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Nanny Cam Pros and Cons

By John

Wondering if this is the right baby monitor for you?

So you want a nanny cam?

Well, that is fantastic, but you and the misses have sat down and figure out that, much like everything in parenting, there will be some pluses and minuses in the situation.

At first you may FEEL like nothing bad can come from constant monitoring of your precious angle, and then you realize something…there will be constant monitoring of your precious angle.

Is that wrong?

Are you being over protective?

Will junior grow up resenting you for being a “helicopter parent”?

Well, let’s look into this a bit and see just where you fare, shall we?

Let’s go ahead and get the negatives out of the way.

First of all, let’s start with that first statement. There will be constant monitoring of your child. It seems great, but, you start to realize this could be a real crutch. You could just be spending hundreds a month on a baby sitter and nothing happen or, heaven forbid, something DOES happen, but all that caught it was the camera and now it’s too late.

And that’s not to mention the hours and hours of tape you could be sorting through. Imagine having to sit through 8 to 10 hours a day only to see nothing at all and have waisted your time.

Even in fast forward, you have more important things to do, Dad!

I’m almost 95% certain your lawn needs mowing right now and you’re sitting here watching nanny feeding baby while you were at work sometime last week. And speaking of work, you work hard and you get paid!

Do you REALLY want to spend that money on some high dollar equipment just to watch your child if you have already done an extensive background check on your nanny and really have no need? What if your caretaker is someone you already know and trust? Do you need one then? Honestly, how many hours can you spend watching Grandma play peek-a-boo?

It’s adorable, yes, but having a nanny cam is costly and you can catch that show live for free!

Now let’s look at some positive aspect of a nanny cam.

First and foremost, safety. You know for 100% fact that your child is safe and that’s what really matters. Without a shadow of a doubt if any strange bumps or bruises occur you can just pull up the footage and see exactly what happened, end of story.

Cameras don’t lie and, again, hevean forbid, if anything were to happen there would be absolutely no question on who to blame.

But let’s take even the negative out of the positive.

What about being able to catch all those milestones on camera for all of time? Maybe you missed juniors first steps while you were at work that afternoon, but all you have to do is turn on the video and there it is to watch as often as you like! Sure, it may not be the same, but it’s better than missing it entirely.

Not to mention all of the very valuable information you’ll be getting by constant recording. You will literally have video records of feeding times, sleeping habits, play dates, everything baby does you can go back and look at and use to plan things in the future.

The possibilities of having your child’s infancy recorded can be almost limitless if you know what to do!

So, there you have some basic pros and cons of the nanny cam.

Ultimately, let’s hope you never ever need one, but, as with most safety devices, it’s better to have and not need than to need and not have. In the end, as a parent it is your decision. I personally would recommend one, even on the more affordable side, but, if you have a trusted and reliable nanny, perhaps you can save that money and not need one after all.

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