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How Often Should You Change Your Razor Blades?

By John

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For most people, we listen to everything we hear and see without even thinking about things and changing our razor blades just so happens to be one of them.

Yes we want to listen to our dentists and doctors as they are the professionals, but you have to remember that these people are only human and they are very much running a business.

So do I change my toothbrush every 6 months?

Sure I do, especially if it starts to look like it’s growing bristles from all angles and sometimes I even change it sooner or past the mark depending on whether I remember to or not.

Do I change my oil every 3 months or 3k miles?

I definitely try to remember that as we all know that this is beyond important and probably the most important part of maintenance when it comes to vehicles.

Now the subject of razor blades, shavers, and anything that has to deal with grooming can be a bit confusing and mostly requires your personal judgment.

I Still Use a Razor I Bought Two Years Ago

It may sound pretty gross, but I have been using the same razor blade for the past two years and it still gives me at least a decent shave.

I say decent because it doesn’t give me that close shave I want, but it definitely gets rid of the hair all while giving that “you just shaved” look.

Now don’t think that I have some type of baby face as I have quite the opposite.

With me popping out kids left to right, I have to get the closest shave possible and that my friend, requires me to shave on the daily.

So why do I still use the same razor?

Well, there’s actually a couple of reasons as to why I still haven’t changed it and it’s also the same reasons why I’ve been saving a lot of money.

You have to keep several things in mind when deciding on when to get new blades so put them into consideration before pulling out your wallet to spend more money.

What Brand are You Using?

With the many different makes and models of shavers and/or razors on the market, it’s really hard to make a decision on what types to get and this also plays a part on how long the blades last.

It all started with one blade and all of a sudden there are razors that have 5 blades.

The crazy marketing doesn’t help in getting the right blade as we all want that perfect one, when they all do the same job.

Right now, I have a Mach 3 and it is the one that comes with 3 blades and that little gel strip that has been gone since the first week I got it.

It did come with a few replacement blades and I found myself changing it as soon as the gel disappeared.

Don’t do that.

Just because that little marketing strategy disappeared doesn’t mean that the blade is dull and you need to get new ones.

Razors are Not Cheap

Forget about what anyone tells you about changing your razors within a given time frame as there is no real period as to when you should actually change it out.

I remember the days when razors were affordable but still came with blades that lasted for a really long time.

These days, they not only come up with different types of products, but the price for replacement blades has gotten insane.

Then you try to get a cheap one, just to have it rust and leave you no choice but to spend more money on new blades.

I guess you get what you pay for, even when it comes to getting razors.

Just Because You Have the Money Doesn’t Mean You Need to Spend it.

So When Should You Change Your Razor Blades?

As long as it’s not rusty and still doing what you want it to do, there’s no need to get new blades.

By simply shaving right when you get out of the shower and using hot water while shaving, you won’t go through so much pain and you can actually get a close shave no matter how old your blade is.

Start with the grain, then go against the grain and things should be smooth sailing.

Even if you get new blades every six months, I’m sure that will be fine, as long as it’s a solid razor that doesn’t get rusty which then becomes harmful.

I think I’m going to get some replacement blades tonight, so I’m actually excited to see what a new razor feels like since it’s been so long.

So when is the right time to change a razor blade and how often should we use them?



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