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Measure King Review: Worthwhile Investment or Waste of Money?

By John

The Measure King seems like a great product but I would like to give you the ins and outs through this review.

Some things might just look like a great product but end up being something you regret buying and I want you to avoid that type of stuff with my honest opinion on this product

If you own a home, or you just like to tinker around with tools you probably encounter the need to break out the measuring tape on a fairly regular basis.

It’s a simple but necessary tool that most adults find themselves needing from time to time.

But there are tape measurers, and then there are tape measurers.

Every once and a while a product comes around that presents an exciting new twist on a well established tool and the Measure King is just such a product.

today we will be exploring the ins and outs to see if it is right for your needs as I’m sure some things only look cool on an As Seen on TV commercial and then fail to deliver.


Measure King Review



Product: Measure King

Company: Ontell

Price: $29.99 plus shipping and handling

Where to Buy: Amazon.com

What’s in the box: Measure King

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Who is the Measure King For?

I think it is fair to say that the Measure King is a product that anyone who doesn’t have a tape measure but still needs one should at least consider.

Why? Well, as mentioned in the introduction, the tape measurer is a tool that everyone is going to need at some point and this (at least in theory) happens to be a good or at least enhanced version of an already necessary product.

Now that said, this also happens to be a fairly expensive version of that standard product. That being the case, if you aren’t going to be using the measure king a lot, you probably will want to think about just settling for a traditional, and ultimately more economical tape measurer.

What Makes the Measure King Special?

You’ve probably seen enough rolls of measuring tape to wonder what could make this particular unit better than all of the other options that you have ever encountered in your life.

It’s a fair question, with a straightforward answer. The Measure King is special both for the fact that it has three different modes of use (Roll Mode, Cord Mode, and Sonic Mode) and because it also features an LED display.

Now you probably can guess what the roll mode and cord mode do, but the sonic mode is where this Measure King really shines. Literally…

With sonic mode, the user simply points the Measure King at the object they wish to measure the distance from, then they press a button and watch as the laser takes the measure for them.

It’s pretty sci fy, right? Well that may be the case, but unfortunately measurements taken in sonic mode don’t necessarily always line up with the measurements taken through the other two more traditional modes, so use it at your own risk.

The LED display is also pretty handy. If you have ever taken a measurement only to not even be positive of the exact number that you got, then you are already well aware of the value of this feature. Simply put, the LED display takes all the guesswork out of measuring.

The Price

The price of this unit is a little bit of a concern, as least in my opinion. Why? The difference in cost between this tape measure, and other similar options is pretty steep, and not in the way that you would like it to be either.

At $29.95 this product may not wreck your finances, but it also doesn’t necessarily constitute a smart buy.

There is also shipping to consider. If you order from the “As Seen On TV” ad, you will end up paying even more than $29.95 in order to get the product shipped to your house, which unfortunately further decreases the affordability of the product.

If you want to save a little bit of money, you can do so by opting to buy the Measure King through an Amazon Prime membership, which will make you eligible for free shipping and handling.

That aside, you will need to decide for yourself if thirty dollars for roll of measuring tape is worth it for you.

$29.99 on Amazon.com See it Here

Before You Buy

Before you buy, I think you should keep something in mind: chances are the Measure King is probably a product that you never asked for. Yes, the features are sincerely pretty cool, and they do make measuring things pretty simple, but I would argue that to most people, measuring things was already pretty simple.

And yes, the Measure King is accurate, but it isn’t more accurate than a traditional tape measurer. This is a novelty product. While it does have a few components that make it a little bit easier to use, these are components that you probably never even would have thought you needed if you didn’t know they were an option.

Am I saying that I don’t think that you should buy it? Nope! I’m definitely not saying that. All I am saying is that you probably should not buy it simply because you liked the commercial. After all, we’ve all been there….

Pros and Cons

Now that you know all about this product, let’s summarize our findings by taking a quick look at some pros and cons.


  • Three Modes of Use
  • Accurate to 1/100th of an inch
  • LED display


  • More expensive than traditional tape measurers by significant margin.
  • Measurements taken on laser mode aren’t always accurate.


I would categorize the Measure King as a splurge buy with a few unique features that might just end up leaving you satisfied with your purchase.

At the end of the day you definitely don’t need this tape measurer in your life, but that doesn’t mean it might not make things a little bit easier for you.

What we have here is a quintessential “As Seen on TV,” product in the best sense of the term.

Do you need it?

Probably not.

But does it perform as advertised?

Yes it does.

So final thoughts: If you don’t mind spending a little bit of extra money on a good product with a few fun twists, then the Measure King is definitely worth considering.


Checkout the Measure King Here!


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