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The CuiZen PIX-4012 Pizza Box Oven Looks Cool and Actually Works Great

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We all love cool gadgets and although you may not be some type of chef, this pizza box oven by Cuizen will make you feel like one.

Not only does the actual appliance look cool, but it is very functional, especially if you find yourself baking pizzas more often than you should


For the most part, this is one cool looking pizza maker. It is in the shape of a pizza box and it can actually bake it for you.

In my family, we find ourselves ordering more than baking simply because we don’t really know how to make the best pizzas.

Instant Chef

What I have managed to do is get me a pizza maker, found some great pizza recipes from the Food Network, and voila! I am now able to make my own pizza.

Not only is it fun and super easy to do, but we now experiment with different toppings and crusts, which is better than having my usual super supreme, which I can eat every single day if I could.

Or, You Can Just Get DiGiorno

For some reason, I can’t seem to get DiGiorno pizzas to bake properly in a regular oven and I’m not a big fan of microwavable pizzas either.

With this little appliance, I am able to cook these pizzas all the way through, without feeling like I’m eating raw dough like I usually do.

What I Liked

Although this Pizza Box Oven may look cool, your’e probably thinking that that’s all it has to offer. However, I think this box has more to offer than a nice look and design.

This oven actually spreads out the heat evenly, which cooks your pizza all the way through, unlike your regular ovens that don’t do that.

There are different settings for different crusts, so this is also great for pizza lovers. Personally, I like different brands of pizzas to be cooked differently.

For most of the cheap pizzas you find at the grocery store, I like them to be thin crust. For fancy expensive type pizzas, I like them more on the pan style crust side of things.

What I didn’t Like

You are limited to nothing bigger than a 12″ pizza. So if you were planning on throwing a Big New Yorker in there, you might want to find an alternative.

There have also been other complaints about that grinding sound, but I have yet to encounter that problem. Probably because I fit little pizzas and I haven’t tried to stuff the oven.

When the pizza is done cooking, it can be a little difficult to get it out of the oven. If you’re one of those I can’t wait to eat and I want to burn my mouth type eaters, you probably won’t get there because you would have to wait for it to cool off before taking it out of the oven.

To Buy or Not to Buy

I say give it a go. If you haven’t even tried to bake your own pizzas, you also might want to give that a shot too. It’s super easy and you’ll be amazed at what you can actually make on your own.

If you have any experience with this product, we’d like to hear from you. Please leave a comment below and give us your experience with this. Good to go or no go?


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