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PurePosture Review: Will This Simple Board Really Work?

By John

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pure-postureWelcome to my PurePosture review!

So I recently had a conversation with my other half about posture as we sat on the bleachers at my son’s basketball practice and we came up with different ideas on what having that perfect posture really does for you.

Me being the thinker I am, thought about how a good posture is great but how sitting at such a straight position will have a negative affect on the lower part of your body and other nonsense that probably didn’t make sense.

The problem here is that most people tend to slouch more than sit up straight and that is the problem we are having, especially if you sit behind a chair all day.

My posture is not the greatest and I definitely don’t want to be slouching while I sit, so improving my posture was something I considered but never really took any action on.

Then I came across this board at a buddy’s house and that’s when I got really interested.

PurePosture Review

Not to be mistaken with the Pure Posture seat cushion from the As Seen on TV world, PurePosture was designed by two chiropractors; Chris Silva and Beverly Mar and it is a tool that they say would help to align your spine using gravity and your own body weight.

Besides, better posture means a healthier spine, right?

I have never heard that line before but that’s what all the cool kids are using these days.

Now for a board to be so expensive, let’s see if this thing is even worth the price tag.

The Product

Pure Posture features a custom-made board that allows you to pick risers that best suit your body type and fitness level.

It is super easy to use and you don’t have to pay to get a massage if you do plan on getting this bad boy.

There are three different sized risers on this; the 1.5-inch riser for sensitive backs, the 2-inch riser for universal starter and the 2.5-inch riser for moderately flexible spines.

PurePosture helps to align your spine and correct your posture by effectively and safely stretching your final ligaments and joints which is supposed to significantly increase flexibility and ease the pain.

Who This is For

Almost everyone can use pure posture from elite athletes to not so active people.

PurePosture helps to improve your daily life for improved sports activities like golf, tennis, walking, yoga, and dancing.

It is safe for both seniors and new moms as well so don’t feel that this is strictly for athletes.

This is also perfect for people like me that sit on an office chair all day, so if you do a lot of sitting, this is great for you as well.

How to Use Pure Posture

It is actually really simple to use this thing as there are no buttons or anything even electronic for that matter.

You just have to lie down on the smooth wooden board and start by applying pressure at the top of your spine then slowly make your way down.

It is supposed to feel a little uncomfortable at first but over time your body will adapt and of course you will experience a better feeling like you would when you leave a chiropractor.

Going through the motions will release tension surrounding your spine, open up your lungs and give you more range in your movement.

Do Posture Correctors Really Work?

Posture is something that is growing with public awareness and it seems like everybody nowadays wants to improve their posture which is a good thing.

There are a lot of things out there in the posture marketplace, with everything ranging from like different exercises, to products like posture correction shirts, braces and in this case a spinal alignment tool.

To begin, our bodies adapt to the positions that we hold them in for a long time and what that means basically is for example if you are somebody that is chronically in bad posture like your back is rounded or your shoulders rolled forward; the tissues in the front of your chest are actually going to adapt to this position and they are going to shorten.

Your back muscles are going to become too long and basically what happens when they have adapted to that position is that it is going to make it really hard to get out of that position into a better postural position because you are always going to be fighting tension formed in there.

So that is like the principle of tissue adaptation.

Whatever you hold for a long period of time your body is going to adapt to that position; so you can adapt it to a bad position or it can adapt to a good position it really just comes down to which position you are in the most.

So now comes the question, do posture correction braces or shirts actually work?

The short answer to that is yes due to the reasons I just explained.

You know if you are wearing something that is literally pulling your shoulders back externally rotating your arms lifting your chest up and you wear this thing for like eight hours then due to the reasons I just explained your tissues are going to adapt.

That way the pecs are going to lengthen and the upper back is going to be a little bit shortened and should theoretically help you maintain this position

Now, this is all in theory and there is a problem with this because muscular imbalances tightness in certain areas and weakness in other areas are caused by a variety of different factors everything from your training to your working out to your emotional state to your spiritual state.

There are a lot of things that can cause muscular imbalances as well as other downstream below the upper body those can also contribute to postural issues higher up in the body.

In the hips for example, we know that if you have an anterior tilt of the pelvis meaning it is tipped forward and your butt is kind of sticking out, we know that if you have this then your body is also going to want to develop what is called thoracic kyphosis which is rounding of the upper back.

Rounding of the upper back is going to encourage your shoulders to fall forward.

The poor shoulder posture is a symptom of a greater cause and that greater cause is more postural issues happening downstream at the level of the hips so you are never really going to stop your posture problems and fix them for good in the long run unless you get down to those root those seed level causes which in this case there are many different ones for these.

The hips are a big contributor to bad shoulder position so while in theory posture correction braces and suits shirts that you wear can help you in the short run but the way that these things work is really superficial right, they are addressing things on a symptomatic level and not a root cause level.

I believe that these things have their place in an integrated routine but you know just putting on a posture correction shirt is definitely not going to fix all of your issues at best it will help you out a little bit but in the long run, a lot more is needed to actually fix and improve your posture.

It is easy to take our spine for granted and go from a desk to a car to your couch on any given day, but having your own personal chiropractor is bound to help you break bad habits.

Final Verdict: Yay

I say yay to PurePosture and I definitely recommend this along with other chiropractic type stuff as this is something that will help with your overall health.

Was never even a fan of this type of stuff but after actually trying it, it is beyond worth it.

I no longer have to go to a chiropractor to spend $40 for every visit as this investment has definitely paid off.

The Price?

At first I wasn’t very fond of the price but for what it has done, I must say it was very much worth it.

PurePosture retails for $279 on Amazon and that is the cheapest place I could find.

You might want to see if they have it at Walmart or something but I highly doubt it.

Other than that, I hope this PurePosture review has helped you understand a little more about what something so simple as a wooden board can do.

I think your health is very important and this product will definitely help.

Your thoughts?

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PurePosture - Conclusion


Definitely a great product and one you should consider if you have bad posture or are simply looking to better your overall health. I give this 4/5 stars and definitely on my recommended list of health products.

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  1. i totally agree. I have reprogrammed my spine using pure posture. I’m not there yet but I’m working on it as it took years to get like this especially sitting at a computer all day for the last 20 years and driving before that.


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