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Flex Seal Tape Review – Does It Really Work?

By John

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Flex Seal Tape is another controversial product from the As Seen on TV world that is supposed to seal leaks, cracks, and everything in between.

With its triple layered adhesive, it can bond to almost any surface and can also be done under water.

From the Flex Seal line of products, Flex Tape is the latest addition to their product line.

Does Flex Tape Work?

Should You buy Flex Tape?

You can’t help but wonder if the very popular brand’s new product actually works, especially with all the mixed reviews that you see all over the place.

This review will show you exactly what this tape is about before you decide to purchase something that might just be a bunch of hype.

With the As Seen on TV infomercial hype, you can’t help but wonder how strong this tape really is.

With the very popular video of the boat being cut in its main product Flex Seal, They have that same video, but this time using Flex Tape.

Taping a boat together?

I don’t know about that, but let’s see what this thing can really do.

Uses For Flex Tape

Flex Tape can be used on rubber, plastic, PVC, wood, drywall, ceramic, metal, and fiberglass.

It has 3 layers of rubber, but will that really matter if the adhesive isn’t strong enough?

Flex Tape can repair a broken pipe, leaking roof, a hanging car bumper, leaking pools, campers, RV’s and even put together a boat that was sawn in half.

It may seem crazy, but I believe the taping of the boat more than patching the big hole on the bucket, simply because the boat in the infomercial is a lot thinner and by taping the two together, it will provide a stronger bond with the tape.

Then you have to put the water factor with the bucket with the pressure and placing Flex Tape on it will be a task and a half.

But Can Flex Tape Really Work?

If you’re thinking that this tape can work as easily as it would when you saw it on TV, you might be in for a little disappointment.

Using the tape on a wet surface is one thing that does actually work, but not so much sealing a hole in a bucket with water trying to come out.

You also need to put into consideration the type of surface you’re trying to seal as that will make all the difference, even if they say that it can bond on any surface.

If your bucket is dirty, chances are you won’t get such a tight seal.

Use one like in the infomercial and you might just get a better seal.

How about cutting a boat in half?

I have not tried this, but if you really think about it, I think it can actually do the job.

With the tape being pretty thick, it should be able to bond things together, especially if you’re using the tape on both sides of the boat.

We’re talking about the skinny flimsy type of boat that you saw on TV and not your average boat either, so keep that in mind as well.

Flex Tape is Temporary

Of course the infomercial will make it seem like this thing will seal and replace any leak, but according to the manufacturer, Flex Tape is designed as an emergency, temporary fix.

So if you’re thinking that you can slap this on your roof and you’re good to go, you might want to have your handyman on call as you will definitely need to make an actual repair on your roof.

The Price For Flex Seal Tape

For $14.99, you can get a roll of 5′ of Flex Seal Tape which is 4″ wide or you can spend $19.99, which gets you the 8″ wide tape which also comes with a roll of 5′.

  • 4″ x 5′ – $14.99
  • 8″ x 51 – $19.99
  • Cheapest place to buy: Amazon.com

Check Exact Price Here

Pros & Cons of Flex Tape


  • Can seal some leaks
  • Is actually pretty thick


  • Doesn’t work well on wood or any other rough surface
  • Is temporary

Do I Recommend Flex Tape?

I think this works great for bonding certain things, but probably not your best bet for sealing crazy big leaks.

If you can get the surface around a leak pretty clean and smooth, Flex Tape will actually work, even if the surface is wet.

If you’re trying to actually just tape something together, you might be better off with some Gorilla Tape.

I recommend you use the regular old Flex Seal if you’re trying to seal some small leaks as this big tape is not going to be your best bet.

Just remember that you’re not getting some crazy sealant that will stop any leak, but rather something that can work for smaller jobs or if you want to simply hold something together.

I’m very neutral with this product, so take it with a grain of salt and really think about what you are going to use this for.

Thanks for reading my Flex Tape review and I hope this helps you make a better decision on whether or not you should give this a try.

If you have any experience with this, please share your thoughts below as I’m sure we all have different experiences with the oh so lovely Flex Tape and every other As Seen on TV product.

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Name: Flex Tape Manufacturer: Flex Seal Website: www.flextapeoffer.com Price: Starting at $14.99 Overall Rating: 2.5/5 stars

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14 thoughts on “Flex Seal Tape Review – Does It Really Work?”

  1. I will probably get one of those to seal my leaky container. I think it is pretty handy to have this item at home so that it can seal anything temporary while you are looking for a replacement. Thanks man!

  2. I’m so glad I found your site as I have been wondering about this tape. You gave me a lot of things to think about and I appreciate it! Thanks!!!

  3. I bought FlexTape-tm to try to seal the rear window on my convertible top which had let go of the bond to the canvas. It went on pretty well and seemed really strong. The next day the sunshine and 80 degree temperatures caused the adhesive to soften and release, not from the convertible top, but from the tape itself!!!
    I have to score this product as a ZERO.

  4. I don’t usually offer comments on ASOTV products, and the Flextape/Flexseal commercials are a bit over the top. However, because I found the tape in my local ACE Hardware store, and because a leak at the flange on my in-ground pool’s filter vessel was causing a major leak, I decided to give it a try. Short story is that it worked. Mind you, the vessel is made in two halves (top and bottom), held together by a steel circular band that fits over the flange (one on each half) to compress a gasket that seals the two halves. The crack in the flange was compromising the seal in the gasket. Flextape was able to stop water from working its way past this crack. I wouldn’t expect this tape to hold up if I tried to seal a hole (no matter how small) in the body of the vessel. 50LBS of water pressure would destroy either the tapes seal or blow a hole through the tape itself. The mixed reviews we see concerning this product is that it can work in some situations, not others. It would probably work fine to fix a drain pipe leak (if you don’t dump scalding hot water down the drain), but wouldn’t work at all to stop a leak in a supply-side water pipe that exerts high pressure. My repair required one application of 2-inches of this tape. The pool store tells me there is no practical way to fix the leak, replace the vessel ($800+). At $14 for a roll of this tape, even if I have to make the repair at the start of each season, using 2-inches of tape, I can pretty much delay this repair indefinitely.
    Best to all who use this product. It works for me.

      • After my experience with flex tape, I’m done with ANYTHING “as seen on TV.” I tried to stick it to a structural foam stock tank- clean and dry, mind you- and it wouldnt even try to stick. Save your money and time. Get Gorilla tape, or use a sealant that fits into a caulk gun.

  5. I used flex tape to cover holes on a suncast bench in my yard. It worked good for a week. After that week of the sun beating down on it, the tape was all hard and starting to fall off.
    Why does the sun do that. I’m glad I didn’t use it on my roof repairs.


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