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Reheatza Microwave Crisper Review: Does it Really Work?

By John

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There aren’t many Reheatza microwave crisper reviews out there so I figured I’d do one to give you a better understanding of what this thing can do and if it actually works.

Microwaves can only do so much and getting your food to taste and feel like they were when you had them fresh is almost impossible.

Will the Reheatza change things or is this just another As Seen on TV fail that comes with nothing but hype.

This Reheatza review will give you all the information you need along with my honest opinion on whether or not I think this is a product worth investing in.

So before you pull out that credit card, let me give you some advice on another controversial As Seen on TV product.

Product Overview and Claims

The Reheatza Microwave Crisper is perfect for frozen or leftover pizza, grilled cheese, eggs, bacon fries, mozzarella sticks and more.

According to the infomercial, it claims to be able to bring back last night fries and restore the crunch to any fried food so they taste just like the day you got them.

This can be done because of the specially designed base that cooks like a grill and actually heats up to 400 degrees.

The Reheatza Microwave crisper dimensions are; 11.58 inches in length, 3.63 inches in height but they also offer a deluxe version of this product.

How it Works

The Reheatza works with the base acting as a crisper due to its energized heating pad that converts the microwave’s energy into heat as the lid keeps the heat trapped in.

The bottom acts like a non-stick pan.

It does need a two-minute preheat, every time you use it.

The Reheatza fits most microwaves with a turntable. It heats up to 400 degrees and it is capable of browning and searing food just like a frying pan.

Using the Reheatza is as simple as placing the food on the surface, putting the lid on, and using the time necessary to get your food heated and to a crisp.

Don’t forget that the base needs to be preheated or it won’t work like it should.

Old Fashioned Microwaving vs Preheating

Microwaves are a type of wave on the electromagnetic spectrum, the most common wave frequency is about 2450 MHz.

Waves in this frequency are absorbed by water, fats, and sugar and once they are absorbed they are converted directly into atomic heat.

In the microwave, the radio waves penetrate the food and excite the water and fat molecules.

The molecules are excited by the migration of low heat toward the interior as there is heat everywhere all at once.

The heat does not get to the middle because microwaves tend to penetrate unevenly in thick pieces of food.

On the other hand with the conventional oven, the outside of the food can be brown and crispy but the inside is still moist because heat migrates by conduction from the outside of the food toward the middle.

When we relate all of these to what the Reheatza does, we would see that this works better than what you would normally get with a microwave oven or a conventional oven.

The Reheatza Microwave Crisper gives your leftover food a crisp and crunchy taste without leaving them soggy in the middle.

I hope you get the idea.

What I Liked

The Reheatza offers you quality crispness and is perfect for frozen or leftover pizza, cheese sandwiches, toasted sandwiches, chicken wings, french fries, frozen shrimp and more.

It can be used to brown and sear foods just like you would with a frying pan.

It has a non-stick surface that is fairly easy to clean and is also microwave safe, which is something that I hope it does as this can only be used with one.

Unlike its competition, the Reheatza can actually hold two slices of pizza as it does have a larger heating space.


Besides the fact that it feels like you are simply getting nothing but a plate and a lid, here are some of the other things that I didn’t like about the Reheatza.

First, I think they should call this the Preheatza instead as I did not like having to preheat something just to heat something unless you are doing some serious cooking like you would in your good old oven.

Secondly, this is strictly a reheating product and does not do anything but that.

Microwaves are designed to heat things and that is really all they need to do and also why they have things like those air fryers, which is a great kitchen appliance for those of you who like fried foods like me and everyone else.

Care Tips

The Reheatza Microwave Crisper is not dishwasher safe and that goes for all its parts.

You might want to wash everything by hand and just wipe the lid down as there is a tiny hole that you don’t want anything getting into.

The main surface of the Reheatza is actually nonstick, so there will not be any hard scrubbing necessary to get it clean.

Also keep in mind that you should not submerge any of the parts under water as the Reheatza will lose its ability to do what it’s supposed to do.

Price and Buying Options

The Reheatza Microwave Crisper retails for $39.88 plus shipping and handling fees.

There is a buy one get one free offer with this item but you have to pay an additional $6.99 to get the second one, which is a very common tactic with As Seen on TV products.

It comes with a clever cutter; this is a 2-in-1 knife cutting board and a recipe guide.

You can also get the deluxe version but that will cost you $44.99.

Check Current Price Here

Final Opinion of the Reheatza

This is a fair product but not one that I feel is very necessary if you already have some other crisper.

I don’t think it’s worth the price either as I think you are better off investing in something like the Pro Air Fryer XL that can do a whole lot more in a lot less time.

This of course is going to be on you as to whether or not you should get this but you might also be interested in the Range Mate Pro, which does come with a higher price tag.

Other than that, thanks for reading my Reheatza review and hopefully you can make a better decision.

Now you tell me, is this product even worth buying?


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Reheatza Review


I’m personally not a fan of the Reheatza and I wouldn’t recommend it. I give this product 2 out of 5 stars and will not be recommending it to family and friends.

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