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Pocket Mouse Review – Can it Really Work or Should You Pass on This?

By John

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Welcome to my Pocket Mouse review!

For the past three decades, we have all been using mice and we are very familiar with it but will this product change things?

Wait, is it mice or mouses?

Does the same grammar still apply to the computer mouse?

Oh well, mice it is.

There are actually some known syndromes that result from prolonged use of the traditional mouse; one is the arm syndrome and the other one is the repetitive strain injury but how many people are really affected by it?

I would think that more of the pain would come from typing as your wrist is sitting on your keypad unlike your mouse that I never seem to have a problem with.

Any who, there has been a lot of study and work into creating alternatives to this issue and one of these creations just so happens to come from the As Seen on TV world and it is called the Pocket Mouse.

We all know how controversial these products can be but will this one be worth the money or will it be another flop just like some of the products that come from TV?

I am personally a huge fan of these products and I like to see more success than failure so I did a review on the Pocket mouse since I am always behind a computer every single day.

So let’s see if this is actually a worthwhile investment or one that you should skip completely.

Pocket Mouse Review

The idea behind this innovative technology is that you are going to use the mouse similar to that of a pen or pencil and instead of using your whole arm to maneuver around the screen of your computer you only have to use little small movements of the wrist.

Almost as if you were drawing in the air.

The Pocket Mouse is a very portable device with a nice design and a good finish.

It is pretty easy to grip and it retails for about $45 on Amazon.com but that is for two mice.

The pocket mouse looks like a stylus but functions as a mouse.

This uses 2.4 gigahertz Wireless like a lot of wireless mice and keyboards so this is not a Bluetooth mouse, as this is a proprietary wireless mouse.


When you buy the pocket mouse you are actually going to get some pretty cool packaging and inside (aside from the mouse itself), you are also going to get USB charging cable that is used to connect to the mouse to get it charged.

It also comes with two desktop stands, the USB 2.0 receiver dongle which you will plug into your laptop or desktop computer, which is actually the receiver for you to use the mouse, a little handy dandy case if you will and finally, of course, a little instructional booklet just in case you are not quite sure how to use the mouse.

So once the Pocket Mouse is plugged in to the computer, there is no additional software that you have to use like the old mouse I used to have.

You should also note that there is also a bluetooth version if you prefer to connect to your computer via bluetooth and if you don’t have the additional USB ports available or an option for a corded pocket mouse.

General Product Overview

The overall construction of the Pocket Mouse is not too bad.

It is built with plastic all the way around and it is very lightweight.

Also, it fits the hand very well and can be used for both right-handed or left-handed folks.

On the pocket mouse itself, you have got a micros USB port in the front, an on and off switch on the bottom and then the laser pointer (also located at the bottom) and then your rechargeable battery.

It also runs off of non-rechargeable batteries as well, so that might be something to remember in case you don’t feel like dealing with batteries like me.

There are five click points at the front, so you actually have the left click, the right click, the middle click and then two buttons that allow you to go back one page and forward one page.

You also have the ever-so-popular scroll wheel for easy scrolling.


This mouse has a 2.4 gigahertz transfer rate so it should be able to reach up to 30 feet in distance and it can work on any surface, to include your leg.

I really don’t know why you would need more than 2 feet away from your computer but hey, that feature is there just in case you plan on using a telescope to use your computer.

The Pocket Mouse is easy to carry around and they also included a travel case along with this as well.

The mouse is super easy to use as there are only 3 buttons and it does not require a mouse pad.


I guess you can still use it for decoration though, if of course you decide that the Pocket Mouse is going to take over your current mouse.

There are no additional software drivers that you have to actively install so it is really just plug and play as long as you have the Pocket Mouse charged.

One charge gives it about two good hours give or take and the charge lasts for about two months so it is actually pretty good in that department.

The Pocket Mouse replicates your hand movement with pinpoint accuracy which makes it easy to navigate with, once you get the hang of it.

There are three different DPI (Dots Per Inch) settings 1600 dpi 1200 or 800 to change the sensitivity, so it’s really fast and responsive.

The Pocket Mouse 2-in-1 design works as an optical mouse with your laptop or as a stylus with your tablet, so I thought that was pretty cool too.

Who is the Pocket Mouse Good For?

This is great for those of you that have any of those arm syndromes like the repetitive strain syndrome or repetitive strain injury or the mouse arm syndrome.

This is also great if you just like using a pen more than you would rather use a mouse.

It does take a lot of getting used to but if you’re a pro with a stylus pen then it won’t take you long.

This thing can also reach a fair distance away so I’m guessing it is probably good for presentations and that type of stuff but this is not a gaming mouse.

Pricing Options

The Pocket Mouse is priced at $19.99 but it comes with a mandatory offer where you would have to buy a second one for $6.99 plus another $6.99 for shipping and handling fees, that is a total of $33.97 for the Pocket Mouse.

I found the cheapest place to buy was on Amazon.com for $44.99 but I also found the Lychee wireless pen mouse that works just as fine and only costs around $15.

I mean, why in the world would you need two pocket mice in the first place?

Are they not confident in their product or is that just another marketing strategy?

I’m guessing strategy but it could very much be both.

Check Current Price Here

Final Verdict: Ehhh

The pocket mouse is going to require a lot of getting used to and like anything else, it will take some time.

If you’re not patient enough, this might not be for you.

Now if you’re willing to give it a try, it can be great, especially if you have developed some of those problems that have come about thanks to regular old computer mice.

Other than that, I think it is a fair product and one that actually requires some hands on or you will never get a true understanding of what it’s like.

This Pocket Mouse review can only do so much, so I say get one for yourself and see if this is truly worth the investment.

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Pocket Mouse - Conclusion


So many mixed reviews on the Pocket Mouse but it is at the very least a decent product. Not too sure about getting two but with the stylus pen feature, I guess it isn’t so bad. I give this 2.5 out of 5 stars and will be on you to decide as it is not the best but is also not the worst.

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