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Project Nursery 5″ HD Baby Monitor System Review: Is it Really Worth it?

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Welcome to my Project Nursery HD baby monitor review!

The Project Nursery 5 inch HD baby monitor system delivers crystal clear high definition video quality and they say it is the most user-friendly monitor on the market.

But I think every other baby monitor company has the same claim, right?

I recently reviewed the Nanit Baby Monitor and that seem to be the best but let’s see if this one is actually better.

Product Overview

The Project Nursery HD baby monitor is a completely new way to keep a watch on your baby as it features a two-way communication system.

You can monitor your baby at home on the 5-inch parent unit or away from the home on your smartphone or tablet.

This is what you get inside this baby monitor; a very vague looking parent unit, it has a little kickstand you can set it on, a USB charger and I believe it is just a micro USB, a little screen that attaches to the monitor. Again, it has the power menu, talk, and video buttons and then it also has a little toggle almost that you can pan around and also zoom and go up and down with it which is very nice.

It is easy to set up running in just a few baby steps and this baby monitor is good to go.

Key Features

It features a remote pan/tilt/zoom which allows for a better coverage of your child’s activities.

With the Project Nursery baby monitor, you can receive motion and sound alerts.

You can also add up to four cameras (which are sold separately) so that you can have kind of an eye in every room and ears in every room wherever your kids may be sleeping, playing or doing their thing.

The Project Nursery baby monitor makes it possible to use your smartphone or tablet to record videos and photos which you can store on a Micro SD card, unlike what you have with the Nanit baby monitor where a monthly subscription is required to store your videos.

It also features a night vision, so you can have a better view of what is happening to your child at night.

The night vision allows you to record videos through the night which would be really nice because when you are asleep you are not sure if your child is getting out of bed and you do not want to be getting up so often to check up on your baby.

This would allow you to know how many times they are getting up at night, what they were doing if they were actually sleeping or anything like that.

The temperature sensor of the Project Nursery baby monitor helps you to know the temperature readings of your baby’s room whether hot or cold.

The Project Nursery baby monitor features a two-way audio intercom and a sound activated power saving mode.

It has the parent unit and also a convenient 1.5-inch mini screen that you can clip to your belt and also wear it as a watch because it comes with a wristband, lanyard, and clip which makes it easy to carry around.

The parent unit comes secured with a 2.4 GHz wireless camera connection technology which is encrypted and a static free digital wireless transmission.

The icon menu on both the parent unit and the mini monitor is easy to navigate and access the frequently used features of the baby monitor.

The quad view mode of the 5-inch parent monitor allows parents to view camera feeds side by side which is nice as you would be able to keep an eye on your children in any of the rooms in your home.

It has USB rechargeable batteries and a mini monitor which can last up to 8 hours and then the parent unit up to 16 hours of battery life.

You can get an alert on the parent unit when the battery is low.

For a baby monitor, the range is key and the Project nursery has got that up to 800 feet with clear line-of-sight so you can be in the backyard and your kids may be playing in the living room, with this you have got no problem.

It has two mounting slots at the back which you can just set down if you just want to set it somewhere and cords that go to the camera nice and long.

Then there is a lullaby setting which includes lullaby renditions of a baby’s favorite rock songs already pre-loaded on it and you can play all and it will play through all of them.

Again, there is sleep mode and you can set it to have the video off and sound on, you can do this for five minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes on and then you can adjust the contrast of the camera and the brightness.

Also, there is an auto-dimming feature on this baby monitor.


The range is limited to 800 feet as there is no WiFi enabled on this unit so you can’t monitor your children outside of your home.

The Project Nursery baby monitor is very expensive when compared to other baby monitors but the monitoring kit that comes with this unit makes it worth the price.

Another major drawback of the Project Nursery baby monitor is that the cameras disconnect intermittently and have a real hard time reconnecting, this occurs mostly at night when the baby is sleeping.

Also, I feel this baby monitor should be a little cheaper as the image resolution of this unit is a little bit low.

According to some customer’s review, the camera lag when panning and there is no shortcut to multi-view.


With all of the awesome features of the Project Nursery 5 inch baby monitor, it is priced at $229 on Amazon but if you want something that is cheaper you can go for the 4.3-inch version of this unit which costs just $149.

I think that this is an amazing product and completely worth the retail price for it I just think that it is great.

I recommend it completely and I hope that if you are reading this article to try to see if it was worth the money or if it works, well I absolutely think that it is and I just hope that it has helped you in your quest to find a baby monitor.


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