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Mighty Bright Switch Review: Cool But There Might Be Better Alternatives

By John

Welcome to my Mighty Bright Switch Review!

All this time I was wondering what this light switch box looking thing was that seemed to find its way to many parts of the house as well as to our next move.

I don’t even know how we got this thing but it just so happens to be following us everywhere.

After months of seeing this thing go from one part of the house to another I finally decided to pick it up and see what it actually was.

Being that it looked like nothing more than a light switch, I had no clue that it was actually a light.

Through some research I did find out that this was an As Seen on TV product, which I just so happen to be a fan of and that made this product even more interesting.

So for those of you who are thinking about getting the Mighty Bright Light Switch, let me give you a quick overview and somewhat of a review on what this little gadget really is.

Mighty Bright Switch Review

This product is nothing more than an LED light that looks like a light switch that can be held and pointed or simply hung on a wall for your closets and other dark spots that might need some light.

It only uses an adhesive to stick to the wall so you will not need any tools to assemble this product.

It uses two AAA batteries and operates exactly how a regular light switch would.

Up to turn on and down to turn off.

Super simple and actually pretty bright for such a small thing.

The Price

The cheapest place we found the Mighty Bright Switch on was Amazon, which was going for $11.99.

You can go to the actual site but it will cost you $12.99.

I guess you can say the price is fair as this does come with the cool factor and is something that can actually be beneficial for those of you that need a quick light.


Check it Out Here


Final Verdict: Decent Buy

I don’t see anything wrong with using a flashlight or your smartphone (like I do) but if you want something cool to use, then this is definitely one to consider.

I really don’t know how we acquired ours but I do like the product even if it just sits there half the time.

So if you really don’t feel the need for this, then I’m sure your smartphone will suffice.

You can also checkout the Promier Light Switch, which does the same thing but is actually just a little bit cheaper.

Either way, they do the same thing and the only thing that separates them is the name and a couple of bucks.

Own a Mighty Bright Switch?

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