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The Ultimate Gift Guide For New Dads

By John


Looking for the best gift ideas for new dads?

Great, because we have several things that will not only be great gifts, but very helpful ones at that.

As a new parent we don’t know what to expect no matter what everyone and their mothers (literally) tell you.

Yes there are those things that all dads need to know and accept, but being a first time dad is a different story.

I’m a father of 4 and its like every kid is my first and for some odd reason it is always different, especially with our last child being a girl.

With every child being different, we have adapted to what we really needed and have adopted and got rid of a lot of stuff on our list.

Mom will always know what they NEED but you can’t leave dad out like he has no part in new baby’s life especially with the way the world works these days.

If you’re a new dad wondering what you need or if you’re wondering what to get for this new dad, I’m sure this list will be of great help to you.

Take notes and enjoy!


1.) A Guide to Parenting

There are just so many cool books that dad can read before baby comes or while he’s waiting for baby to wake up for another diaper change.

Even if he thinks he knows everything about being a parent, throw one of these at him anyways.

No one ever gave me one of these when I had my first child and I would’ve definitely loved one if I didn’t have to buy it myself.

Personally, I think The New Dad Dictionary is a good one, but there are many others to choose from that are all great reads.

As parents (old or new) it is a whole new world with a whole new list of words that we need to know and although we can “Google” everything, this book has it all in one place.

Some sort of parenting guide will work just fine and I think it will make the perfect gift for new dads.


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2.) Confidence Booster

Being a dad is not an easy task and some fathers will never get to the dad level due to their lack of confidence or inability to really take on that role.

Nowadays, moms like to play this Ms. Independent game (thank you Beyonce) and take on school, work, and whatever they feel the need to do, which leaves a lot of dads taking on mommy duty.

Being Mr. Mom, they need that pick me up to help them get through the day and there’s nothing cooler than having some dad “accessories” if you would like to call it that.

How about a nice mug or a cool dad t-shirt?

Give this new dad something to feel proud of since mom usually gets all the praise, when we all know that dad does a lot more behind the scenese.

A cool onesie that says “dad’s #1 fan” will do the trick, so keep that in mind when picking out the confidence booster for dad.


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3.) A Manly Diaper Bag

Who said mom has to choose everything?

Or who said that mom’s the only one that can choose what diaper bag we get?

These days, dads are very much involved with their kid’s lives and there are many products that he’ll love and find very appealing.

Gone are the days of your traditional one strap, oversized, put the whole house in diaper bag and in are the messenger and backpack diaper bags.

If you know nothing about these, I’m sure these examples will help you in deciding on what type of diaper bag you should get for this new father.

For starters, we have a solid messenger bag from Diaper Dude that I think works great for both sexes, but personally, I like more of the backpack style.

Not anything extreme like the Combat Daddy diaper bag, but something simple and very manlike will be a great gift especially if this particular father doesn’t like to shop for himself.

Whatever the case may be, I’m sure you can find a nice bag for dad, especially online.


Click Here to See More Dad Diaper Bags!


3.) Home Exercise Program

Some dads will put on some crazy weight and they won’t even notice just like me.

Treadmills are cool, but not only is it beyond most of our budgets, but it tends to get a little boring and eventually turns into a clothes line.

This is not to insult anyone, but rather to help them stay or get in shape because it’s expected with a lot of new dads even if they were Mr. Universe at one point in their lives.

Rather than trading in that beach body for a dad bod, give him something to assist them in staying out of the pot belly gang.

Maybe tell them why you gave them this gift and I’m sure they will appreciate it.

It doesn’t need to be a gym membership, especially with the fact that this new dad won’t be able to go place like he used to, so get creative and grab something for the at home environment.

I use Insanity and that right there will be more than enough to keep him in shape, but do know that it is a bit on the advanced side of things so maybe use something a bit easier.

This will help a great deal and I’m sure mom will be able to use this gift too.


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4.) Health & Grooming Kit For Baby

Most parents get this type of stuff, but if they haven’t already this will be great for any new dad.

I think we’ve gotten 3 of these things and it’s very hard to find the perfect one as they all come with a few things that we actually liked.

One has a great baby nail clipper but the nose sucking thing sucks.

I have yet to get a kit that comes with every single product meeting mommy and daddy standards.

Whatever case you do decide to get, I’m sure dad will be able to use something from this kit.

Very handy and very much affordable.


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5.) Baby Carrier

Getting things done around the house will be a breeze with this gift and of course mom can use this too.

Then again, mom will probably have hers and I don’t think she’d like it very much if dad kept adjusting the straps to fit him, which is why this makes a great gift for any new dad.

There are so many baby carriers out there and I can honestly say that they are not all created equally, thanks to my other half always complaining about them.

Who would’ve thought that something so simple can be so complicated?

Well that’s the case with a baby carrier and I think your best option would be one of those “womb like” ones that are pretty much a wrap that doesn’t come with any clips or straps.

Might look and feel a little weird for dad, so a regular old carrier will do.


See More Carrier Selections Here!


6.) Bottle Kit

Of course we want our babies to be breastfed but sometimes it just doesn’t happen as life does require us to work and make some kind of living.

Get ready to start using some bottles even if mom plans to breastfeed and they will be a pain in the butt if you’re not equipped.

Bottles alone aren’t enough as there are so many things that come along with them.

You need to clean them, dry them, and store them, which leaves a lot of room for more spending of something you didn’t see coming.

Let the new dad breathe a little and get him these things instead.

  • Bottles
  • Bottle cleaning supplies
  • Bottle carrier
  • Bottle warmer
  • Bottle drying stand

For something so small comes a lot of accessories and you don’t notice them until you actually sit and think about it.

As a new parent, this alone will help you big time.

So, you’re welcome.


Create Your Own Bottle Kit Here!


7.) Baby Monitor

This will come in super handy with every new child and I’m sure this will help take off a lot of the worry for those new dads that think they need to stay in the room with baby.

Just because we brought new life into the world doesn’t mean that maintaining the household stops so grab him a baby monitor so that there’s no excuse as to why the house isn’t clean.

There are so many different types of baby monitors these days and I’m sure you can get one that fits any type of parent.

You can go with your standard hear only, old school baby monitor or you can get fancy and buy one with a fancy camera of some sort.

Picking the right baby monitor can be a task and a half, but do know that there is a wide selection of these things so do choose wisely.

You might like the Samsung Bright View, which will probably blow any parent away if you were to show them what this thing does.

Just an idea, but any baby monitor will be a great gift.


Shop Baby Monitors Here!


8.) Jogging Stroller

Another way to keep the man of the house in shape and get him excited about taking baby for his morning run.

I used to think that I was fine using an umbrella stroller was all we needed until I actually tried one of these myself.

These baby product creation companies have really gone extreme and they have created some really crazy strollers that will blow your mind.

From inflatable tires to super rugged and sturdy, baby strollers have definitely evolved.

I used to think these things came in the above $300 price point but you can actually get a jogging stroller for under a $100.

There’s no reason you can’t get dad this stroller, so definitely consider getting him one.


See More Jogging Strollers Here!


9.) A Gift Card

I don’t know who doesn’t have a Netflix or Hulu account, but just in case this new dad doesn’t have one, you might want to consider getting them one.

Do know that these are membership types of sites so there will be a recurring payment to come with it so do warn them about this if you only plan for paying for one month.

I know Netflix offers a free trial, so maybe at least give them a heads up on this and have them signup for one because dad will need to keep busy while baby is asleep.

Thanks to Amazon.com you can get a gift card for Netflix, Fandango, XBOX, and many other things that I’m sure dad will enjoy.

If you can’t find one there then we might have a problem although I do belie that you can and will find almost anything on that site.


Click Here to See More Gift Cards!


10.) Sunglasses

I know this might sound more of a personal gift rather than something for a parent, but let me explain.

In the early stages of baby’s life, there comes a time where you will have to take them out to get some sunlight to prevent them from getting jaundice.

Not to look cool or anything, but why not help this new dad from squinting by getting him a new pair of sunglasses?

Now that’s one thing, but how about them bloodshot eyes that he will soon get or those black rings around his eyes?

He’s going to need to cover that up so he can look like a man (not a beat up dad) and there’s no better way than by using some sunglasses.

Now tell me that’s not a great gift?

Thought so.


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11.) Shaving or No Shave Kit

Getting that close shave is not the easiest thing to keep up with and being a new dad is going to require quite a lot of shaving.

I remember when I used to grow some stubble to try and look cool but that ended real fast when we had our first kid.

Not only did that stop, but I had to shave every single day just like I did when I was in the Army and that was not cool at all.

Same thing goes for new dads, especially if your kid ends up having eczema like my first child did.

Shaving is a must whether you like it or not.


See a Wide Selection of Shaving Kits Here!


Thank You!

That’s what this new dad will say after you give him any one of the gifts mentioned above.

As a new parent, we can’t think of everything and we most especially can’t afford it all so a little help will come a long way.

I hope these gift ideas for new dads will help a lot as I’m sure I would appreciate any of these if anyone was to get me anything from this list.

Please do share any ideas that you may have (because I’m not perfect) so that we can all benefit from it.

Did this guide help?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and do remember that sharing is definitely caring!



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6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Gift Guide For New Dads”

  1. This was neat! Makes sense to not forget about dad. The gift ideas were awesome as well and I know they will help anyone pick that right gift. Kudos to you and thanks for sharing such awesome advice!

  2. Hi John! This is a great list. When my first son was born, a manly diaper bag and carrier were on my husband’s list as well. He couldn’t wait to be a dad but he was nervous about his new found sense of baby fashion!

    I love your blog!

    • Thanks for the comment Ally! Baby fashion is right, and you don’t even know it exists until you become a dad. It’s really crazy how not having kids has you focused on yourself a lot of the time and once you have that first child, everything shifts. Still amazed at how life is and the impact kids can have on a person. Thanks again for the comment Ally!

  3. Hi John,

    I like the manly diaper bag and I think it would be cool for a party. Not too sure about a dad dictionary as I think most new dads will figure it out real soon. The baby monitor and carrier are a must have and extremely very useful. Finally, any home exercise program is important! You don’t want a dad bod, so lets start exercising, lol. Cheers!

    • New dads will definitely learn as they go but sometimes you won’t completely understand. However, I still think it’s a great gift. We definitely need to exercise man so let’s get rid of that dad bod. Well, maybe just me because you sound like you’re in shape, lol.


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