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Is Jumanji “Welcome to the Jungle” Worth Watching?

By John


So we just finished that new Jumanji movie and I just say that I was very much impressed.

Not just from the hilarious entertainment from a solid cast of actors but by the simple lessons that I believe every teenager can learn from.

Of course it wasn’t something I expected as it was somewhat different from the first one, but I think it was worth a watch, especially with the fact that my two sons stayed awake through the whole thing.

What’s even better is that they actually kept quit most of the time, which is a huge accomplishment from the last movie we watched.

So a lot of other reviews saw 4/5 stars while the Herald Sun wasn’t so pleased with things and that’s simply because they overanalyze things.

From a parent’s point of view, I think this is great for the family and something you should watch with your kids.

The Story Line

Four teenage kids get put on detention and they consist of four very different personalities.

  • Spencer – Nerd
  • Fridge – Jock
  • Martha – Plain Jane
  • Bethany – Self centered selfie addict

Unlike the first one with Robin Williams that uses an actual board game, these kids get on detention and find an old electronic gaming system (Jumanji) and decide to give it a go.

They all pick their characters and eventually get sucked into the game and become whoever they chose.

This is when the Rock, Keven Hart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan come into the picture.

Their bodies are completely different but they are still the same person inside, with them having a complete makeover from what they are in real life.

  • Spencer becomes the Rock, who has all the muscle a nerd doesn’t
  • Fridge becomes Kevin Hart who is a Zoologist
  • Martha becomes Karen Gillan who is some butt kicking hottie
  • Bethany becomes Jack Black who is a middle aged map expert dude

Obviously these characters learn a lot about themselves and life as a whole as they take on these roles that are completely opposite of who they are.

The game requires them to go through different levels just like you would in a regular role playing video game and they have to return this jewel, which is the eye of a jaguar that was stolen from the villain of the movie.

Battling bad guys and albino rhinos, you can expect some action and a whole lot of comedy.

After overcoming these obstacles, they eventually beat the game but not before learning valuable lessons in life and about themselves.

In the end, they become better people and become the best of friends.

What I Liked

Just like most beginnings to movies, this one didn’t necessarily drag but it did get straight to the point of showing the personalities that these four kids had.

Once they got sucked into the game, I could not stop laughing.

Kevin Hart just made everything so funny and that alone took my attention away from story lines and sequels.

I most especially like the lessons this movie taught as there are just way too many kids that think the world revolves around them.

Show this movie to some selfie addict and I’m sure it will have them looking at things a lot differently.

Nerds will find confidence, jocks will find a softer side, and your plain Jane will become Bruce Lee.

Everyone will learn some valuable lessons on life and you will get a good laugh from the mix of characters that Jumanji has.

What I Didn’t Like

I really can’t tell if this is a sequel or flat out a whole remake of the original Jumanji but I think they should have stuck with the board game.

In the beginning of the movie they do show the board game washed up on a beach, which was then found by a dad that then gives it to his son, which I believe is Allan from part I.

So the four teens actually run into Allan, who just so happens to be the missing piece.

They crossed the board game with a game console, which I didn’t find too appealing.

Kind of confused me but I eventually figured it out.

I think that was because I was too busy getting popcorn and missed some of the beginning.

Overall Rating

Not the biggest movie critic and I’m not going to tell you how great of a performance the albino rhinos did because that’s not my department.

Now would I recommend the new Jumanji movie?

But of course.

If you want some good laughs and you aren’t too worried about who took what line from what movie and all that nit picky stuff, this is definitely one to add to your list of movies to watch.

I enjoyed it and my kids did too.

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