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4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike Review – Where Was This When I Was A Kid?

By John

Looking for more information on this product? Well that’s great because I finally put together my 4 in 1 Stroll N Trike review to give you a better picture of what you will be getting if you do decide to purchase this bad boy.

These things were not around in my time so I’m a bit jelly as I’m sure this would’ve been very useful to my parents.

Then again, I might not have gotten this as we didn’t come across things as easy as the kids do these days.

Oh have times changed.

Being that I know a lot about Radio Flyer’s old school trike, I can very much compare that one with this cool new invention they have come up with, that I now use for my kids.

As you read my 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike Review, you will find out what this product is about, if they are any good or made of high quality, and my final verdict on it.

4 in 1 Stroll ‘N Trike Review

Product Name: 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

Make: Radio Flyer

Weight: 15.2 pounds

Recommended Age: 9 months – 5 years

Color: Red, Pink

Guarantee: 30 day return policy + limited 1 year warranty

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Product Overview

This 4 in 1 trike grows with your child and can be adjusted to fit his or hers age. It provides 4 ways to ride and has an age recommendation of 9 months all the way up to 5 years.

The modes include:

  • Stroller trike
  • Steering trike
  • Learning-to-ride trike
  • Classic trike

Throughout all of these modes, safety has been the #1 priority for Radio Flyer.

This includes a removable wrap around the safety bars and a 3 point harness, as well as a cup holder and snack tray on the trike.

As you pedal, the tires can not be heard, due to them being “quiet ride tires”.

The push-handle that is located on this trike is fully adjustable to fit short and tall men/women so that is not only convenient, but also safe.

It also comes with a canopy that can be removed so it will work well for the younger stages of your kid’s life.

The manufacturers are claiming the steel frame and adjustable seat to be very sturdy and has the potential to last for many years to come.

So we shall see as we go further into this review.

What Ultimate Benefits Does This Product Provide?

I can clearly see that this trike will be beneficial to most kids as it will teach your child how to ride a trike from a very young age.

Children learn more in their earlier ages and tend to learn faster as well.

Other than the growing benefits, I also liked the little cupholder and tray that the kids can put their stuff in.

We have a Britax Affinity stroller that costs way more than this thing, and not even that has a cup holder so to have it on a trike is absolutely wonderful to me.

On top of that, there’s also a compartment for our stuff too, so we have somewhere to put our phone, keys, and whatever else you may have that can fit.

Might be kind of low, but it will be perfect for when your child is old enough to get off and put their own things in there.

I remember the old Radio Flyer trike that had one of those compartments, but it didn’t come with the lid that the 4 in 1 comes with, so that’s a plus.

Pricing & Where to Buy

This product can be purchased from Amazon.com as that is the cheapest place I’ve found it on, but the prices are always changing.

It does mostly sits between $60 to $120 and it does come with a 30 day return policy as well as a 1 year limited warranty from Radio Flyer.


Click Here To Get A More Accurate Price!


Who This Is For

Well the recommended age goes from 9 months to 5 years and that sounds about right.

If you want to get your child to take advantage of this fast-learning process, then this trike would be for them.

Yes it’s great for your child, but having one that’s too young to ride on their own, this thing serves as a great baby stroller that will also have heads turning.

Rather than getting a plane old umbrella stroller, I recommend you try this trike instead.

Once they start getting older, they can take themselves around without having you there to guide them.

Definitely a cool product.

Pros and Cons


  • Unlike other smart trikes, this 4 in 1 GROWS WITH your child. Teach your child to ride a trike at a young age and he/she will master the bicycle faster than ever
  • The manufactures have gone the extra mile to ensure safety is #1 priority. I find that they have done this very well on this 4 in 1 trike
  • There is so many features on this trike, and each ‘mode’ still has all the features that other individual trikes have (eg – toddler, or kids trikes)
  • This trike IS sturdy, easy to maneuver, and very durable to last for years to come – as claimed by hundreds of people who have purchased it and used it
  • Extremely great value for your money


  • Needs to be oiled once in a while or it will start squeaking
  • It may take a while to put together depending on how good you are with following instructions

Do I Recommend This Product?

I can see that there are hundreds of people who enjoy this toy trike, with most of them talking about how strong and durable it is.

Even after excessive use, there still hasn’t been any bolts that came loose, so it looks like it will last long enough to reach the last stage, which was actually my main concern.

The handle is strong and won’t break off unlike other smart trikes on the market that have cheap, plastic ones.

The wheels are rubber instead of plastic, so that’s also a great thing.

Basically, this trike has a LOT of features that other trikes don’t have and this smart trike clearly works as intended, while the cons are very minor, so I’m going to recommended this product 100%.

Radio Flyer is a great brand and I have yet to see something that they produced that has poor quality.

My Final Opinion

The only problem I have with this trike is the fact that it needs to be oiled once in a while. Without doing that, you face a big problem.

Meaning the trike will not turn as easily as it use to, as the steering wheel becomes stiff and the wheels don’t rotate as good as before.

HOWEVER, you can combat this con by doing some basic maintenance.

Even though it might take a little longer to put together than other trikes, it is so worth it in the end and this has been mentioned by hundreds of people, not just me.

The only thing I would tell you to keep in mind is to really take your time with putting it together.

Having a baby in a trike is good, but trying to rush through the assembly process, you risk not putting it together correctly and could end up having something fall off WHILE your child is on the trike.

Other than that, this thing works great and is definitely strong and sturdy.

It is much stronger than other smart trikes, so I don’t see why the cons should matter, especially when the pros and the many benefits will heavily outweigh all of those.

This concludes my 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike review and  I give this product a go.

Thanks for reading!


– John



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