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Learn How To Pick The Perfect Baby Stroller or Regret it Later

By John

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We all like nice things for our children and I’m sure we all plan on getting a baby stroller at one point in their lives.

Usually before they are even born.

With the many brands and models out there, picking the perfect baby stroller can be quite the task and something we probably overlook until after we have made our purchase.

With all the planning for baby’s arrival the more important things like what new parents need to know trumps the stroller, but we still need to consider or we’ll just be hurting ourselves later.

I want to share some of the “strategies” (if that’s what you want to call it) on how I was able to find the perfect baby stroller for the 4 children I now have.

So How Do You Pick the Perfect Baby Stroller?

Well you really don’t.

Sometimes we just go with it and make our decisions based on the cosmetic part of things when other things require some attention.

From the price all the way down to something as simple as a cup holder will help you decide on what stroller you really need.

Being that we purchased a very pricey stroller (that didn’t come with a cup holder), I couldn’t help but complain about something so simple.

Wouldn’t you think that something so expensive SHOULD come with a cup holder?

Or is it just me?

Okay, I’m done venting but you get my point.

Let’s Start With the Appearance

We all know that probably the biggest part of our final decision will be based on looks alone.

Pick a bunch of strollers that fit into your liking and then you can break them down to find that perfect stroller.

I’m not much on the cosmetic side, but I did at the very least get a color I liked since I knew I’d be doing a lot of the pushing around the mall.

This is just a small piece of the pie, so let’s get into other things to help you make a better decision.

How Much are You Willing to Carry?

Most amazing looking and pricey strollers come with a pretty hefty price tag.

You would think that for such an expensive thing it would be as light as a feather, but that’s not so much the case in the world of baby strollers.

At least that’s how it is when it comes to bikes, but obviously it’s not the same here.

Depending on your strength should really decide on how heavy your new baby stroller should be or you’ll be like my other half who claims to love our stroller but hates taking it out of the car.

Get something that YOU will be comfortable with especially if you’re not going to the gym.


Opening and closing a stroller is not something you want to be complicated so make sure you get one that you can work with easily.

I love strollers that pop open with the press of a button and I’m not into those old school ones that have a latch that you need to manually set in place.

This is one of the few things I like about our Britax and with it being on the heavier side, the stroller opens a lot easier than any other stroller we’ve owned.

Get one to your liking as you’ll be the one who will have to deal with it and no one else.

Durability and Ruggedness

For some of us, the mall is not our only stomping ground.

If you’re more on the outdoor style of living you need to consider getting a stroller that can handle your lifestyle.

We go to the beach, soccer games, and all the types of places that test the strength and durability of our baby carrier.

This is also where our personal choice of baby stroller has its advantage.

With wheels that need to be inflated and the extra weight, we are able to go places most strollers can’t and it’s pretty sweet actually.

We’ve tried struggling to get our old stroller through sand and in most cases we would have to leave it in the car because it does nothing but cause more problems.

Get a stroller that fits your lifestyle and if it is a lot based on the outdoors, do shop accordingly.

Is it Easy to Clean?

Sure we want to keep our things nice and clean but we do have to remember that we are dealing with kids.

Eating, messing, just living kids.

As parents it is our duty to maintain everything and cleaning our stroller is just apart of life.

Now one thing that I don’t like is come time to clean and everything is stuck to the stroller, with a pressure washer coming to mind.

When picking a stroller, see if the pieces are able to come off or if they are stuck together leaving you scratching your head.

Of course you won’t be cleaning it every other day, but I know there’s some of you who would rather not deal with this type of chore.


This is a huge factor to me when picking the right baby stroller although I think it should be standard with most makes and models.

Again, we got a very pricey stroller and it didn’t come with a cup holder like I figured it would and obviously I’m not over it

Of course you can buy it as an add on, but who wants to spend anymore money after dropping $800 on something so pricey?

We did and the darn thing ended up breaking.

These days there are cellphone holders and all that, so consider any additional add ons when purchasing your stroller.

If you’re like me, make sure the stroller comes with what you want especially if you’re not wanting to spend more on unnecessary stuff.


I can not stand bulky strollers.

Go with something you are willing to haul around and you might want to consider getting an umbrella stroller for more crowded venues.

There are many different sizes when it comes to strollers and I’m sure you’re considering the type of vehicle you have since it is what you will be using to transport it.

We have a Toyota Highlander (7 seater) and our Britax has to be split into two just to make it fit.

We also have a Sit “n” Stand double stroller by BabyTrend and that thing can’t even fit right with the back row down.

That’s our least favorite stroller, but it does work well around the house.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

Definitely the biggest factor and will depend on how much money you have in the bank.

Yeah I’m sure a lot of you will use the “we only have a baby once” excuse, but please keep in mind that your little one will be 5 faster than you think.

If you’re not making that much money, definitely stay below $200 as there are many strollers that will give you what you want when picking the best baby stroller.

Although we can go on and on about the little things that you can consider, I think these are the key topics that will help you when making your next investment.

I hope this helps and please do share what you think is necessary when purchasing baby’s new ride.

Thanks for reading!


– John



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