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Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller (Single) Review – Definitely Budget Friendly

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Today I will be doing a Baby Trend Expedition jogging stroller review as I’m sure you want to know what you will be getting before you make that investment.

When you start calling strollers names like Elixir, Millenium, Phantom and Bubble Gum, you know things just got serious.

Now for the price, I was actually really impressed as jogging strollers are usually on the pricier side of your wallet.

This jogging stroller retails in the US for approximately $120 depending on your color preferences, plus this particular version actually comes with a baby carrier that attaches to the stroller.

Just because you are a parent does not mean you shouldn’t strive for better health and ultimately do some exercise.

With products like the Baby Trend Expedition jogging stroller, you can do a lot more than just some living room workouts. but before you buy, let me tell you what to expect.

My other half and I usually disagree in this department but I always end up winning, especially after we blew $800 on a stroller that didn’t even have a cup holder.

Although that Britax Affinity was a great product, wouldn’t you think that it should come with something so simple as a cup holder?

I don’t know if that’s just me but they could’ve threw that in for something with such a high price tag.

Anyways, I’m glad this one isn’t as pricey but will it be “the one” for you?

Let’s dig in and see what this bad boy comes with.

Some Awesome Features of the Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller

Since this is a jogging stroller there is actually a feature where you can lock this wheel at the very front into a jogging position and it locks it directly in place so that it goes straight ahead.

Now the only way to turn whenever this is locked into place is to pull back and then turn.

It features a parent tray which has two cup holders for the child so you can have storage for not 1, but 2 juice boxes if need be.

I’m really impressed with cup holders these days, so please excuse my excitement.

It also has a little tray that catches anything that decides to try to run away at the bottom.

It also provides a place for your child to put their feet, which I think should be standard with all strollers.

This stroller also include a canopy that folds out and locks into place, which of course is great for protecting baby from the sun.

We don’t have one of these and sometimes have to resort to a blanket since my girl always says “daddy, my eyes hot”.

So I guess you can say this is pretty awesome.

This thing also comes with a mesh top so you can peek in and see what they are up to.

The thing that I don’t like about this is that it doesn’t provide a place to lock, so if it is kind of windy, that thing will be flapping around.

Another feature that this jogging stroller provides (which I think is really cool), is the speaker system.


There are two speakers right on the front and there is a little place for you to plug your phone in.

Now quite honestly this is not that great as it is not the loudest of speakers.

At the same time, I don’t think others want to hear your music if you plan on “jogging” in a place with a lot of people.

Maybe you should just stick with some headphones.

The handle to push the stroller has three positions from which you can adjust the height.

It gives two places for you to put your own drink, so you have a total of four cup holders in this entire stroller and that alone is a true winner.

This stroller also has a decent sized basket at the bottom, which of course is great for storing diaper bags and whatever else comes with you on your outings.

Something the Britax didn’t have as well, so so far this one is winning.

There is also a strap on the back side so you can put your wrist in while you’re jogging.

There are also a couple of velcro straps on the side that works for storage space.

Just like it should, this stroller comes with brakes but the difference is that this one has a brake for each wheel.

There are some little levers on this stroller that can help the child sit up a little better and guess what else this has?

A baby carrier!

I don’t know about you but these little features are something that I think every stroller should have but you will be surprised how many out there don’t come equipped with them.

For safety purposes, this stroller also features reflectors on the side, which again is something that should come with something like “jogging”.


The tires on the Baby Trend Expedition jogging stroller requires air.

I put this on the cons side because most parents aren’t very knowledgeable in this subject but I personally prefer having tires with air as it makes the ride a whole lot smoother.

The other thing that I am not a fan of is this stroller is bulky.

If you don’t have that much cargo space, good luck trying to store this as it doesn’t fold into something small.

Another thing to put into consideration is the fact that it does not allow your baby to sit up completely.

I mean, this is mostly for them and an uncomfortable baby will only make things more complicated.

Stowing and folding is also kind of difficult.

There is a little button on the back that requires some squeezing and pulling, which will not be that easy to do for some of you.

Price and Buying Options

From a design perspective, the baby trend expedition jogging stroller is available in five different colors on Amazon.

  • Bubble gum – $92.99
  • Carbon – $112.99
  • Phantom – $88.75
  • Elixer – $109.99
  • Vanguard – $127.88


Click Here to See a Full Lineup of Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Strollers


So depending on your budget, these are the different price points.

Not that big of deal but I guess these names make all the difference.



Get in shape, take baby with you, and save some money.

That’s what will happen if you decide to get the Baby Trend Expedition jogging stroller.

With the many models to choose from, this is definitely one that we highly recommend.

Do keep in mind that this is a very common jogging stroller and even the parents on Amazon think that this is a great buy.

Other than that, I hope this Baby Trend Expedition jogging stroller review has served you well.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading and good luck!


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Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller - Review


The Baby Trend Expedition jogging stroller is definitely worth the price. We give this stroller 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it to anyone who is on a budget.

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