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The Best Diaper Bags for Dads [2018]

By John

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Finding the best diaper bags is not really a problem as there are thousands of different ones to choose from.

Then again, that is probably where the problem really lies as you can’t really pick just one from a list that big.

Now when it comes to dads, things can get even more complicated, if you don’t know where to look and that is why I have created this list.

Unlike when I had my first child in 2009, your typical unisex messenger style, extra jumbo diaper bag was pretty much all that they had.

These days dads are changing more diapers, making more bottles, and being Mr. Mom more than ever before, so it only makes sense for there to be a diaper bag for dad.

So you might be a newer expectant parent looking for a diaper bag that doesn’t scream for a dad for that matter, well I have got some great options for you.

There are three different types of the bags that we are going to be discussing; the typical backpack, the messenger bag with one strap and then we are going to have the dual bags which can function as both a backpack and a messenger bag.

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I am personally a very simple person that really looks for the most simple yet functional diaper bag and I usually lean more towards a backpack style diaper bag so most might be on that style.

However, I still tried to keep things on a more level playing field and put quite the variety out there.

I will also be updating this list as newer dad diaper bags come in but for now, this is what we have.

Diaper Dude Messenger Diaper Bag

See it Here

This is a diaper bag that is designed to orbit everything you need without ever having to take the bag off and is probably the most popular diaper bag out there for men.

The Diaper Dude bag has an exterior bottle holder and three zippered pouches which are perfect for holding diapers.

It has a wipes container of bibs and utensils and the large compartment has a padded changing pad that can hold the change of clothes and anything else you need for a day out with your little one.

It features a built-in stroller clip so your bag can hang easily from any stroller.

It is a single strap messenger style diaper bag that has got this kind of semi-padded strap which makes this easier to carry.

It has got one main zipper compartment and it has got three front zipper compartments.

Also, it has got a bottle area in the front and a bottle area at the back.

It has also got a big sleeve in the back for papers and an iPad or whatever you want to put there.

It is made out of nylon and it’s not a heavy-duty nylon and the bottom is the same as the sides.

It has got nice big zipper which is really easy to use as they are not YKK zippers or anything like that but they are really easy to use.

It is designed to curve around your body and just kind of the shape of it lends itself well to putting around your body so that is really nice.

It’s pretty lightweight and it has got enough compartments and pockets on the outside to separate stuff for quick access.

In the front, it is really easy to pile some diapers and a plastic bag in case you have to throw some dirty diapers or whatever.

I would say that this is an excellent buy and they retail for about $32 on Amazon.

A couple things that I wish they would have done differently; the zipper pulls don’t really close all the way you can kind of see when you are pulling it they don’t close all the way.

There’s this little bit of a gap in there which is more of an annoyance than anything and I wish that it had the main grab handle or something just so you could pick it up you know when you are on the go rather than having to reach for the big shoulder strap.

You can read a full review here if you want to get more details on this bag.

DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag

See it Here

My favorite feature on this bag is the quick access wipes window which makes it easy to pull your wipes out.

It has got mesh organizers so you can see everything inside and a key clip second pocket which gives you more organization.

It comes with a changing pad which is removable and washable.

At the top of the bag, there are bottle pockets on both sides, which is a very common feature on backpacks as a whole.

There is a store leash in the bottle pocket and this easily hooks right under the loop and hang from any stroller which tuck neatly inside when not in use.

This bag is designed with a clamshell opening and that is it opens all the way and sits flat easy to get in unpack any clothes you need, you are not digging around inside a bag.

Also, this bag makes changing your wipes easy to do you just need to take your old wipes out, put a new one back in, fasten the strap, and your wipes are good to go.

The reason for the little mesh pockets on either side is it is great for storing little bottles, sippy cups snacks maybe a pacifier or anything you need to grab really quickly.

This bag is 18 inches tall, 12 inches wide, and up to 10 inches deep and it is really comfortable.

It is available in different colors and retails for around $100.

Diaper Dude Canvas Diaper Bag Backpack Baby Pocket Pack Organizer

See it Here

This bag retails at about $100 and it has four different pockets which can hold your wallet, cameras, SD cards and all that good stuff and then you have two pockets on the side for bottles.

One of the pockets is lined with a thermal material to keep your bottles either cold or warm whichever you desire.

It has a main compartment which is probably going to be for diapers and wipes and then the kind of general area for the toys.

It also has a small little side pack for a changing pad and which is a nice little feature.

At the back of the bag is a kind of the main zipper and that is going to be able to accommodate a 15-inch laptop.

This diaper bag is by diaper dude and retails at about 100 bucks and this is going to be your traditional backpack type which is going to go over both shoulders.

JJB Messenger Diaper Bag

See it Here

This bag is perfect for anyone who likes the messenger style bag.

With a cellphone holder and and some pen holders, I figured this was designed for a laptop bag and that thought was correct.

So if you are not needing to carry diapers around, this bag can serve as a simple laptop bag if need be.

It does come with some magnetic closures which makes it easier for opening and closing the bag.

If you’ve ever heard of Agion (because I haven’t until I ran into this bag) then do know that this bag is actually lined with that stuff, which means that it helps with combating germs, bacteria, and all that good stuff.

How much that works on this bag I really could not tell you as I don’t carry around my microscope to do some testing in my lab.


Other than that, this is great for anyone looking for a simple and affordable diaper bag and you can Read more here to learn more about this bag if you would prefer a full review.

XLR8 Baby Boom Connect

See it Here

With over 20 pockets, I guess it’s safe to say that the XLR8 by Baby Boom has quite a bit of storage.

Along with all the ports for wires and chords, this bag comes equipped with a charging station and a port for your headphones that also comes with a nice little light that activates when you open the bag.

Pretty cool if you ask me.

The inner pockets act as insulators to help keep cold things cool and hot things hot.

Very handy for us parents that can appreciate simple technology.

Now for the granddaddy of them all, this bag has a built in bluetooth speaker which I guess can be great for some entertainment or some soothing music for baby to sleep.

Or you can always hook up your toddler’s tablet so they can have everyone at the mall listen to what they are watching.

The price for this bag can range anywhere from $100 – $150 depending on where you get it.

We have found it to be cheapest on Amazon.com but of course things can always change and then things can also always disappear, especially when it is a hot item.

For more info, see my full review here.

KINBUILT Rugged and Unisex Diaper Bags

See it Here

The cool thing about this bag is that it was made by a guy named Derek who is a stay-at-home dad, who is also a product designer and he made this bag himself.

This is going to be also on the functionality side where it has got about 20 pockets and this is going to be your messenger bag, not a backpack.

On the front of this bag, we have got four different pockets and then on the back, you have got one little compartment for a changing pad.

It is nicely lined with a waterproof material and it is probably one of the nicer changing pads that come with any of these bags that are going to be mentioned today.

The coolest part about this bag is when you open it up you are going to see that it has the stay open capability which is really nice, with the other bags that you might have there is always some sort of a flap that you are always going to be playing with.

You can just set this down on a table, on a park, on the ground or anywhere and it will just stay open so you can just kind of reach in and get what you need.

It has seven different pockets so unlike some of the other bags usually have only two pockets; this has seven so you can put all of your bottles, all the toys everything like that in there and then in the middle part you would probably be able to slip in a MacBook right in there.

This diaper bag is available in two colors; black ($99) and grey ($120).

Diaper Dude Heavy Duty Stroller Caddy Messenger Diaper Bag

See it Here

This is a messenger bag but on the inside of the straps you can find little hooks and that is going to be the whole stroller caddy element where you are able to hook it around the handle of your stroller and it is able to just hang there, which is a very unique feature compared to some of the other bags.

While it is hanging where you can unclip and it will drop down.

You have two pockets and another spare pocket for snacks or toys or banana or whatever it is you want to put there.

It has the main compartment where you can keep all your toys, wipes and the likes.

It comes with a little changing pad and it does have two little pockets near that where you can have your wipes and your diapers.

This bag retails for about $40.

Little Unicorn Marindale Diaper Bag Backpack

See it Here

This is probably one of the prettiest bags we are going to be talking about today with its nice rugged material.

It has leather straps that are going to be lining the entire bag with very nice accents.

It is a backpack and it is not going to cover the fullback because it’s not a true backpack so the smaller part of your back is going to be exposed, it might feel a little awkward at first but I promise you have something that you will definitely get used to.

My one gripe about this bag is that when you do transform it into a messenger bag it does feel quite nice but the straps do dangle, so I wish that there was some sort of side pocket built in so that you can take these straps and just tuck them in.

That is just something I would like to see in a future model.

On either side, you have two little pockets for your smaller things like your phone, wallet, and keys.

So going into the bag itself you do have a nice magnetized flap, it is not button-down or Velcro or anything like that.

The inside has a striped pattern and it is really big so it is a deep amount of storage in there.

Also inside you have two pockets and once again this comes with a changing pad so plenty of space to hold your diapers, toys, pacifiers and all that stuff.

On either side, you are also going to have pockets which are padded so you can put more sensitive things in there like phones and then another pocket on that other side as well.

So you are going to have a good amount of storage for this and definitely it is going to be able to accommodate your laptop and cameras.

It costs around $89.55 on Amazon.

Diaper Dude Men & Dads Convertible Diaper Bag

See it Here

This bag retails for about $65 and it is also going to serve as a dual backpack and messenger bag.

Just like the little unicorn bag, it is not going to have that fullback coverage but that is totally okay.

The brilliant thing about this bag is if you go undo the Velcro strap and take the straps and just unloop it and then tie it on either side it becomes your main strap for the messenger bag itself and it is not going to have that problem like we mentioned with the other bag where your straps are going to be loose and hanging because it is the same exact strap.

Also, the common theme with a diaper dude bag is you have two straps to hang it on the handle of your stroller so that you don’t have to just keep it down on the ground, it can just hang nicely. It has got one pocket on the back and a nice long zipper to the side pockets.

Once again this pocket is thermal lined so that you can keep your bottles in there keeping them nice and warm or cool.

It has a second zipper and a third giant pouch so you can keep a nice good range of toys.

There is a nice little changing pad and then a side pouch to be able to accommodate your laptop; that can accommodate a 13-inch laptop, a 15-inch will probably not fit, so take note of that.

Also, it has a nice deep compartment for all the toys and then two little side compartments for the wipes and the diapers as well; that is going to offer a lot of coverage for you and I think you would be happy if you went with this one.

The Bag Nation Diaper Backpack

See it Here

It is an amazing bag and it is on Amazon and I believe it’s only $60 so it’s a really good price.

It is huge and it kind of reminds me of the fisher-price fast finder diaper backpack but this is a better quality.

At the front of the bag, you have a flap pocket that is secured with Velcro and this bag has a gorgeous like turquoise lining.

On top of the flap, you have another zipper pocket which is a very shallow pocket but great for like an extra pen.

Now right above that, you have another zipper pocket which is shaped like a pencil case.

There is no internal organization on this one and the zippers are very smooth and this is a really nice wipeable fabric.

Up top, you have like a half moon shape pocket great for our snacks when you have to quickly grab them.

There is also an awesome insulated pocket and the pocket is huge you can probably fit two bottles in there if you are bottle feeding but it is absolutely humongous.

On the other side, you have an identical side pocket which is also great if you want to put diapers on this side because you have the white pocket so you slip your wipes in and there is a hole right there where you can easily grab your wipes.

Then on the back of the bag, it has padded backpack straps of course with a breathable mesh on the back and on the straps.

You also have shoulder clips which are awesome and they are adjustable so they can go over a pretty wide size bar like on a shopping cart or on your stroller.

It also comes with of course changing tags which has a Velcro closure.

It is pretty small, perfect size for a newborn and it also comes with this little pouch which is great to store extra clothes.

On the back wall you have two elasticized pockets that go all the way down to the bottom then you have a zipped compartment, so as you can see this bag is huge it can fit so many things.

It is available in bag and gray and they cost $59.95.

Ju-Ju-Be XY Collection HATCH Diaper Bag

See it Here

This bag is nice because it doesn’t have that flowery stuff on it, so dad could carry this around. It looks more like a laptop bag than it does a diaper bag so it is really kind of nice.

I think one thing I really like about this so far is that first of all I like the color it looks really cool but I also like that it is machine washable.

There are different features I really like about this bag as it has got a front pocket which I like for putting your cell phone in and when you are traveling and going through the airport you would be able to stuff your wallet and everything in the bag so it is not sitting in like an open bin for other people to grab.

I also like the fact that the front pockets are magnetic so they are very nice magnetic clips for it.

It is still a back bag so you can still use it as that but it has some nice padded compartments so you can put a laptop in there very easily.

It also has a nice drink holder on the inside or bottle holder and it has more pockets where you can actually stick different things in.

So if you had wipes or if you had extra diapers or things along those lines they all fit very nicely in there as well, the very nice thing about this it extends the life of this bag.

So if you are a dad and you need to carry diapers you can do that, you can machine wash the poo right out of it and you can start using it as a laptop bag and it would work for a lot longer for that as well.

The other nice thing about it is the interior colors of it are very light but yet they are still really dad focused and they have little pockets in there as well that you can have some of your own personal things that are in there as well so not just all diaper bag you can stuff pens and whatever else you might carry with you.

Another nice feature of it is the carrying straps which are all heavily padded so it’s nice when it’s hot and it’s on your back and you are carrying it through malls, parks and whatever else you are doing with it, it’s not going to overheat you so that is a nice feature as well.

Not only can you strap it on your back but you also can do a cross-chest strap so when you are doing a bunch of bending over, putting strollers together and things along those lines picking up bottles off the ground you can do that as well as when you are just kind of hauling through the airport to get to the next meeting and has you strapped.

It still has some of the other diaper bag tech features that you would want to see; there is a diaper changing pad that is in the very back of it that goes against you which is nice because it adds some extra padding for you as well.

It can also serve as a drink holder on the side which is a very nice feature to have as well.

It has a sunglass case holder, so it’s nice to have something soft and padded that you can actually put your sunglasses in and it actually also has a top compartment as well so whatever you want to put in there traveling with medication and diaper creams things like that.

It does have a nice heavy-duty handle on it as well so when you are moving around doing some stuff or whatever, it is nice to actually have that handle on top of it so you are not trying to grab it by both handles from behind and in doing that and moving it that way.

So actually not only do you have a cup holder on the side with the sunglass case holder in it as well but you also have a cup holder on the side as well.

The X Y collection is tailored towards dads and parents that want to basically have one diaper bag between a mom and dad but the lifespan of this bag is much further than just a diaper bag you can use it as a business bag and things of that nature.

It is available in gene and gray matter at around $137.48 on Amazon.com.

Skiphop Dash Signature Diaper Bag

See it Here

The Skip Hop Dash Signature diaper bag is a more modern looking bag but it is a messenger bag so it very much feels like the way a regular old diaper bag would from when they first started.

I guess you can say it is very much like a murse but at least looks modern and comes with functionality.

It easily attaches to a stroller (which I think should come standard with all diaper bags) but they do use clips which I find to be a lot more convenient.

Not much on the fancy side but I did like that the inside of this bag is red as it makes everything seem different when the bag is put to use.

Everything does function like a regular message bag though so there are no zippers to close any of the compartments and that might not be to some of your liking.

Other than that, it is very much simple and can be purchased for around $50 on Amazon.com.

With that price, you can say that I am very pleased with this simple and very affordable product.

See my full review here to get a full breakdown of this bag.

Paperclip Diaper Bag

See it Here

This probably the most popular, priciest, but also the most functional bag on this list.

Being that it is probably out of some of your budgets, I had to put it towards the end of this list even though there is no particular order on what we actually think is best.

This is also one of my favorite diaper bags but not one that I am willing to invest in.

But if you want the absolute most functional and prettiest of the bunch then this is it.

With the capabilities that no other diaper bag can perform, this bag can actually do a lot.

It opens up into a changing station, which I find to be a pro and a con at the same time as of course it is very unique and convenient but at the same time, if you do make a boo boo and get some doo doo on it, then you would have to deal with closing the bag with just a baby wipe type cleaning job.

On the brighter side, this thing does hold a laptop as well as many (and I mean many) other things but does not look like you just packed everything in tightly as it does function as a messenger.

On top of the laptop carrying compartment you can expect a charging station and some stroller straps to latch on to your stroller without any problems.

So you can see that this is not your ordinary diaper bag and everything mentioned above might just be worth the hefty price tag.

To get this bad boy you can expect to pay $169 unless they are still having their sale which can give you 20% off putting this bag at $135.

To me, that is actually a really reasonable price especially with the fact that this can definitely act as a regular backpack, which works great even without the need to change a diaper.

This bag was also featured in “The Talk” morning show, so you can bet that this is a very popular bag and one that will definitely turn some heads.

So if popularity, style, and spending a lot of money is your thing, then this is probably the best diaper bag for you.

Quiksilver Daddy Daybag

See it Here

Last but definitely not least, we have the Daddy Daybag by Quiksilver.

This is one of my favorite of the bags as it is simple, very much designed for a dad, and comes with an incredible price of $60.

Equipped with a large main compartment and a cooling front pocket, this bag is not as fancy as the others on this list but gets the job done.

See a full review here to see what else this bag can do even if it isn’t much.

If simple and affordable is what you’re looking for then the Daddy Daybag is great for you.

How Did We Decide on What is “Best”?

Well, there are several things we look for in a diaper bag as we believe that they are not all created equally.

As a parent we need to worry about things like this thing called children and there isn’t a need to stress about all the other little things that come with them.

At least that’s what I try to do.

Now another thing on top of worrying about their well-being is this thing called saving.

So there are actually a few ways that made us choose these diaper bags over the many others out there and I will like to go over that now.


There is no use in buying anything if it is going to fall apart and I hope that you think the same way.

Just like how we picked the best double strollers, quality is always on the top of our list no matter what product list we are creating.

With diaper bags, it is always dependent on the material and we have definitely made a purchase on looks alone, just to have the straps break on us in just a few month’s time.

So before you go buying something for $10, do remember that you will get what you pay for.


As parents I’m sure you all want/need to save as much as you can when it comes to buying things, especially on something that isn’t going to be use for more than 5 years.

Every bag on this list is at least affordable to most parents who are looking for the best bang for their buck.

And trust me, there are a lot more pricier diaper bags out there but we can save that for another list as I’m sure these ones will do great for you.


Even if it is something as simple as a diaper bag you still want it to do what it is supposed to do.

Gone are the days of a main compartment and a little side pocket as there are things that make life much easier like a changing pad, more pockets, and better storage.

Within this list of best diaper bags for dads, we made sure they were crafted for more of a man’s taste on storing and being that much more functional.


This might be last on our list of factors on what makes the best pack but this is definitely one we consider.

Although some men might be cool with wearing pink (as I am too), but there comes a point where you have to draw the line and hauling around a pink diaper bag is where that line is drawn.

There were also many other packs like the Lillian Rose diaper bag that looks like a tool bag and the Combat Daddy diaper bag that is great for someone like me who is actually a veteran but they were just not stylish enough for this list.

Might be more of a manly diaper bag but just not to our taste.


Well there you have it gentlemen…our list of the best diaper bags for dads.

Most of these are on the popular side but we did our best to dig up those not so popular, yet still stylish, affordable, and of great quality.

I hope you can at least find one that suits your taste but do keep in mind that we will always update this list as we come across other better diaper bags out there as they are always changing and becoming obsolete.

Until next time, what do you think is really the best diaper bag for dads?

Personally, I like the Jojo by Paperclip but that’s just me.


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  1. This is cool news for dads out there as I did not even know I had an option to choose a diaper bag. The last time I had to go with what ever diaper bag was chosen by my wife and now I know that there are actually bags that us dads get to choose (lol).

    My choice will be the backpack and a messenger bag combo as I find it pretty cool and the price from Amazon is decent for me and with good reviews. As I am also simple, it is really cool to have my own bag that suits my style and taste. Thanks for the great information!

    • Not a problem Otis and do remember that us dads do get choices for other things as well and not just diaper bags, lol. These days things are a lot different and more and more dads are starting to be really involved with the whole parenting thing, so a lot of products are designed with us in mind. I hope things are going well on your end and thanks for the comment!

  2. Great article to read for dads looking for something more stylish! My husband uses both a backpack and a duffel bag style. We have twins so that backpack is only good for very short trips or transporting to another location that has supplies for them but the duffel bag can hold a lot more.

  3. Hi, I really enjoyed reading your post about the diaper bags, as a dad myself I never knew so many different types of dedicated bags existed. I do like the messenger style bags since they look a bit more stylish and kinda makes it look like your not just carrying round a big bunch of nappies and wipes!

  4. I am so kicking myself right now, as i didn’t even know bags for dads even existed. And they all look so much better than the big ugly bulky nappy bags that we used to lug around when our children were younger.
    Thank you for all the info, these will definitely make a great gift for new dads.

  5. Hi there John,

    Thank you kindly for creating and sharing this awesome article about the best diaper bags for fathers. it is appreciated, thanks.

    I had actually never heard of specialized diaper bags for men or women. I can see the benefits and convenience as well as the ease of use with the special design and easy access to what is needed. Be it water, milk, snacks or simply a fresh clean diaper for the little one, any of these bags will actually work.

    This is exactly what I have been looking for, so thanks again!

  6. Hi there,

    Thank you for providing this great content about diaper bags for dad as I was beyond confused as to which one to get thanks to the way too many options out there.

    Which one do you like the best?

    Thanks again for you time and effort putting this up together I found this very helpful.

  7. thank you for such a detailed review. I personally liked Diaper Dude Messenger Diaper Bag, it is just a great design and i like that it wraps around your body and it looks different to other designs , looks super practical too.
    What is your pick out of all?

    Also, I wanted to mention that at my work I see more and more young dads who are actually staying at home dads and they chose to do it , there is no vast amount, but quite a few. I live in Australia and I love it, the reasons are quite different, sometimes that the female salary is higher, but some young men I have spoken to in my line of work, they love and enjoy the experience and they get much closer bond to the babies. I wish it was like that when my children were growing up.

  8. A very nice review dear
    But I don’t agree with what you said that “that Dads are changing more dippers this days”. We still do all the work, so you should as well recommend some dipper bags for us. I bookmarked your site and will recommend it to some of my friends that are young Dads.
    Thanks once again for the review


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