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20 Minute Dental White Review – Does This Even Work?

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Welcome to my 20 Minute Dental White review as I’m sure a lot of you are looking for a great way to whiten your teeth without having to deal with the many issues that come with any procedure or product.

When it comes to whitening teeth you automatically assume that you need to go to the dentist which will cost you at least a couple hundred dollars.

Then you have to deal with the whole deal with your teeth being sensitive after the work is done.

So many things to consider and not many products you can trust so what do you really do?

Well, that’s where 20 Minute Dental White comes in.

Then again, what can you really expect from any product that comes from the As Seen on TV world?

After reviewing so many products from TV, I must say that I’m about 50/50 when it comes to them doing what they are actually supposed to do and we can only wonder where 20 Minute Dental White lies.

Let’s dig a little deeper so we can see if this is really going to get you 8 shades whiter than what you have now.

20 Minute Dental White Review – Product Overview

20 Minute Dental White RX is of course an As Seen on TV product that was created by Inventel that claims to get your teeth up to 8 shades whiter by using their product.

It is very affordable at $19.99 + shipping and handling and you can only wonder if this thing really works.

What I figured was a bit of an exaggeration as this of course came from TV, still gave me the confidence that it can at least whiten your teeth a little.

For $20, I think it is at least worth trying.

Who This is For

In the broadest sense, this product is going to be for everyone that wants their teeth to look nice and white without paying a fortune for it.

This product is fairly affordable, though some may find the price an obstacle (we will talk more about the cost later) but regardless, it is certainly much more affordable than the majority of quality teeth whitening options out there.

If you want to have this service done professionally, it is most likely going to cost you several hundred dollars at least to make it happen.

It’s also clearly geared towards people on a tighter time frame. The twenty minutes for a brighter smile promise is sure to appeal to people that simply don’t think that they have the time in their day to start getting regular sessions with a teeth whitening specialist.

Finally, it will also appeal to people that have an enthusiasm for gadgets. After all, this product certainly represents a pretty big departure from the typical teeth whitening strips that we are usually used to seeing at the drug store.

Are you comfortable giving new things a try? If so, Twenty Minute Dental White may very well be for you.

How it Works

How the Twenty Minute Dental White system works is really what makes it unique.

It’s a three part process.

First, you swab your teeth with a vitamin E solution to lay down the foundation for some quality whitening.

After that, you attach the trey to the LED Accelerator, then fix the trey with the light on your teeth.

After that, you activate the light, and wait twenty minutes to start seeing some results.

The idea behind this method is that the vitamin E solution helps to wear down the stains, while the light finishes the job.

There is actually quite a bit of data out there substantiating the effectiveness of swab solutions, and even the use of lights in the process of teeth whitening.

But the commercial advertises that you can get the shade of your teeth down by up to eight shades after twenty minutes of use, and this is where their promises start sounding too good to be true.

So, you’re probably asking yourself, does Twenty Minute Dental White even work? Well, does it?

Does Twenty Minute Dental Work?

The short answer, is yes.

In the world of “As Seen on TV” products, it’s never necessarily safe to assume that this will be the case but I am beyond ecstatic that this isn’t another flop.

The product is effective, generally thought to be safe, and they are even registered with the FDA, which is certainly critical when discussing health products.

Still, there are some caveats that you need to keep in mind before you rush out and buy the thing.

The biggest caveat is the nature of their promise.

While it may be possible to whiten your teeth by eight shades using this system, that is a pretty major misrepresentation of typical results.

The person that sees their teeth eight shades whiter after using this system…well, they had gross teeth to begin with.

It’s rude to say right? But it’s also true.

The way that this system works is that it removes superficial, or surface level stains. Coffee, wine, cigarettes, or just typical gunk that hasn’t become embedded in the enamel.

Chances are you probably don’t have eight shades of that stuff built up on your teeth.

If you do, you should definitely but this product. Quickly.

How Much Does Twenty Minute Dental White Cost

At twenty dollars (plus shipping and handling) this is actually one of the more affordable teeth whitening options out there.

Yes, twenty dollars is certainly going be an obstacle for some people, and if that is your situation, this product may not be right for you.

However, in the broader sense of the teeth whitening world, this is something of a steal.

Dentists cost a small fortune, and the reality is that most people don’t have $300 to spend on making their teeth white.

If you are one of those people, the twenty-ish dollars that you have to spend here isn’t going to look so bad.

Check Current Price Here

Before You Buy

Before you buy, keep in mind that this product is not going to have your teeth looking like they were treated by a professional.

It’s a good system, but at the end of the day, there aren’t really any at home products out there that can substitute a good professional tooth cleaning.

This is important to keep in mind, because they actually do advertise around the premise that they deliver a dentist level clean.

False advertising? To a certain extent, yes.

A little bit of false advertisement is a staple of the As Seen on TV industry, and anyway, this certainly isn’t the first teeth whitening system to make bigger promises than it can deliver.

Try not to be too hard on them.

Pros and Cons

Now that you have read your Twenty Minute Dental White review, read on for some pros and cons that will help you make your ultimate buying decision.


  • FDA Registered
  • Effective
  • Affordable


  • Slightly Exaggerates Effectiveness of Product
  • Only Works on Surface Level Stains


Well, there it is! You have read the review, and now you have a decision to make!
Is it worth your time and money to give Twenty Minute Dental White a try?

As you can probably tell, we think that it is.

While there is no kidding ourselves that this product is perfect, or even that it is as good as it claims to be, at the end of the day, it does work.

Getting your teeth whitened can be very expensive. When a good deal comes along, it is worth taking a look at, right?

If you want whiter teeth quickly, give Twenty Minute Dental a try!


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20 Minute Dental White - Review


Product: Twenty Minute Dental White

Company: Inventel

Price: $19.99 plus shipping and handling

Where to Buy: Amazon.com

What’s in the box: Twenty Minute Dental White

Overall Rating: 3/5 Stars

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