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The XLR8 Baby Boom Connect And Go Diaper Bag Is Pricey But Might Be Worth It

By John

Looking to buy the XLR8 Connect and Go diaper bag by Baby Boom?

There wasn’t many reviews on this so I thought I’d shed some light on something that might be a bit pricey for most, but might actually be worth it.

This diaper bag hasn’t received much feedback on Amazon, so a little more research will need to be done to find the true quality of this product.

This is my Baby Boom Connect And Go XLR8 Diaper Bag review, and this is where I will find out if this product is worth purchasing or just a waste of money.

It is a little more expensive than other diaper bags so I had to dig a little deeper to see what makes this different from the rest.

Let’s get right into things.


Product Name: Connect and Go XLR8 Diaper Bag

Manufacturer: Baby Boom

Weight: 2.5 pounds

Material: Polyester

Color: Black and Navy

Guarantee: 30 day return policy

Overall Rating: 3.9/5 stars

Product Overview

This diaper bag was created for the sole purpose of being easier to do errands while you’re on-the-go as well as to make it easier to stay in touch and connected with friends and family.

Because of this reason, you can properly organize your babies items and other essential items without compromising your connectivity.

This diaper bag contains over 20 pockets, giving you enough room for your babies items, as well as your phone, iPod, charger, wires, etc.

It includes a 7800mah power bank, meaning it doesn’t matter whether you’re running errands around town or hiking on a trail, you can keep your mobile phone fully charged and functional.

This bag contains a Bluetooth speaker as well as a little access hole for your headphones, which I find to be really convenient.

You will find a red light which is integrated inside the diaper bag and illuminates when you open it up.

This is to help you find your way around without rummaging through and taking everything out while you try and find your pen that’s sitting at the very bottom of the bag 😛

There is also insulated pockets on the exterior of this bag to help with keeping your food and bottles cooled, while the main compartment is better for the babies and parents essential items.

This specific diaper bag also contains a changing pad, which is removable and provides a soft and clean surface while on the go.

What Ultimate Benefits Does This Product Provide?

I find that the added Bluetooth is good for when you want to play those soothing lullabies or better yet, something for dad or mom to relax too.

I can see that this diaper bag has been designed for modern comfort, along with the extra features to make your life as a parent easier.

With all these features and modern privileges, there are so much benefits you can obtain from this slick-looking bag.

One of my favorites would be how lightweight it is, and still having enough room for you AND your babies items.

I’m also very much the backpack type of person so that is what attracted me to this bag in the first place.

Not a big fan of the messenger bags, but to each his own.

Pricing & Purchase Details

This diaper bag is available on Amazon.com and includes a 30 day return policy.

Send it back for a full refund if you want to, or get a repair if you find any defects on it.

The pricing varies between $100 and $150 but it is forever changing.

Who This Diaper Bag Is For

I think backpack diaper bags are great for dads, so that right there is who the main target would most likely be.

For those of you that like to listen to music and want the option of charging your phone on the go, this thing will be a great fit for you.

If you have the money to purchase this diaper bag and want something that will stand out from the crowd, then this is for you.

It is extremely roomy while being lightweight and it makes it a great choice for both male and female. b

Because it is so gender-neutral, I would say it can work as being the main diaper bag – so both parents can use it.

Pros and Cons


  • It is so modernized and provides everything you need as you move throughout your day with your baby
  • Contains a lot of features that I haven’t seen on any diaper bags yet (such as: the Bluetooth speaker, 7800mah power bank, LED light)
  • Very lightweight for a diaper bag of this size
  • It is not a girly bag, so the father can use it as well without losing his dignity


  • Because the Bluetooth speaker sits in the side fishnet pocket, it makes it pretty much useless when you want to put drinks or anything else in it too
  • The seams may not be up to par with the rest of the bag

Do I Recommend This Product?

It has so much features and organization abilities, and because the pros and benefits heavily outweigh the cons that this diaper bag has been given, I would have to say that this is a good buy.

Yes, the seams might not be the best, but I would say that this specific person who complained about them got a bad bag.

However there is only a small chance of this happening and I think you won’t be in that .0001%.

Alternative Diaper Bag

If you’re too worried about the seams coming apart too quickly, there’s another diaper bag I’d like you to see.

This one is in the same price range and is actually a lot more manlier than the bag mentioned above.

You won’t have any problems with the seams coming apart either, although it is slightly heavier (3.8 pounds).

If it sounds like something you’re interested in, then read my full review on the Combat Daddy Diaper Bag for those of you interested.

My Final Opinion

This bag works just as expected, however I feel that I should mention something that the product description doesn’t say.

The Bluetooth speaker has to be powered by the external battery that comes with it, but luckily it has 2 outputs, so you can still charge your mobile phone while you’re on the go.

Please note: The interior pocket that holds the battery in place is enclosed by Velcro straps, and a lot of the times it will stick to the seam of the pocket, allowing it to fray easy.

Just be careful with this to extend the life of this diaper bag.

Other than all of this, that’s all I could find bad about the product, and because it has so much features, pockets and compartments, you will not run space and you will very much be organized.

I have no doubts that you will find this bag to be beneficial in many ways for you, it works as intended and does a great job at it.

The Baby Boom Connect And Go XLR8 Diaper Bag is good to go!


Get It On Amazon While You Still Can!


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