fit my style of backpacks.

I did think their Totepack was pretty cool as it was actually a tote and backpack all in one but I wasn’t willing to spend on something that I wasn’t really satisfied with based on looks alone.

Now when it came to the DSPTCH Daypack, let’s just say it was bag love at first site.

The zippers, buckles, and clips just go really well with the material and I absolutely love the way this bag looks.

Not much to say in this department ad the bag speaks for itself, so I’ll leave you to be the judge on this one as I’m sure we all have our opinions.


This is definitely a must and although this is probably the only bag I would get just for looks alone, I’m sure you will be impressed with what it can actually do.

I mean, there’s nothing fancy about it but it does do what I need it to do.

Compartment for a laptop and other functional pockets and buckles will give you at least the basics of what a bag should have.

The front pocket holds pens and all the little stuff that you would usually put in there

The main compartment is where you would store most of your stuff and you get the little mesh pocket that is almost standard with all bags these days along with a pocket for some books and water bottles.

Not the brightest idea in my opinion, but it works.

I guess.

I do like that the laptop compartment is in the back and away from all that, so that’s a plus.


Definitely a durable pack and if you don’t believe me then maybe their lifetime guarantee will assure you that their bag is of great quality.

It is not waterproof as you can not submerge this and expect your stuff to stay dry but the material is water resistant and will do a great job at keeping water out if you plan on running to your car through some heavy rain.

The biggest thing I like is that the zippers are made of great quality and it is also made in the USA.


The cost for the DSPTCH Daypack is a bit on the pricey side but there is a reason for it.

DSPTCH is not a huge company and there is not some mass production going on with their products.

They produce them in small batches so you can bet that there is a lot of love and passion put into their products.

There are only two stores from which you get these bags from if you are in the United States, unless you are in Asia where their 3rd store is located.

To get the DSPTCH Daypack it is going to cost you $180 from DSPTCH and can only be found on their official site.

Also, the moss green backpack is usually out of stock, so good luck trying to get one if that’s the color you want.

The others are very much available, so check them out as they all look really good.

Check Exact Price Here

Overall Rating

Overall I think this is a great backpack that is definitely unique.

If you are in the market for a new bag or you are looking for a great gift then this is one to consider.

I mean, who do you know that owns a product from DSPTCH?

probably no one and that is enough reason for you to get one.

Thanks for reading my DSPTCH Daypack review and I hope that you have more than enough information on why you should or should not get this product.

Now you tell me…

Is this really worth the $180 price tag?


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DSPTCH Daypack - Conclusion


The DSPTCH Daypack is actually my most favorite backpack right now so of course I am going to recommend it. I give it 5 out of 5 stars and only because it looks absolutely amazing.

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