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Flex Seal Product Review – Does It Really Work?

By John

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There are so many mixed reviews when it comes to Flex Seal, due to the many expectations, and of course the almost too good to be true claims on their as seen on TV infomercial.

Yes Flex Seal works

No it doesn’t work.

I love Flex Seal.

Don’t waste your money.

I think I’ve heard it all and I’m sure you have too, so I decided to do a personal review of my own from a stay at home dad’s point of view.

I did have an idea of what this thing can really do but just to be certain, I tried it for myself.

There are different meanings of “works”, so I thought I’d break things down a bit by showing you what it is really good for.

I mean, if you can put a screen door on a boat, Flex Seal it, and not have it sink, I think it will grab anyone’s attention.

A bit exaggerated but you can’t help but love these As Seen on TV infomercials.

Flex Seal Product Review

Name: Flex Seal

Price: $12.95

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Overall Rating: 1.9/5 stars

The Product

I like to call this product, the plastic spray.

It is nothing more than a 14oz can of liquid rubber that can seal most household problems.

At least that’s what they claim and what we would like to think.

It comes in two different colors so don’t think that you will only be dealing with the black like you’ve seen on the infomercial.

There’s a clear version of this product, so you can hide some of your little handy work, which most people tend to do.

It does have a very strong odor to it, so please be careful when using this around children.

Pros & Cons


  • More than affordable
  • Will take care of most minor leaks


  • Exaggerated infomercial
  • Doesn’t work well on metal
  • Doesn’t fix everything
  • Too many complaints

Flex Seal Complaints

Flex Seal does have a very distinct odor that will not be so pleasing to most.

Most people complain that they can’t take the smell, but just give it some time and it will go away and make sure you have some good ventilation.

You’ll have those people that say Flex Seal doesn’t work, and in most cases, they are thinking that it is going to be the cure to every leak in the house, but for $12.99, you can’t really ask for much.

The most popular complaint is that it will not seal boat leaks but what did you expect?

I know this can help with some stuff, but to seal a whole screen door attached to a boat?

I think that’s a bit much.

The Price

Flex Seal is very, very affordable and for the price it is more than worth it, in my opinion.

You can get one can for $12.99, or you can get two for around $25 on Amazon.com and I’m sure it’s almost impossible not to try for yourself.

You can definitely get a better deal online, so if you have some time, order it on Amazon.com and get it in a couple of days or grab a can at your neighborhood Walmart.

Check Exact Price Here

What I Think

You really do get what you pay for and I mean that in two different ways.

You are not spending hundreds of dollars and for the price, it does its job.

So does Flex Seal work?

I’m about 50/50 with this one and mostly because of the crazy as seen on TV promotions of this product.

I mean come on now, did you really think this would seal a whole screen door to a boat for that price?

Call it false advertisement of whatever, but for $12.99 you really can’t complain.

As far as small leaks are concerned, this thing gets the job done.

It may not work well on metal, but get it to seal plastic pieces and you’re in business.

I have seen way too many people spray crazy amounts of Flex Seal on leaks without doing any prep whatsoever.

I know they advertise spraying on water but to make it work best, prepping your area by doing a simple cleaning job will help a lot.

Also keep in mind that in hotter climates, Flex Seal will come off a lot easier.

Before You Buy

If you’re thinking that this is going to help you fix a leaking sink pipe then you might want to call a plumber because you might just create a big mess.

Try using it for something that you know it won’t work for and I’m sure you’ll be right.

Do things right the first time and don’t forget that you know what you’re getting if you do decide to get yourself a can of Flex Seal.

Thanks for reading my flexseal review and if you do have any experience (good or bad) I would love to hear about it.

Remember folks, you get what you pay for!

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10 thoughts on “Flex Seal Product Review – Does It Really Work?”

  1. I used flex shot thick rubber adhesive sealant on a crack that across my driveway. First I cleaned out the crack,than i put some really small crushed stone to fill the gap about 1/4 of an inch from the top of driveway. Put a little water on the stone and let it dry for about a week. filled the rest of the crack with Flex Shot. Great Product

  2. I used it on my RV slide out for leak repair. It pealed up and actually made the leak worse because it separated the vinyl slide out roof from the outer framework when it buckled up.

  3. I used Flex Seal on my Front Entranceway. It was a disaster. I purchased CLEAR, it was White and didn’t product. It looked like graffiti on the front entrance of my home. It damaged my iron door. I complained to Customer Service provide proof of delivery, pictures explained exactly what was done so they can reimburse me for the damage to my front doorway. I was met with debate, people trying to provide me a science lesson, they wanted me to go so far as to show them samples and do it live to prove the damage. The product didn’t work, they don’t stand behind it and even when proven they still will do anything not to back their product. This product is garbage. I contacted all of their executive and no one responded. I guess that says enough about their business. Never buy this hoax.

  4. Had a seam leak in my swimming pool skimmer and rather than draining the water I bought a roll of Flex Seal 4in tape. I could not even get the tape to stick on the skimmer after cleaning the area thoroughly. I also had a pin hole leak in one of the hoses, the tape would not even stop that. I wasted my money on this product and will not purchase any more Flex Seal products.

  5. Their products are a joke
    Come on now a boat with flex tape, sealing a house against three feet of water and a drop of flex glue to pick up load of center blocks
    I laugh every time I see their commercials
    Must think the consumers are idiots
    I’ve never tried these products think they’re are a waste of money


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