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Wipe New Trim Restorer Review – Does It Really Work?

By John

The Wipe New Trim Restorer has a lot of mixed reviews, so I thought that was all the more reason to debunk all the good AND bad feedback, so I could find out if this product will actually work or not.

You are now reading my honest Wipe New Trim Restorer review.

I have reviewed and debunked a number of ‘as seen on TV’ products, they have actually helped me make a purchase or two in the past ?

I hope this article will aid you in your decision-making process too.

Wipe New Trim Restorer Review – Specs

wipe new trim restorer reviewProduct Name: Wipe New Trim Restorer

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon.com

Weight: 4.8 ounces

Dimensions: 2 x 5.5 x 8.5 inches

Manufacturer: Wipe New

Guarantee: 2 years of UV ray protection

Product Overview

This car restorer has been described to be safe and extremely effective for many surfaces.

These include a lot of the main ones, such as: rubber, plastic, vinyl, chrome, acrylic, leather, metallic and ceramic surfaces.

However it is highly important to NOT use it on glass.

The manufacturers are claiming this to be simple to use. There is no rubbing, buffing or polishing, just one simple wipe and it is done.

They are also saying that it will keep your vehicle protected from the suns harmful UV rays for up to 2 years, while the result is “guaranteed” to last.

You can restore the color and shine from old, faded interior and exterior with the Wipe New, so it looks like brand new again.

All interior types have been guaranteed for this to work fine with.

What Ultimate Benefits Does This Product Provide?

Obviously because it can restore old and faded surfaces too look like new again!

What really caught my eye was the #1 Best Seller status that it has acquired over the years. And with this many purchases, it’s still holding a solid 4+ star average rating.

This product stands out from its competitors because it can actually be safe to use on almost all surfaces imaginable.

On thousands of other products like this, you have to constantly see if it is safe to use for the surface you’ll be using it on. However, I find that it is only warning us to keep it away from glass.

Pricing & Purchase Details

The cheapest place to get this product is on Amazon.com. The price varies between $10 and $30, this includes free shipping if you spend more than $49.

Check Exact Price Here

Who The Wipe New Trim Restorer Is For

I would say that this can work perfectly for all types of people. Whether that be a professional car groomer that wants something which has been proven to work effectively and safely.

Or an average car enthusiast who enjoys keeping his car looking brand new. While an old timer who likes keeping his/her car looking clean would also benefit from this as well.

Who This Is NOT For

Definitely not for someone who wants to use it on glass. While they are warning us about this everywhere on the product page, it should not be ignored.

Pros and Cons


  • Safe to use on  all kinds of surfaces. Whether that be  plastic, rubber, vinyl, chrome acrylic, metallic, ceramic
  • There is enough product to treat the inside OR outside of the car all over, at least once, with most mid-sized cars. This also means boats, RVs, or motorcycles
  • Will only need to be used one time, and that alone will last for many years
  • The contents won’t even come off even after thoroughly washing the car numerous times, for at least a couple of years
  • I really like how you can use it on other things as well. This includes: BBQ, patio tables, chairs
  • Been the #1 Best Seller for a long time, that’s a good sign that this product actually works as intended


  • Can not be used on glass
  • You will need to read the instructions to get this product to work properly
  • They don’t have the best customer service
  • 1 package will only cover the interior or exterior of a vehicle, so 2 will need to be ordered if you want to do both

Do I Recommend This Product?

This is a hard one to recommend, however after thoroughly researching this product I have came to my final conclusion.

Not every single Wipe New Trim Restorer package is going to be the best. One might be a complete dud, while another one is going to work perfectly and as advertised.

This doesn’t mean that there are a lot of them like that – because there isn’t. You’ll have a very slight chance of getting a bad one, and your chances of getting a good one is higher.

Since they don’t have the best customer service, I would recommend that you take before and after pictures when you use it.

Just in case it doesn’t work, then you have proof.

All in all, I can see that it does work properly and as many have warned us about, make sure you read the instructions first before using.

This is a great product and works as advertised, I have no hesitations in recommending it. Yes, highly recommended!

My Final Opinion

I would like to add that it is important to read instructions. Just wing it and it will likely not work as advertised or even as good as it does for others.

A lot of other as seen on TV products will not even work most of the time. They aren’t even as great or they don’t perform as good as they do on the commercials, especially when they seem over-the-top.

However I find that this product does not do that. When you see exactly how it works on TV, that is how it will work on your interior or exterior (which ever one you choose to use it on).

That’s hard to say about an as seen on TV product.

So for the many reasons I have outlined in this article, and because there are still many cons – but they are completely minor – and there are still a lot more pros, I would say this product is highly recommended.

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4 thoughts on “Wipe New Trim Restorer Review – Does It Really Work?”

  1. John,

    So this product is bascially for the interior only? When I first started reading I thought it was some sort of protectant for the paint on car. Why should you NOT use product on glass?

  2. These wipes are so cool! I’ve never heard of them and now I can’t wait to try them! My gosh, I have tons of items I can use these wipes on and try to restore them. Did you have any bad results on a particular surface? Did you try all the surfaces mentioned above?

  3. It left white spots on my trim. It looked good when first applied. Then next day I had white residue spots all over my trim. I tried to get it off but its like its permanent. I called Rustoleum Wipe It and all they said is if you have a receipt will refund your money.


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